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[Sample Chat] Twilights Bastion Chat


Thanks for clicking. Are you a player looking for an alliance home?

Sample our alliance chat below, if it sounds interesting, drop by Twilights Bastion and see if we’re a good fit for you. ( Forum lurkers can still read our chat samples below, you might laugh out loud or find a new tip ).

==Twilights Bastion Chat - March - Miikeeyy==

[#00FF00] War Tip: [#FFFFFF] if you tap on the 3 pairs of names in the upper right side of the Battle field, it will expand from the 3 most recent entries in Attack History, to the full list. This is the Attack Info menu and also contains the Top Attackers leaderboard for the current war.

Taliesin, we all whiff in war. With only 6 war energy and a set number of points to earn, it encourages taking chances. The pay off can be huge, but on the flip side, the loss can be bad if you get a bad board or forget to move a hero to a different slot or just don’t have the right hero to take out any of the enemy teams.

Defense teams are tricky. If they never attack your team, they leave points on the board, but if they attack and get zero points they waste 1/6 of their energy. The trick is making it look (1) more vulnerable than it is - their attack fails and gets fewer points than if they target another partial defense team, or (2) more scary than it is so they waste five powerful heroes that weren’t required to defeat your team because SCARY.

thordu, every point counts in war. It is confusing because if you are skipping war, you need to set your defense team to empty. But if you join war, attacking a too strong team for points is better than killing an entire team but having your attackers unharmed.

This is why using your second half war energy ( #4- #6 ) and having the alliance mob one defense team at a time until destroyed will be important once we fight alliances with our total team depth.

Once you have six strong teams, I am still working on leveling my first 4* team, A perfect war attack is killing the entire enemy team and having one hero still alive with 10% HP, that means you used all you attack power to score points.

Noblessa, being a show off, scored a [#FF00FF] PERFECT war attack [#FFFFFF] by having no heroes left ( thanks riposte ).

Miikeeyy- Lvl 33 Titan hit 56127 Stronghold 20 - alliance: Twilights Bastion (casual gamers’ family)


Due to the First Anniversary offer ( 1000 gems gets 2 Epic Hero { 600 gems } 2 Epic Troops tokens { 400
gems } plus free Compass, Sturdy Shield, Midnight Roots, etc. ) some questions about Hero roster slots and leveling 3* troops.

==Alliance Chat==

I strongly advise buying +15 to +30 Hero roster slots ( x3 to x6 purchases ) when you are low level. They get more expensive when you are higher level. at 145 slots ( 70 ? from leveling, 75 from gems), it costs 200 gems for +5 slots.

==Alliance Chat==
You lose 90% of the XP of a hero that is used to level another hero ( plus ascension items ). I often recommend spending gems to buy 15 to 30 roster slots ( 5 slot purchase x3 to x6 ) so you can keep extra 3* heroes to level up when your current hero team is max. Always keep at least one of each 4* & 5* heroes is good too. As Rook says, the Devs are always rebalancing under used and over used heroes.

==Alliance Chat==
Since they are [#FFFF00] very hard to get [#FFFFFF] I usually favorite at least three of each 3* troops ( 3 types for 9 total ) and at least three of each 4* troops ( 2 types for 6 total ).

If you do Challenge events 3* troops are useful for Intermediate and Advanced. Otherwise concentrate on any 4* you pull.

I usually stop leveling 2* troops at Lvl 4 and 3* troops at Lvl 10. But even a 3* Lvl 1 or a 4* Lvl 1 are very very useful.

Hero slot DO NOT get more expensive with level. I was 36 or so when I bought mine for 50 and my next is 50 as well.

Hero slot cost increases based upon the amount you have purchased

In my experience, hero slot cost increases based upon the total number you currently have ( free and paid ). Higher level players have more free slots, so the cost of paid slots goes up faster.

I don’t know as I’ve only purchased one. It seems unlikely though imo

It seems similar to how replenishing food and iron in the game shop works.

Taliesin had a question about Wu Kong teams.

==Alliance Chat==
Wu Kong, 4* team, with two healers

Rigard ( highly recommended )- high defense and HP healer in case team’s second healer dies- Average mana- Cleanse removes attack debuff from allies for high board damage and removes defense debuff from allies to keep Wu Kong, and team, alive.

