Reset Lancelot to give emblems to Boldtusk?

Hey all,

Lancelot was my only 4* or 5* Fighter for the longest time. Then a week ago I pulled Boldtusk from TC20, and have been leveling Boldy like crazy.

Now my Q is, should I reset Lance’s emblems to give to Boldy? I currently have 63 Fighter emblems and can get 304 more from Lance. (he’s at +14).

Boldy will likely be my Raid defense Red, replacing Gormek (rest of my defense team now is Seshat, Inari, Kiril, Jack O’Hare).

Other Reds I have:

Gormek +8
Scarlett +3
Lancelot +14

and that’s it. For Raid offense I will probably bring Boldy, Gormek and Lance; I like Scarlett’s fast mana but I use Lance for the mana regen buff, usually I have him boost Proteus, Seshat, Sabina. Will probably have him boosting Boldy.

Lance and Boldtusk are my only 4* or 5* Fighters.

In terms of class quests:

  • For Fighter + Barbarian, I have Gormek and Grimm as Barbarians. I need Boldtusk maxed so I can finish this, I have no other healers here. Planning to try it next time with Lance, Boldy, Gormek, Grimm and Valen plus tons of items.
  • For Fighter + Wizard, I have Proteus and Kiril, so even without Boldtusk maxed I can beat it. I’ve done it before with Proteus, Kiril, Lance, Valen and Balthazar.

I don’t plan to spend any more, I probably summon 2x or 3x every month using saved up gems or Atlantis coins. Have one TC20 running 24/7, and another TC20 which I could run, but I’ve been using it for feeders as I have multiple 5* projects (Seshat and Rana).

thanks in advance!

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No, keep them on Lancelot and just use the others for Boldtusk. Lancelot is a good hero, and with +14 he can help a lot for challenge events and raiding.


thanks @DaveCozy! I do love Lance, and now he has a 24% chance to revive; and that revive has saved me in many raids.

My initial impulse was to keep them on Lance, as I see myself using him a lot more. Just wanted confirmation and opinions from the experts here :slight_smile:

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lots of people are giving lancelot emblems for events. You can get his attack stat to upper 800s.


thanks @KLinMayhem! My Lance already has 816 attack :slight_smile: still a bit squishy, but the revive helps a lot.

The reset might be worth it. I have several 5* heroes and still find value for Boldtusk in my top attack team and often for defense. It cost you the health, iron, reset cost and 5% of your emblems. Your alternative will be to keep Lance and start dropping your emblems on Boldie. Boldtusk will not dissapoint you, especially if you don’t want to spend money. Boldtusk adds value over the long run.

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It’s not that SL is bad to have emblems, all the opposite, he can have a ridiculously high attack stat, excellent for titans and events, as 4* reds have a lot of synergy. It’s just that BT is excellent as fighter. I would say then that both options are valid, but you have already invested a lot of resources in Sir Lancelot, and you can’t ignore that. If it comes the day when you don’t get the same benefit from SL as you may get right now, I would remove emblems, and BT is already good without emblems

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If you have a reset emblem, I’d use it. I know Lancelot has a high attack stat now, but Boldy is used in EVERY part of the game…Defense, Raids and Titans. I’d reset personally.

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thanks all. If i had more Reds or more Fighters i would reset, but i do still see myself using Lance. I’ll just pour all future emblems into Boldy :slight_smile:


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