[Brainstorming, Discussion, Advice] First rainbow 5* team ( TBA )

[Brainstorming, Discussion, Advice] First rainbow 5* team ( TBA )



I need to brainstorm some ideas for my Twilights Bastion account’s ( TBA ) first rainbow 5* hero team.

Tourneys, Raids, War, and Hero Academy, I have given up on.

4* ascension items

I do have extra 4* ascension items for purple and blue. My 5* purples are not great.

But I might do a 5* hero team with two blue 5* heroes and three other color 5* heroes. Especially if one is a Paladin, since I have 341x Paladin emblems.

This would still leave me enough 4* ascension items if I got a Purple, or Blue, 5* healer.


We are starting to get 8* titans. I want to get more ascension item rolls from titans. Hero XP is about to explode with Advanced House Level 9.

I was hoping 4*+18 heroes would help with titans, but 4*+18 heroes are closer to 4.5* heroes than 5* heroes. It also hurts that I prefer 2x healers, 4x glass cannons ( tile damage ) and 1x Anchor ( the attack version of a center ), but Classic 5* heroes lack healers.

I was hoping Hunter’s Lodge would help with titans, but 4* Harpoon require a lot of iron, and food. Harpoons ( six turns Attack -25%, Defense -30% ) will likely only help with rare titans not everyday normal titans.

I tend not to like slow heroes, since they require so many mana potions to be effective versus Titans.

Class Quests

I want to spend less 3* / 4* battle items on class quests. But I do not have a good 5* hero in each class. Way too many Blue HotM Paladins.


Iron is about to get more scarce with Advanced buildings and harpoons. So reducing the amount of 3*/ 4* battle items I need will help increase my available iron. Especially with emblems requiring iron to use. Healers would help a lot. But Classic 5* heroes lack healers.


Should I wait for “skins”?
Should I wait for Season 3?
Several teammates are holding good 5* heroes for me, should I wait for trade?
Or should I use my 4* ascension items on the below 5* heroes?


I do not see how any of the below 5* heroes will make a decent rainbow 5* team for titans. Titans hit much much harder than Class quest bosses and Rare quest bosses.

The only 5* Healer I have is Vivica.

The only fast mana speed snipers with high Defense and high HP are Marjana and Misandra.

None of the HotM seem to work well on a rainbow 5* team against a titan.

Grave damage

I can always bring in my 4*+14 heroes for grave damage ( tile damage when a hero is dead ).


Just like a center’s job is to absorb tile / matching damage, anchor keeps the team alive so it can keep doing tile / matching damage. Since 8* titans hit harder, I really need an anchor in each color that I can use with my 4*+14 roster.


Scarce 4* ascension items

Vivica= only 5* Healer I have after spending over $400 USD chasing 5* Healers.

Anzogh= 793 defense versus Marjana 712, Khagan 642, Azlar 607 and Elena 578. Average mana speed HP steal.

Kadilen= 766 defense versus Horghall’s 650. Fast mana speed, all ally, special defense buff against titan’s special skill attack versus Elkanen’s HP steal. 696 attack stat versus Elkanen’s 675 and Horghall’s 657.

Extra 4* ascension items

Thoth-Amun= 694 defense stat versus 677 Domitia and 636 Quintus. Fast mana speed minion with 20% HP.

I have extra 4* ascension items in purple.

Paladin Aegir= 805 defense and 1446 HP. All AI attacks are tinted damage. Small amount of team healing.
Paladin Thorne= 793 defense and 1339 HP. Unlike Aegir does damage to titans.
Misandra= 751 defense and 1330 HP. Occasionally gives team mana. Would help with Fighter class quests.

I have extra 4* ascension items in blue. I have 341x Paladin emblems.



Domitia 5* 1.39
Obakan 5* 1.1 edit
Quintus 5* 1.1
Thoth-Amon 5* 2.60 - HotM

Ameonna 4* 3.60
Rigard 4*+14
( Rigard 4* 3.60 )
Proteus 4*+11
( Proteus 4* 3.22 )
Sabina 4*+12
Tiburtus 4*+17


Joon 5* 3.70
( Joon 5* 1.1 )
( Joon 5* 1.1 ) edit
Justice 5* 1.1
Leonidas 5* 1.1
Vivica 5* 1.37
( Vivica 5* 1.1 ) edit

Chao 4* 3.60
Danzaburo 4* 3.47
G. Jackal 4*+1
Hu Tao 4* 3.60
Li Xiu 4* 3.60
Wu Kong 4*+14
(Wu Kong 4* 3.60 )

Melia 3* 1.27 - Atlantis


Aegir 5* 2.60 - HotM Paladin
Frida 5* 1.32 - HotM Paladin
Isarnia 5* 1.35
( Isarnia 5* 1.1 )
( Isarnia 5* 1.1 ) edit
Misandra 5* 1.1 - Atlantis
Perseus 5* 3.50 - HotM Paladin
Thorne 5* 1.1

Boril 4* 1.29
Grimm 4*+16
( Grimm 4* 3.60 )
Kiril 4*+1
Sonya 4* 3.60
Valeria 4* 3.32


Elkanen 5* 1.1
( Elkanen 5* 1.1 )
Horghall 5* 1.1
Kadilen 5* 1.35
( Kadilen 5* 1.1 ) edit

Caedmon 4* 3.60
Hansel 4*+1
Kashhrek 4* 3.60
Little John 4* 4.4
Melendor 4*+14
( Melendor 4* 3.60 )
Peters 4* 3.60
Skittleskull 4* 3.56

Hisan 3* 1.1 - Summer


Anzogh 5* 1.37- HotM
( Anzogh 5* 1.1 )- HotM
Azlar 5* 2.60
Elena 5* 1.10
Khagan 5* 2.60
Marjana 5* 2.60

Boldtusk 4*+14
Kelile 4* 3.60
Gormek 4* 3.60
Scarlett 4*+13
Wilbur 4*+1 - Atlantis

Rudolph 3*+1 - Winter

5* 4.80

Vivica ( in progress, 5* 4.80, no yellow 4* healer, only Classic 5* Healer, see notes )

5* 3.70


Joon ( done, 5* 3.70 )
Vivica ( done, 5* 3.70, no yellow 4* healer )
Justice ( in progress, buffed blindness)

Thoth-Amun ( done, 5* 3.70, fast mana minion and mini-AOE )
Domitia ( in progress, dispel then die, er, dispeller )

Aegir ( done, 5* 3.70, Paladin class quest )
Frida ( in progress, blue defense debuff)
Isarnia ( sturdier Grimm )

Kadilen ( in progress, fast AOE, special skill defense buff)
Elkanen ( Cleric class quest hitter )

Anzogh ( done, 5* 3.70, crowd control, er, mob clearing )


Click for Vivica details

I got lucky, between Sand Empires, and loot, I now have an extra set of Darts.

Vivica is the only Classic 5* Healer, so the only 5* Healer I can get from 2x Legendary training.
There are no yellow 4* healers.

Even though it hurts to level up a 5* hero without a good, matching rainbow 5* 3.70 team, I will level Vivica to 5* 4.80. I will finally have a yellow healer. I will finally have a 5* healer. I still have darts if Vivica does not fit well with my first good, matching rainbow 5* 3.70 team.



Dear @Gryphonknight

I would have a few ideas/suggestions on my own. Since you are investing in heroes for Titans
5* Aegir, Kadil, Joon - from your roster can help ( share damage , defense , and blind titan) , possible Elena (tile damage and her riposte )

4* Gormek, Scarlett ( tho she is weak ) , Kiril and boldusk always help…

Skins …meh
Season 3… you could be waiting forever … Or at least next year …you can save ascension mats if you have extra but I assure you the longer you wait , there is a change of better heroes in the future .:joystick:

Trade. Highly doubt that will be possible …but can’t say it won’t happen.

I would like to go back to 7-8* titans … I recently joined a new alliance and we have faced 11* Titans and I don’t like it . 4* heroes can get OSK like Little John or Grimm to very low health…

Mana vials do assist and blind and hope for the best …the cheap low level resources

That is all. Best wishes to you. 🙋


Neither I: to have better scores you should stack against his weakness.

The Anchor keeps the team alive but you should also keep alive the Anchor:

You should use items such as Turtle Banner + Axe Attack + Minor Healing Potions and heroes with similar skills to cut some item’s usage such as Aegir, Wilbur and Scarlett.

Boldtusk/Kirir + Wilbur/Grimm/Isarnia/Tiburtus + (2 heroes strong against the titan) + Wu Kong

Vivica, Anzogh and Kadilen are good heroes for many areas but Anzogh isn’t good for titans.

Dark -
PvP: Thoth-Amun is the best tank, as flank Domitia is better. Quintus is bad.
PvE: Domitia helps with survivability against holy damage and have high attack score.

Ice -
PvP - Aegir is your best tank, Misandra and Thorne works better as flanks.
PvE - Aegir is one of the best healers here, Misandra is very helpful when she is the only blue

As first rainbow team I would pick the ones I would need the most for class trials but the most versatile heroes are:

Domitia (or Seshat if you are lucky)


I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting B grade on 8* titans to get the increased 3 rolls with the hero’s you already have.

I would run the following teams

Red: Wu, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Melandor
Blue: Wu, Wilbur, Kiril, Grimm, Rigard/Sabina
Green: Wu, Grimm, Melandor, Hansel, LJ
Yellow: Wu, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Jackal, Joon
Purple: Wu, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Proteus, Sabina

As for first 5. I think you do Frida and Joon and wait on other colors. They can both go on Titan teams. Esp Frida on the blue

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What is it about Advanced House 9 that will make hero exp explode?

The amount of recruits it produces per hour and the max capacity of produced recruits it holds. It produces 5 recruits per hour.

It means you can run key training levels (1, 2, and 19) much more continuously. These are the best levels to produce feeders for your best heroes that you’re training. Recall that TC1 and TC2 take 5 recruits, meaning that 5 every hour combined with grinding will let you produce much more feeders than you currently can.

I’m at advanced house lvl 1 right now, and I already see the difference those 4 extra recruits every 4 hours are making to keeping my TC11 (recruits storage) running.

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Thanks everyone!

Soooo bitter

Based on RNG, paywalls, 4* ascension item drop rates, 5* hero summons rates, and latest rumors about Challenge event 5* heroes, I am giving up on 5* 4.80 heroes.

I am not saying I am bitter about no Ranvir/ Tarlak/ Athena. Fluff that. I am extremely bitter especially after saving Epic Hero tokens for 6 months. Originally for Sand Empires ( I seem to rage quit during June ) but between Sand Empires ( yay! 2x Hisan ) and Atlantis summons ( about 500 coins from last 60 days including Atlantis Rising flask use ) I was hoping to get Ranvir/ Tarlak/ Athena/ Magni/ Sartana/ Lianna.

Fluff you 5* heroes.

3* ascension items

Heroes taking to 5* 3.70

Joon ( done )
Vivica ( no yellow 4* healer )
Justice ( buffed blindness)

Thoth-Amun ( fast mana minion and mini-AOE )
Domitia ( dispel then die, er, dispeller )

Aegir ( Paladin class quest )
Frida ( blue defense debuff)
Isarnia ( sturdier Grimm )

Kadilen ( fast AOE, special skill defense buff)
Elkanen ( Cleric class quest hitter )

Anzogh ( crowd control, er, mob clearing )



4* boredom

Might take a break from Empires.

Will depend on how common, and useful, Harpoon, Titanium shield and Panacea.

Hopefully my rainbow 5* 3.70 team will make farming and Class quests more interesting.

From team chat

Cashed in all my silver summons tokens.

Most of my 5* 3.70 heroes are not as good as my 4* 4.70 heroes for base stats.

But I am running out of 4* heroes to level on Twilights Bastion account unless I want duplicate Rigard, Melendor, Grimm, Boril, Boldtusk, and Chao.


Used all my Epic Hero Tokens in Sand Empires. Used all my Atlantis Coins in Atlantis summons. No Ranvir.

Still no gorram frakking 4* Cyprian on Twilights Bastion account.

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