Time to make my Diamond push?

As FTP level 46 player ( just a little over a year in play ) I just recently put 3 of my 4 5* maxed heros into action.

Before that I hovered around 2200 to 2400 cups because Sabina, Tiburtus and Proteus make an awsome offense core and my 4* defence with Boril as tank kept me over 2100 Cups.

The 3 afore mentioned heroes are Isarnia, Quintus and Marjana ( I am not the most luckyest player in the world :smile: ) but that is ok.

I have now a Cademon-Boldtusk-Isarnia-Quintus-Marjana defense which to my astonishment easyly keeps me over 2400 cups. ( most of the time )

Of course filling my raid chest has become a little harder since fully maxed 5* teams still are hard to beat consistently so I have to reroll more.
Rewards for the raid chest seem actually to be better in Diamond than in Platinum.

So supported by the experience of my arrival in diamond league I think your roster is good enogh to push into Diamond and stay there ( probabely at the bottom but who cares )

Thanks to the weekly raid tournament filling your raid chest shouldnt become to hard either.

Since the posters above me have way more experience than me with 5* hero defences I will stay away from giving advice.

I would really be interested to know how the Onatel with 2 Proteus configuration works.

Never underestimate Buddy he is a real pain and could have good synergy with Santa.

The heavyly symboled Cademon in my left corner works quite well in my defense, so would Sonja.

Wish you lots of luck and sucess with your push into Diamond.

Hope to see you on the battlefield one day. :smile:

Best regards



I agree with everything and I like option B


I find Aegir particularly troublesome when raiding. If I don’t get him quick he starts firing his special and then it’s hard to make a dent in anyone.


Thank you to everyone who contributed valuable advice. I decided to go for it, and here are the results so far:

  • The first two nights I held diamond. I think this may have been in part because I was still mostly attacking easy revenges (opponents who had raided me when I had a relatively weak D in place), meaning I had fairly easy wins, and no trophy loss (they couldn’t attack me again).

  • The third night I got kicked out of diamond, but barely. I stayed closer than I expected and easily raided back in to open my chest.

  • The fourth night I woke up with exactly 2,400 trophies.

  • I am winning more than I expected. I am beating a surprising number of teams over 4,000 TP, including one at 4,250. Needless to say, a lot of these teams can and do revenge, but it’s going better than I thought. I have been successful in most of my revenges, though I sometimes need an extra try. It’s clear I just have less margin than in Platinum.

  • Ultimately, the early returns suggest I may or may not be able to hold diamond, but can open my chests there (especially with raid tournaments adding extra flags where for any tournament below five stars I have the teams to sit in a reasonable percentile). And I can do this while filling close to my desired number of chests a day. And it is worth it (the rewards are noticeably better).

Defensive configuration is attached, along with my high point in trophies and global rank.


@Garanwyn, I want to thank you for this excellent, well thought out response. You gave me a lot to think about, and I wanted to reflect on it for a while. Plus, it helped me to experiment a bit with a few raid configurations.

I completely agree with you that I need to prioritize offense over defense. I realize I posted more about defense initially; I guess that’s because it’s hard to talk about offense without a specific team to match up with.

  • Dark: I agree with you that I should hold off. I don’t feel Thoth-Amun adds significantly to my offense or defense (where I appear now to not need him anyway). I will wait for a Sartana-type (perhaps the July HOTM).

  • Fire: I do already have Wilbur. I have been holding and contemplating Santa vs. Mitsuko for some time. I am more and more leaning towards Mitsuko. She greatly increases my raid win probability against any offensive blue corner, and any team with Isarnia anywhere (plus makes it pretty easy to complete any Atlantis stage with the blue thunder horse). Plus she has great synergy with Proteus, Merlin, and Onatel, all of whom I lean on heavily in my lineups.

  • Holy: I am now leveling Leonidas, but it’ll be a while before he’s viable. I guess I’ll re-evaluate at 3.70 since it’s difficult to project what my roster and darts stock will look like at that point. It’s tough: this is by far my weakest element. To the point that I’ve toyed with the idea of embleming Li Xiu, since I use her so much (any time I stack against purple).

  • Ice: I need one more cape, then will immediately take Frida to 3.70, at which point I’ll re-evaluate. She’s already snuck onto the field a few times for me (at only 2.60!). Interesting mention of the much maligned Thorne. I get the argument. Currently emblemed Grimm is filling that role. Would you favor Thorne? And, I mean…I’d have to max him, since we’re going for damage, right? Weird.

