Poseidon Emblems and Team Fit

I almost have Poseidon maxed, my plan was to drain all emblems from Boldtusk and give them to Poseidon. My question is more about what route to take with Poseidon and my final team lineup. Instinct tells me to focus on attack upgrades as it helps his special, but I currently don’t have a good middle tank (Boldtusk is currently my center but without his emblems he won’t hold very well) so I was wondering if i should focus on health/def.

My current lineup (left-to-right)
Alberich (4-80, 4 Talent)
Grimm (4-70, 12 Talent)
Boldtusk (4-70, 14 Talent)
Poseidon (4-79)
Zim (4-80)

Once I shift emblems from Boldtusk to Poseidon, I was thinking about moving Poseidon to center.
Then I will move Proteus (4-70, 3 Talent) or Rigard (4-70, 11 Talent) into the lineup on right flank.

Thoughts? If this is a decent lineup, where should I focus emblems on?

Other heroes:
Tibertus (4-70, 12 Talent)
Sonya (4-70, 11 Talent)
Wilbur (4-70, 10 Talent)
Kirill (4-70, 3 Talent)
Kashrek (4-70, 5 Talent)
Caedmon (4-70)
Wu Kong (4-70)
Boril (4-70)
Chao (4-70)

How are you set for cleric emblems? I’m in a similar situation. I have Poseidon, my only five-star on his final ascension, as my current tank, but he hasn’t performed especially well there. My plan is to go the attack route with Poseidon and emblem up Boril (currently 4^27) as my tank. I see that you have a max Boril. What do you think about that plan?

I put all my Cleric emblems on Rigard as he is arguably the best healer in the game.
Its not a bad idea to put them all on Boril though… I’ll think about that, although Boril’s attack is pretty low - especially if trying to compete in Diamond arena.
Who knows - I could be wrong. Let me know how it goes for you

No doubt. Rigard is my current purple project, and I’d love to emblem him, but I don’t have a great tank option, so I’m hoping Boril is the answer.

[quote=“bagofsomething, post:3, topic:112032”] especially if trying to compete in Diamond arena

My goal is to get a defense that can keep me within striking distance of diamond, for the better chests. Not sure I have the heroes for it, but we’ll see.

Will try to remember to do so. I’m eager to see the results myself!

Quick follow-up. I’ve tried the following on Raid Def

1st Attempt:
Alberich (4-80, 4T)
Grimm (4-70, 12T)
Poseidon (4-80, 4T)
Rigard (4-70, 12T)
Zim (4-80)
Total Power: 4012

Win/Lose Radio: 4/11 (Some losses were to 3800, some to 4200)

Attempt 2:
Swapped out Grimm for Sonya (4-70, 11T)
Total Power: 4007
Win/Lose Ratio: 3/7 (I think the dispel and fast mana of a sniper helped)

Attempt 3:
Swapped out Sonya for Kashrekk (4-70, 3T) hoping he can protect Alberich
Total Power: 3989
Win/Lose Ratio: 2/10 (Kashrekk rarely has a place in the Diamond arena)

At least for my team - Poseidon is not doing too well as a center tank. Unfortunately I don’t have a better option at the moment - he has the highest HP/DEF of any of my heros yet he still can’t seem to hold. I have Anzogh and when facing him I’ve had difficulty taking him down as a center tank - but I have a lot of work to do to get him there.


I also have Proteus with 3 Talents - I’m thinking about draining Kashrek and Kirill and giving them to proteus but I need a lot more food.

Did you go attack or def with his emblem path?

Might consider trying zim out as a tank, I know she isn’t often seen as such but her fast cleanse, attack up and all hitting attack are nice, with some emblems and a minion, she can be a bit of a pain with her self heal as well. Just something to consider.

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Are you steady in diamond @bagofsomething? I don’t think your win/loss ratio look that bad at all… but maybe I’m biased by my own ;>. I’ve got Kunchen tanking keeping me in diamond, but also have Poseidon and sometimes ponder putting him as tank to get Hel in on flank. Would mean stripping BT though…

Personally I find fighter tanks the most annoying of all with their revive, and Poseidons special makes me think twice going against him (I rely heavy on mana blockers).

poseidon is fine tank , not great but fine , he is fast and able to casts special if opponent got decent board.

personally i use poseidon as tank +6 Talent with Atk Def route , he is fine and rarely to get 1-shot in aw , of course its not just because Poseidon but depend on how good your Flank and Wings

mine is : Eve+7 GM+1 Posei+6 Kage+6 Ariel+4

Arios that’s in incredible team. Those two flanks are very-fast mana murderers.
In the war I’m in now I setup:

Alby+4 Domitia(4-50) Zim(4-80) Poseid+6 Rigard+12

Troops: (Green[mana]-7, Purple[mana]-10, Red[crit]-10, Yellow[crit]-13, Purple[crit]-6)

We are the favorite in the war. I have the strongest team on my team. The first round it took 5 attempts to take me out. They reset us. Then I was just taken out 1-shot by a 3800 power team. Maybe he was lucky - but its not good when a 200 power less team takes you out in one hit.

I can’t stand going against Kuncheon tank - I usually lose even if I double up yellow. I think he’s one of the best tanks in the game

Just stack 5 Holy heroes. Take him out with 4 tiles

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