Melendor- High attack stat for high board damage- Average mana- Healer keeps Wu Kong alive and the healing part of special skill is unaffected by Gambler’s Stance miss chance.
clone- Sabina
Similar- Boldtusk

Edit 2018-Nov
Rigard and Melendor also work incredibly well when you autoplay seasonal events with Wu Kong. They both have 42% heals, and because they are different colors, their mana bar fills at different rates. Rigard and Sabina do not work as well, since their mana bar fills up at the same rate. Boldtusk and Kiril do not work as well because they only have 27%/ 28% heals.

Grimm- High attack stat for high board damage- Average mana- 6 turn debuff enemy defense stat so board damage is increased.
similar- Tiburtus ( middle attack & defense stat )/ Gormek ( lower attack & higher defense stat )

Scarlett- High attack stat for high board damage- Fast mana- 6 turn debuff enemy attack stat so do less damage to keep Wu Kong, and team, alive.
similar role- Skittleskull/ Kiril

See “Cascade squad” post on forums:

Discussing 1* 1.1 defense teams


Devs patched the “Ghost Team” cheat. The entire enemy alliance uses only 1* 1.1 & 2* 1.1 heroes. When the the war starts, they immediately use their entire war defense team heroes to level other heroes ( this removes the defense team heroes from the enemy account ) leaving behind zero heroes for the allies to attack so zero war points.

After the patch, “Ghost teams “ get zero rewards ( not even losing war rewards) and booted from the war. See Spectator Mode. If all enemy teams are “Ghost teams” the enemy alliance automatically loses the war.

If the entire enemy alliance uses 1* 1.1 heroes and leaves them for the whole war ( they misunderstood the “Ghost Team” cheat requires you to remove the defense team heroes from your account or don’t know about the patch fixing it ), the allies can easily wipe out one team every war energy and score 12k war points.


Because of defense team revives, first & second half war energy, revenge bar, only using each attacking hero once per war and the way war points are split, players want to use an all empty defense team ( not taking part in this war ), or your best Trap/ Scary/ Strong War defense team ( scroll up on chat ). This has been extensively tested in beta.

In a nutshell, by using a Trap/ Scary/ Strong War defense team, you dilute the enemy player’s six war energy by giving them more ally targets they need to destroy especially when the enemy are using war energy #4- #6.

If an ally player uses a very weak team, ex: a single 1* hero, the enemy can mob the rest of your alliance’s stronger teams, which is now worth more points, but the enemy defense teams still dilute your allies’ attacks especially when using war energy #4- #6.

This happens because 2k war points ( including team kill bonus) are split among your allies based on how strong each defense team is, so 30x 1* hero teams are worth 34+ 34 bonus points each while our alliance would be worth 44+ 44 bonus points each ( 23x 1* defense teams ).

To rephrase:
Since you team is only worth 20 points, or less, you enemy can ignore your team, which frees up 6 enemy war energy for them to decimate the stronger ally teams. Unlike raiding, an alliance can use 3, 6, 9, or more attacks to whittle down a team, especially if all the points are concentrated there.


So, you are saying all 1* 1.1 defense teams are bad?

No, no. They are great, the other alliance won’t be able to stop laughing. TB will be spreading joy through out the world. :roll_eyes:

Will be switching back my defense team. I want our enemies crying.

Discussing Trap defense teams in war:


War Tip: To fill your Wanted Hero mission chests you want to only attack raid defense teams with five heroes. Similarly in war [#FFA500] DO NOT ATTACK [#FFFFFF] any war defense team with [#FFFF00] Four or less [#FFFFFF] heroes ( dead or alive ). Look for the skulls in black slots. Any black slots with no skull is an empty slot, with no hero and thus drastically less points. If the live heroes and skulls equal five, it may be worth attacking, check its heroes ( alive and dead )…

If you have 4* or 5* heroes, don’t attack war defense teams with 2* heroes until the second half of war. If no decent enemy targets, wait for the first enemy teams to revive.

Discussing skill rolls and bad streaks

==Chat ==

The Twelve Days of Empires

My wife having way too much fun :musical_note: :grinning:

==Team Chat==

I have Peters, can I get Sargasso with one summons…?


But I got a Bane 3* 1.1 I can use on my 6/8 3* 3.50 Bane.