  • Nature: fully agree Evelyn need to move up.


@Gryphonknight, as always, fascinating and unconventional stuff! I particularly like the idea of color coordinating tanks in war by team level. I may try to implement that. As with all your posts, there’s a lot to digest there and I feel I need to reflect on it more.

@Elayanith, thanks for sharing your experience. It seems like you’ve had a really conceptually similar path. @Garanwyn also mentioned Onatel flanked by two Protei. Interestingly, that’s what I did in the last raid tournament (5 stars, all colors eligible, bloody battle): 3.70 Santa, Proteus, Onatel, Proteus, Caedmon with emblems.

It’s a shame I can’t see some of those battles, but I can infer that, at the least, it was very annoying. I graded out at a B Defense grade, winning a fair number (unable to give exact won-loss record though). And I looked at a decent number of the teams that attacked. Based on their defense and inferring what they likely had available to attack with, that defense stood up to some pretty sturdy attacks.


I really really like the look of this defense. I wonder how many of your opponents reroll.

Boldtusk is very close to 4*+15 for 5/5 Revive ( at 5/5 Revive, 1 in 123 chance of 4 revives in a row ). Revived Boldtusk/ Delilah with a full mana bar can be really annoying.

Boldtusk and Proteus both have reputations as beasts and 4*+11 / 4*+12 is scary looking.

Onatel works with Proteus’s special ability ( or was that a bug ) and each enemy has a decent chance of being targeted by one, a small chance of being targets by two and a smaller chance of being targeted by neither.

Mother North for healing and revive.

Double green is strong against blue if they color stack against Boldtusk.


Congrats on getting into Diamond and sticking overnight! What you’re describing is basically how it went for me. First opening chests in Diamond; then, spending progressively more time there, and beating up on a whole lot of very tough-looking teams.

You’ll reach the point soon where spanking 4100+ defenses with emblems is old hat.

You’re welcome! I’m glad it provided some good food for thought. And thanks for the great data point on the Onatel/Proteus defense. The lack of healing makes it a little hard to assess the unconstrained effectiveness, but even if you lost twice as many fights with healing added in, that would still make for an effective defense.

Sheshat is a beast as she’s currently set up. I’ll be very surprised if there aren’t some changes to her before release. But she’s basically Thoth++, and I’ll definitely be drawing for her pretty hard.

Wilbur or Wu would be much more conventional Monk choices because of how important titans are for AM (which I’m sure isn’t any surprise to you, but just said for completeness).

My usual maxim is that emblems on the shelf are not doing anyone any good. But it’s a little hard for me to love an emblemed Li Xiu. Her attack stat going full attack gets up to 709, which isn’t awful for tiles. But her special will only hit the average 5* for 130 damage or so. She’s sturdier though, so there’s that. And she has a better chance to resist Kunchen’s def down or Sartana’s DOT. I don’t think I could bring myself to pull the trigger though.

Leo is unloved because he is average mana, and self-heal really doesn’t improve the overall team’s position. But 40% mana cut is beastly, and he’s very effective in a mana control stack with Onatel. Given your playstyle, I don’t think you’ll regret giving him darts. But it sure would be nice to slip a fast yellow of some sort (Joon, Drake, Poseidon, Musashi) into your roster first.

I use Grimm/Frida too right now. I love Frida on offense. But yeah, I would have trouble giving up the def down of Grimm in exchange for a a hit that’s 2x harder. Frida+Grimm+blue tiles bores a hole through a defense. So “recommend” is probably too strong a word for Thorne.

It’s actually more exciting as a combo from the corners or flanks on a defense, where it is highly likely to be an offense wipe if they both fire at the same time and overlap. As a defender, Thorne hits the central 5* in his splash for about 900 now, with no elemental debuff. With debuff, the damage is going to be fearsome.

Ultimately, I think that Aegir+Mitsi would be a better anchor for a defense than Thorne would be a corner or flank. And Frida is WAY more deserving of the scopes than Thorne. His tile damage is just so low that he is hard to love in a stack, and he has no secondary effect. The Thorne buff basically made him quite a bit better, but did not change his rank order in the Ice 5* heirarchy.

Bottom line: if you freeze out on other Ice 5*, there’s a place for Thorne in your lineup. If you catch, say. Magni, or another interesting option, Thorne will be waiting a while.

