Kelile emblems?

I’m not sure why Kelile gets overlooked. I compared her stats to Grimm, she’s more durable and hits harder as far as special damage goes. She’s also fast as opposed to Grimm’s average. If you don’t count secondary effects, which is where Grimm comes out on top, she has him beat in every aspect short of tile damage. At the very least, she deserves a “Glass cannon” status. Same story comparing her to Scarlett, who is even less durable than Grimm. Other than tile damage, what does she offer over Kelile? -attk is useful, but I had multiple instances where Kelile’s DoT saved me.
I know Scarlett has a whopping (767-675)/675=13.6% higher attack rating than Kelile , and Kelile does a (2,160-1650)/1650 = 31% special attack over Scarlett (I cancelled DoT and “minor damage to nearby enemies”). So my question is, how much difference does the tile damage make? I know it makes a lot of difference, enough to make Scarlett a favorite over Kelile (who’s been described as bottom of the barrel 4*). Can somebody calculate the damage of 8 tiles from each against a couple of popular 4* heroes? I’ll try the formula from the damage calculation thread, but I have a conference call to go to right now.
That said, I will try to max Scarlett when I have the chance.

I kinda wonder what Kelile’s stats would look like if someone emblemed her in Attk/HP.
My first ascended red will be BT, but if I don’t draw anything good by the time I have next set of mats, I might go against conventional wisdom and try maxing Kelile. I know it’s a gamble a noob in my position shouldn’t be making, but I don’t think she’s nearly as bad as she is overlooked.

Someone in my alliance has her maxed, he went all attack.


You laid out a few questions and then answered most of them yourself. Those secondary effects matter a lot as does the attack stat number for tile damage.


I’m sure Kelile is fine (bizarrely, she’s the one classic 4* I don’t have after 2 years) but Def down is the best offensive skill of any classic hero.


My rogue emblems went to Scarlett and G. Jackal :slight_smile:

True glass cannons (look their stats below, attack path only).

PS: I will eventually max Kelile too someday.


I get it, I was just wondering how much exactly, in numbers. I’ll try running a calculation against some popular 4* (Sonya, Caedmon, Boldtusk, Boril, Kiril, Scarlett, Rigard) to see how much the difference is.

See, while their stats are very similar, Jackal hits with 270% while Scarlett hits with 215%. Maybe I misunderstood when people say ‘cannon’, I kinda assumed that’s the damage they are doing against one target with their special - the ‘one shot’ kinda deal.

Scarlett’s 895 * 2.15 = 1925
Jackal’s 892 * 2.7 = 2408
Kelile’s 800 * 3.2 = 2560

I agree, that’s why I don’t doubt Grimm’s usefulness over Kelile. I’m just wondering why she doesn’t come up as a formidable sniper over Scarlett. She seems to pack quite a punch, but she gets kinda ignored for the most part.

Yer, I don’t know… Scarlett for titans surely but her special isn’t amazing. As I said, despite having multiple dupes of every other 4*, I’ve never pulled Kelile! But I’ll level her and give her a try one day :grin::grin:

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That could be another very important factor - titans. I see the same about Wu Kong. He never gives me much trouble in raids, yet he is constantly rated as the top 4* hero…because he’s a beast on titans. I just joined a decent alliance recently, so I’m not sure how much priority Titans get over anything else, but how different would the various rankings be if there were no Titan Hunt?

Thanks, man. That looks like a very well rounded hero.

I guess that’s because of their secondary skill.

Scarlett hits and debuffs 3 targets, not only one.

And Jackal has color def down (one of the best skill along with def down as stated by Jonah above, as they stack), and can charge with 6 tiles with a mana troop level 11.

Right, but jackal is very fast mana and drops a color defense down. Hit pretty much any hero in the game with jackal followed by Joon and they are dead or REALLY close to it. Kelile is a very good hero and hits hard, but she’s kind of a lone wolf with a burn that overwrites all other burns. Still, a nice 4* hero that probably is underrated.

No, I can see how she is inferior to some of the top players, but Jackal, Grimm, and Scarlett get recognized for their merits while Kelile is just kinda ignored. From what I’ve read and what I’ve experienced, she seems way underrated. If I color stack red, the only 3 somewhat leveled heroes I have are BT, Kelile, and Tyr. Kelile’s and Tyr’s DoT stack up nicely, even without BT.
I’m not saying she belongs in upper echelon, but she is not a slacker, either. She’s my finisher because all she does is dish out damage. I usually fire either Burt or Mist…or both (-def and -special def stack, I think), and finish off with Kelile. And that black mama-jama packs a whalop for her level.

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Kelile’s got my vote. I’ve got her maxed at 800-742-1035 and yes, she packs a punch! I love her. Good tile damage, excellent DOT, and sturdier than Scarlett. Funny enough, she hits harder than her big sister Marjana!

Many a time that DOT has saved my keister, and her evade is great. I actually left Scarlett at 3/60, disliking how frail she was - a light breeze knocks her down. (Not that Kelile is a tank or anything, but things could be worse.) As mats have started to pile up, I’ll probably max Scarlett eventually, but for me, Kelile’s where it’s at.


Tough competition red 4*

#1 reason red 4* Guardian Falcon.

Just too many really good red 4* heroes ( Falcon, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Gormek, etc. ) that have special skills that help the whole team ( see notes )

Rogue 4*

#2 rogue 4* Guardian Jackal

Evade is awesome for glass cannons. Glass cannons rogue 4* Jackal and Scarlett are great versus titans ( #1 source of 4* ascension items ) but really improve with emblems.

Danzaburo is a surprisingly useful yellow 4* hero, and benefits from emblems.

Jackal, Scarlett and Danzaburo are rogues that help the whole team ( see notes ).

Jackal, Scarlett and Danzaburo are also very useful for Rogue class quests ( use emblems to get more emblems).


I like heroes at X+1 ( see notes ), so my rogue Kelile is 4*+1.

Kelile Buff

Kelile was buffed 3x ( see notes ).

The latest was 51 per turn to 60 per turn burn damage ( at 4* 4.70 ) or a +17.6% increase in burn damage.

So Kelile is not a bad red 4* rogue hero, especially for F2P and C2P accounts.


Kelile is also good if you have no decent 3* / 4* / 5* Rogue heroes.

Especially for F2P accounts, the hero you have in your roster is always better than the limited time, micro transaction, merciless RNG paywalled hero you do not have.


Click for notes


powerful red 4* stack

Boldtusk+ Falcon+ Gormek ( later Wilbur) is a nasty 3x strong / 3x neutral stack.

(Gems . Keep them? Atlantis vs Guardians)

(Gryph, Doc - Can I get your advice?)



([Repost] Wilbur Raid Tutorial [Reposted here for smartphone users and future reference])


Scarlett and Jackal

(Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm ))

Jackal and Danzaburo

(Danzaburo VS Guardian Jackal)

Wu Kong Debuff Dou

Kelile buff

Latest Buff

51 per turn to 60 per turn

* Kelile: Increased burn damage from 306 over 6 turns to 360 over 6 turns.

3x Buffed



Demigod Boldtusk



Now BT also has costume, so his stats are even more insane. With fully powered-up costume and at +20, my BT has 671 Atk, 894 Def and 1325 HP at Power of 780, which is at level of unemblemed S3 5* but also includes 30% chance to revive. And then there is faster mana regeneration.

Otherwise yes, red has many good heroes. In my case all Rogue emblems went to Jackal of course.

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That makes sense. So she’s balanced but not quite specialized in anything to compete for spots in dedicated rosters. I’m C2P, so I don’t have great many red 4*, she might be good for me. For now, all my stuff is going to BT.

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