Kelile emblems?

Tough competition red 4*

#1 reason red 4* Guardian Falcon.

Just too many really good red 4* heroes ( Falcon, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Gormek, etc. ) that have special skills that help the whole team ( see notes )

Rogue 4*

#2 rogue 4* Guardian Jackal

Evade is awesome for glass cannons. Glass cannons rogue 4* Jackal and Scarlett are great versus titans ( #1 source of 4* ascension items ) but really improve with emblems.

Danzaburo is a surprisingly useful yellow 4* hero, and benefits from emblems.

Jackal, Scarlett and Danzaburo are rogues that help the whole team ( see notes ).

Jackal, Scarlett and Danzaburo are also very useful for Rogue class quests ( use emblems to get more emblems).


I like heroes at X+1 ( see notes ), so my rogue Kelile is 4*+1.

Kelile Buff

Kelile was buffed 3x ( see notes ).

The latest was 51 per turn to 60 per turn burn damage ( at 4* 4.70 ) or a +17.6% increase in burn damage.

So Kelile is not a bad red 4* rogue hero, especially for F2P and C2P accounts.


Kelile is also good if you have no decent 3* / 4* / 5* Rogue heroes.

Especially for F2P accounts, the hero you have in your roster is always better than the limited time, micro transaction, merciless RNG paywalled hero you do not have.


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powerful red 4* stack

Boldtusk+ Falcon+ Gormek ( later Wilbur) is a nasty 3x strong / 3x neutral stack.

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Scarlett and Jackal

(Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm ))

Jackal and Danzaburo

(Danzaburo VS Guardian Jackal - #14 by Gryphonknight)

Wu Kong Debuff Dou

Kelile buff

Latest Buff

51 per turn to 60 per turn

* Kelile: Increased burn damage from 306 over 6 turns to 360 over 6 turns.

3x Buffed

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Demigod Boldtusk