🔱 [December 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

Any list of who the Atlantis features are next couple months?

Well with the coins/sea dragon being disabled my results are 1 3* no more pulls.

No seadragons no more pulls for me, so i can definitely say this Atlantis had given me a Muggy. I would have loved Onatel, but also a Proteus would have been fine, but nope. The curse is still on.

Me 2 days ago in alliance chat…

Me today…

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :upside_down_face:


I finally have Ariel after what feels like an eternity. So glad I didn’t waste scopes (or any feeders indeed) on Raffaele, Ariel is just so much better.

Also got not one but two 4* mats from the chests, definitely brightens my day after some absolutely craptastic Christmas pulls.


Did 10 crappy EHT Christmas pulls and then did a 10 Atlantis pull, I didn’t have her so I’m happy :smiley:


Got onatel from 10 pull, earlier nothing from 5 coin pulls (well not nothing but i dont need 3rd proteus or agwe)


People that didn’t have Vela are super happy to draw Vela and people that have Vela thinks she is meh after the nerf.

Thats not enterily true. I have Vela and use her daily. I use her in my defense team too. Shes still easily one of the best ice heroes around. Are there some dissapointed Vela users? Yes, but not all vela users feel the same and not everyone have the best ice alternatives like Finley


Only 1 Summon this Atlantis - Gil Ra was the result.

Are you referring to this:

[quote=“B1gHeadAss, post:10, topic:217115”]
Chance of S2 featured hero is 1.3% and chance for S2 non-featured 5* hero is 0.3% chance. So the chance of of Vela, Onatel, or any S2 5* hero should be 1.6% chance.
Meanwhile chance of classic S1 5* hero is 0.9%.

If so, then you would be correct since this was not the summoning odds for Atlantis legendaries months or years before. I may be mistaken but I believe featured heroes in the Atlantis gates were to be pulled at 1.3% while non-featured S2 heroes were at 1%. I remembered that vividly because I pulled Kageburado when he was not featured in an Atlantis portal way back in 2018 when I was wanting purple legendaries since I only had average Domitia and her dupe as I was wanting a fast hero like Sartana and was sitting over 20ish tabards back them. Yep, got Kage, Seshat and Sartana, in that order within weeks apart from each other. Tried looking for a screenshot of past S2 odds in the forum but could not find one.

Did a couple of pull with coins and gems about 7x… hope to get Ariel, I know the odd is too low… but why not…
And the result… the only mentioned is 3rd Boldtusk which is I think I would keep for now. :sweat_smile:
Maybe next time,… goodluck everyone and congrats who get Ariel, Onatel Vela and HOTM :muscle:


I pulled a dupe Muggy

Late reply. Did 10 coin pulls last night and get 10 feeders lol. Maybe next time.

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Ended up doing 41 pulls to try for Ariel. Only got Reuben in the end :sob:

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No pulls for me this time around. Would have been nice to get Ariel, but I have Onatel already. Will be only doing Santa for now until Ninja portal comes around. :wink:

Nah, old and new odds posted below. Again, I dont know when it changed over and it’s a slight change but didnt see any notice from developers.


Thx @Dorkus

So the shift is

3☆ : S1 -2.1% S2 +2.1%
4☆ : no change
5☆ : S1 -0.1% S2 +0.1%

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