Fighter emblems - Magni / Poseidon or Boldtusk

I have 230 emblems and am undecided as to who to give them to.
a) Magni 4
b) Poseidon 4
b) Magni 2 and Poseidon 2
c) Boldtusk from 4 to 7 and Magni 1 and Poseidon 1

My main tank is Kunchen and I just got a bunch of 5* purples - Sartana, Kage and Seshat


I would give 1 to each. If you run Poseidon in the flank beside Kunchen give him the rest. I also have Kunchen as my tank and Poseidon +6. The extra stats are worth it for your defense team in my opinion.

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Depends on your usage and lineup.

If all are on your defense then Magni +1 and Poseidon +1.

If not, I may just suggest to up BT to +7.

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Yes they are in my defense team, which are my only max 5*'s (and one 4* max with emblems):
Melendor+7, Magni, Kunchen+5, Gravemaker+5, Poseidon
I have Liana almost maxed at 4/50, and am leveling sartana and joon (but dont have mats to get them to 4th asc) then I got Kage and Seshat today! - I think I will level Kage first
Also have Frida and Azlar stuck at end of 3rd asc., and Ursena and Mitsuko at 1/1

I think I’m gonna go with BT to 7 and Poseidon and Magni to 1.
Leaning towards when I get 9 more emblems to put that next one on Poseidon and swap his position with GM

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I’d put em all on Poseidon. You’ve got a purple tank and purple tanks love yellow flanks. Therefore Poseidon’s gonna be your flank for a looong time. Poseidon has more stats than Magni too.

I don’t like splitting emblems generally


I agree and ended up putting BT to 7 and Poseidon to 3

I split mine. Poseidon to 6 then building up Magni. I don’t use Boldtusk anymore

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