Good luck with the continued climb into Diamond! I’ll be watching for your updates on how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Monk: yep, fully aware the Wilbur/Wu is the conventional advice. Same as you, I’m hesitant to go with Li Xiu, though she’s by far my most used Monk right now. The other option, one that didn’t come up earlier, is Santa + emblems. For now I’m holding off - my alliance crushes 7 star titans and is so-so on 8’s, so survivability hasn’t been a huge issue for me and forced my hand on Wilbur/Wu.

Thorne: it is funny, how the tenor of conversations around Thorne (and Aegir even moreso) has changed since V20. Since Thorne is at 1.1, I’d like to bring Frida and Aegir to 3.70 (so Thorne is back of the line in terms of blue feeders AND AM’s), and Grimm is emblemed, his utility (in which I’m including when he’s available) is as yet unclear to me. Also, the longer it takes, the greater the chances I obtain a more suitable candidate…

So, be it tabards, monk emblems, or telescopes, I guess I’m holding off everywhere I can.


An update for those who are curious:

  • With the defense I posted, if I don’t raid for a prolonged time I drop out of diamond, but it is good enough to hold me near that level and my offensive raiding teams are strong enough to keep me / get me back in.
  • Since moving up, I have opened all my raid chests in Diamond, while maintaining my desired count of two a day (exceptions for when I’m out of town or otherwise completely indisposed and not playing the game).
  • Regrettably, I didn’t look up my global rank at the moment it happened, because I didn’t realize I had accrued quite so many trophies. From surveying the leader boards, my high of 2,723 probably pushed me very close to the top 100, and possibly into it, if things were slow-ish at the time.


Excellent! Thanks for letting us know.

As long as your holding at around that point, you’re in great shape. There’s an advantage to not having your defense hold you too high, unless you’re planning on making top-10 runs. The fights above 2600 cups are great for showing up places where one’s roster is still a little thin :slightly_smiling_face:


Unlike attacking, players attacking you have unlimited energy ( because unlimited players can attack you multiple times).

Especially with your center 3 heroes, it is possible attackers bumped you up to your maximum trophies.

That is what happened to Gryphonkit:


Yeah, as there’s nothing to be gained I don’t really care about the top 100, though I am not entirely bereft of pride. :slight_smile: It would have been fun to know how high I got, but maybe I’ll remember to look next time.

I fully realize it’ll actually be more efficient to hold at the low end of Diamond or even slightly lower. It looks like my defense more or less accomplishes that, and I don’t even have an option to field better right now.

But as for fights above 2600 - I guess if I had to respond to you in the form of a Kristen Dunst movie it would be: Bring It On. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this requirement come up often in your daily life? :rofl: :joy: :rofl: Anyone making that demand sounds a little High Strung.

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Hi @IvyTheTerrible. Inspired by your original posting, I also made my own push for Diamond.
So far it’s going well - I am holding most of the time in Diamond, and opening all my chest there.
The highest cups I got was 2674 - not sure where I was globally - I was at number 32 in Local:GB (briefly)

two factors:

  1. A revised defence team - currently Evelyn-Isarnia-Khiona-Vivica-Marjana (and I am building an Aegir so I have a proper tank soon)
  2. Changed raiding strategy to 3:2 stacks (3 strong v tank, 2 strong v flank - with a healer in each of the 2 strong colours)

Thanks for the inspiration - just the bump I needed
And congratulations on your own success.


And after the proverbial “Bring it”, you have to sleep at some point. It only occurs in the middle of the night when they feel safe to club you like some cute baby animal. The only clubbing you’ll be doing involves a sad violin and a stiff drink in the platinum bar.

Go big! Because they’ll send you right back ‘home’.


@Garanwyn, I just feel that it is never not an appropriate time to pay homage to one of our living thespians.

@Steve9999, thanks for sharing that! I am happy for you! Perhaps I will raid you one day. I am eagerly awaiting the day when I can fulfill one of my in-game goals and get to post in the Raiding Familiar Names thread (or if I get posted @).

@Hrairoo, that is quite the precipitous drop. Just curious - how many hours were you asleep for? And would you be willing to share your defense team?


According to my Garmin…last night I logged…

My work in progress…

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Thanks for sharing. Interesting - another data point: your high is in line with mine, as is your defense (using TP as an admittedly imperfect metric). That said, your sleep ca-huh-rushes mine.


I usually run between 2450 and 2500 with this defense team. I haven’t raided this morning after my fall off the cliff, waiting for my raid timer to end as I get ready for work.

I like my sleep. I am a cranky-pants if I get less than 8-hours a night.