🔱 [October 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

This thread is for posting your Summon Results from the Season 2 Atlantis Portal in OCTOBER 2020.

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Atlantis Rises & the Atlantis Portal run from 2020-10-01T07:00:00Z until 2020-10-03T19:00:00Z

Official Announcement RE Schedule Changes: Event Schedule Changes (Version 30 Onwards)

NEXT Atlantis Rises & the Atlantis portal will run from 2020-11-05T07:00:00Z until 2020-11-07T19:00:00Z

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  • Zulag {LINK}

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Good summary by @Dorkus of what you can expect from various summons portals:

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Keeping the gems for Gefjon. So promised myself to do summons only with Atlantis coins that I collect during AR.
First summon with coins. Lo and behold! What a luck!

I already have one, this will be an overkill.
Give me an advice in the mean time please.
I will have 6 tabards soon. I do have one Kage maxed. The options for the next purple 5* are 2nd Kage, Freya, Clarissa, Bera and Khiona. Who should I ascend next? I


100 coins = Muggy dupe.

Not grinding for coins again. Will just autoplay for backpacks and if I somehow get 100 again I’ll try another summon

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Freya or Bera. They’re good together but I think Bera is better on her own and has second toughest minions in the game.

Congrats on your pull.


Freya imo, she is an allrounder, war d, attack, autofarming harder levels, synergy with telluria, (hopefully buffed) noor, bera of course etc. the total package imo. No1 to get druid emblems too, even would take away Velas if i had poor nerfed one.


Bought all 4 offers today, like usual.
So I did my coin pull, and I got Gato.
Did 2x Gem pulls and got Mnesseus + Gil-Ra
Then did one other gem pull: ZIMKITHA!!


Just pulled Chochin… again. After 7 months of play and several hunderd Atlantis summons still no Gato. I pulled Atomos, Inari, Proteus, Gobbler, Gadeirus, Sumitomo, two Wilburs, Godknows how many Melia and Mnesseus but Gato still eludes me. How is this possible ? He is only a 3* hero !!


Just did one other gem pull: Proteus
My 6th one yay


I did one pull with coins and got Gobbler - he’s new for me and I’ll take every unique hero (no matter if they are awfully bad). From a chest I got a telescope. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am getting everything except the one thing I need from ascension chests etc.
I am getting Damascus Blades, Scopes, and Mystic Rings but the one thing I have 0 of, is Tome of Tactics. And of course, you need these to ascend any 5* hero. :sob:

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Wanted Neith and Zimkitha. Used single coin pull for an umpteenth Chao, then went for the 30 pull. Got Kageburado almost straight away, then Atomos, and at the end, Zulag.

Call me an ungrateful cow, but I don’t have a great deal of use for Kageburado although I know he’s good; I’ve had Atomos since he first came out, but even after his buff he’s nowhere near the front of the green queue if he ever gets there, so a dupe is HA10 fodder at best; and Zulag doesn’t sound too promising in the HOTM stakes. In addition I already had a longish list of decent and half-decent purples (now including, of course, Kageburado). So… meh. I’d rather have had just one Neith :cry:

Anyway, Kage and Zulag have been locked and my levelers have had a jolly good feast on the 3* and 4* food. I won’t tell you who got eaten because it might be something a reader was desperate to get and I don’t want to make anyone sad. But there was a second Chao in there somewhere and there may or may not have been more than one Namahage.


Ok and as you wish

You are an ungrateful cow



Trash only :slight_smile:

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Technically Wilbur is a great hero but I assume you had him already

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Got him 2 years ago and do not use at this monent

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Yea. Back in the day Wilbur carried me through the latter half of season 2. His damage share and defence buff were critical to my survival. Now that I have better heroes he does not really see much action anymore.


Summoning with coins only. Wouldn’t mind Neith after mega fail trying to get Bea Yeong last month (need yellow and need Ranger), but with these many pulls I don’t even have hopes.

1st pull got me Danzaburro.
2nd pull got me Gobbler

about 18 more WE flasks so there’s slight chance to get yet another pull. Cannot wait for yet another dinner.

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I plan to leave the game later this year. I wanted to get Kageburado because I once made a lot of summons, but I could not get it. x50 and no one 5* hero. Next x30 in november in Valhalla summon and it’s all


A wonderful Melia :confused: