1.4 Release Notes


Version 1.4 Release Notes

Update is out now for both iOS and Android. Here are the release notes:

  • New Advanced Building: Troop Barracks
    • Available when your Stronghold is level 10 or higher
    • You can convert an existing building into Troop Barracks
    • Level up your Troops in Troop Barracks by training them with other Troops
  • Troop Changes: Leveling up and new effects
    • Rare and Epic troops have new effects, including Healing Effect increase, Mana Gain increase and Health increase
    • Existing Troops retain their rarity but will start leveling up from level 1
    • Troops can now be gained as loot from the battles
  • Hero of The Month: A new hero available every month
    • A new, limited-time hero can be gained as a Bonus Summon from any Epic or Elemental Summon
    • The first Hero of the Month is Hel, Princess of the Underworld
  • Trainer Heroes: Used to level up your heroes faster
    • Trainer Heroes give a huge XP boost when used in leveling up
    • Find Trainer Heroes as rare loot or from a special bundle in the shop
  • Redesigned Team Power
    • The old team power tended to be highly inaccurate with more powerful teams
    • Team Power has been redesigned to be simpler but more accurate
    • The Hero Power of each hero is simply summed together. Some hero powers have been adjusted to reflect this.
  • Hero and Special Skill Balance Changes
    • Status effect Blind also affects the accuracy of offensive Special Skills
    • Slightly increased the mana gain rate of Slow Specials and slightly decreased the mana gain rate of Fast Specials
    • Perfect Riposte max deflection increased from 105% to 110%
    • Status Effect Attack+ : max power decreased from to 52% to 47%. Duration changed from 6 to 4 turns.
    • Status Effect Defense+ :max power decreased from 85% to 70%.
    • Isarnia : max attack of Special Skill increased from 215% to 235%
    • Colen : max attack of Special Skill increased from 170% to 180%
    • Horghall : max attack of Special Skill increased from 210% to 225%
    • Quintus : max attack of Special Skill increased from 230% to 250%
    • Li Xiu : max attack of Special Skill decreased from 170% to 150%
    • Carver : max attack of Special Skill decreased from 145% to 125%
    • Boldtusk : max healing of Special Skill decreased from 32% to 27%
  • You can now mark heroes as Favourites to ensure they’re not accidentally lost while leveling up
  • You can now examine opposing teams in more detail before PVP matches
  • Introduced a time limit and a tie breaker for PVP matches to prevent too long matches or overly defensive teams.
  • Further reductions to opponent mana gain from combos made by the player.
  • Increased chances to get Epic Ascension Items from the special offers that include them
  • Battle Item setup is now saved independently for each team
  • Performance, Chat, Art & UI Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

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