Fighter Emblem Time (BT, Poseidon, etc...)

Just like my recent Barbarian Emblem thread, I am facing a question regarding fighter emblems.

Currently, I have Boldtusk +18, Poseidon +7, and Magni +2. I just finished leveling Delilah. My alliance is currently using yellow tanks for wars, which is where Poseidon has been living. We do occasionally change colors, so it’s not a permanent thing.

Boldtusk is a staple on my green titan team, (Generally 10* or so), for obvious reasons. He also appears on my mono-red war team. Poseidon and Magni are self-explanatory. Delilah being new, I haven’t really found her place yet.

My question is, given these varying options, how would you guys apply your emblems? Just for reference, I have enough emblems to take 1 of the 5* up to +14, or 1 5* to +8 and one to +7.

Delilah makes for an acceptable war tank, better than Poseidon in my opinion. She’s also an average speed yellow healer (the only other holy healer aside Vivica), which is her greatest appeal.

She doesn’t need the emblems for offense necessarily, for war defense tank though emblems are basically mandatory.


Thanks Dave. Anyone else have opinions/suggestions on the topic? :slight_smile:

Stripping Posidon seems to be the best bet. You know you can get her to 7 with those emblems which will make her beefy. I hate stripping BT, he’s just so useful for the tournaments and events.

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