Fighter Emblem advice

Ive heard some on here say they dont give emblems to 5 stars…but im pretty torn…

Ive got Bold tusk and kingston maxed…i feel like theyre both worthy obviously but im honestly leaning toward BT so ill have two somewhat equal heroes vs one great and one good hero.

Just for a little furthur information…The only other fighter heroes i have are sumitomo and HuTao so theyre not in consideration for me.

Bt with emblems is a decent war tank.

Kingston with emblems is a very good defence corner

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer.

If you put some on BT and end up not using him for some reason, reset and switch them.

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In my honest opinion, I would give emblems to both and you wouldn’t regret it
Good luck

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Kingston is a tier 1 fighter. I’d load him up with emblems and not think twice. I’m pretty far behind on emblems compared to everyone else but 1in4 chance to revive is incredibly annoying especially in field aid war. And the utility of killing an attacker+neutering the other attackers ability to do enough damage to kill something is excellent. And he has a built in Gravemaker counter. He won’t burn. Kingston is a top green hero and a top fighter. The only fighter I think that really competes with him for emblems is Poseidon. But there’s other yellow heroes that edge Poseidon out like Guin or Drake, again making it easier to make kingston your fighter.

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I took Bt to +7 like iv done with several 4* as down the road I may still want emblems on them but you can only do a full reset.
I’m levelling Kingston Poseidon and Elena all fighters :woman_shrugging: Onced finshed I have no idea who’s going to get them!

I recently pulled Boldtusk after over 1 year playing. I have yet to use a Fighter emblem, and have nearly 500 of them on hand.

Without anyone else in the fighter class I deem worthy of emblems, I plan on giving them all to Boldtusk so I have a healer in Red.

Thanks for the advice everyone

Really depends where you’re at in the game

Working now but will dive into this later

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Boldtusk…he should be on your green Titan team until the end of time and you will use him in wars. With emblems he’s a 5* healer. Kingston can get emblems after Boldtusk is maxed IMO.

Different players have different priorities. Kingston is one of the best snipers, and if he’ll make your primary defense team, I think he’s worth the emblems. You can always hold back one or two and give BT +7 or so.

I had Bold Tusk with 18 emblems and he was my tank in Platnium. I reluctantly stripped the emblems off Boldie and gave them to Kingston. It was inevitable given Boldie was replaced and Kingston is on my defense team now.

Happily in Diamond for a while. GL in your decision making.

I dipped my toes into diamond the other day and won 5 matches…had 3 successful defenses as well, but im primarily winning on team synergy i believe because ive beat guys in the 4200 range and those 3 defenses were against the same range attacker and im only at the 4k range…ive got joon 4^80, costume melendor +9, rigard +17,QoH 4^80, kingston 4^80…its been a pretty productive team on offense…melendor negates kunchens defense down, i get the HoT, Dbuff, plus his defense up… then rigard to cleanse in between QoH soaking up specials and my two snipers…maybe they should switch sides though? Dont guess it really matters if theres not an attack buffer on my end?..but yeah im not an elite player by any means im working my way up with a fairly decent bench though…

Random bench notes for anyone with advice…I’ve also got king arthur at 4^ 15 working him up the ladder atm…probably going to take out melendor and put him in eventually, but idk if thats a good or bad move…obviously id have higher power… but i know its tuff not having a debuffer on offense…ive got sonya at +9…seshat 3^70 waiting on one tabard…and the costume melendor previously mentioned at +9

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