7/8 3* 3.50 Bane.

==Team Chat ==

Blue= Grimm 4* 3.60, Grimm 4* 4.70, Kiril 4* 3.60, Red= Scarlett 4* 4.70 and Purple = Rigard 4* 4.70 doing well versus red 5* titan. Might swap Rigard for yellow Wu Kong 4* 4.70 if I can get more mana potion ingredients.


I am going to start leveling my Isarnia 5* 1.1 to 5* 3.70 and hold off on leveling my Perseus 5* 1.1 to 5* 3.70


Isarnia 5* 3.70 vs. a second Grimm 4* 4.70

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==Team Chat==

Bought the Forbidden Treasure ( 500g = 3* purple trainer, Compass, trap tools) even though I have too many trap tools & enough compasses, because I a missing a [#FF00FF] 3* purple trainer [#FFFFFF] for research purposes.

Now I have rainbow 3* trainers.

==Team Chat ==

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==Team Chat==

Raid loot ( recruits) seems based on trophies gained.

In Gold +1 to +24 Trophies = 1 recruit, +32 to +50 = 2 recruits

==Team Chat==

I blame all the Halloween event:

==Team Chat==

Fox pin !!!


Chit Chat

Special stage chit chat (2019-Mar-02)

I run two healers ( original Wu Kong Cascade Squad ) so the only special stages that annoy me are Magic Night. I will be happy when I am done with 2.21-10 .

Poison Mist - poison damage // Magic Night - anti- Wu Kong // Dense Fog - anti- sniper // Underwater - anti- fire

Chit chat

Gorgon Queen chit chat

Umm. Does the Gorgon Queen shoot [#00FF00] snot [#FFFFFF] at our heroes when it’s mana bar is full? :horror:

Onatel chit chat (2019-Jan-07)

Taliesin: Onatel…Bird box ?

Mara: Onatel will henceforth be referred to as “Sandra Bullock”.


Tip storage

Storing this here since we have lots on new players joining.


War buff/ debuff overwrite

Tip- In war you don’t need a cleanse for a enemy debuff ( attack, defense, mana generation) if you have an ally hero with a matching buff it will work since the buff will overwrite the debuff.

Example: Just fought Skittleskull and Scarlett ( enemy attack debuff) so I brought Boldtusk ( ally attack buff ).

If you don’t have a dispeller for an enemy buff, if you have an ally hero with a matching debuff it will work since the debuff will overwrite the buff.

Example: Kiril ( ally attack & defense buff) was also on same team so I brought Grimm ( enemy defense debuff). The attack buff stayed, but the defense buff was overwritten.

Tips, Emblems

Emblems (2019-Jan-26)
4* heroes and emblems

General rule of thumb, make all your favorite 4* heroes into 4*+1. Example Guardian Jackal, Scarlett, Peters are all going to be Rogue 4*+1.

Then take your most effective 4*+1 in each class to 4*+19. Mine are Cascade squad- Monk Wu Kong, Cleric Rigard, Druid Melendor, Barbarian Grimm, Rogue Scarlett. Squad back ups Fighter Boldtusk ( can replace Melendor for red / green titan or boss ), Sorcerer Sabina ( can replace Melendor for red / yellow titan or boss ), Ranger Tiburtus ( can replace Grimm for green/ yellow titan or boss). Wizard Kiril will be my second Wizard ( can replace Scarlett for blue/ red titan or boss).

Specialist Wizard Proteus will be my first Wizard 4*+19 ( followed by Kiril 4*+19 ). I do not have Guardian Falcon - first choice- or Cyprian- second choice- so I will either save my Paladin emblems or spend them on Sonya. Still deciding.

Once you have a good 4*+19 -OR- a good 5* 4.80 for each class to run the class quests, then make all your favorite 5* heroes into 5*+1.

5* heroes and emblems

If you have a good 5* 4.80 in each class and can complete each class quest, ignore your 4* heroes ( except for Monk Wu Kong, Monk Wilbur, Wizard Proteus, Cleric Rigard, Cleric Hansel, and a few others).

A 4*+20 hero is approximately a Classic 5* 4.80 hero like Vivica, Azlar, Joon, etc. But many do not have a 5* equivalent ( Wilbur, Hansel, etc.) and some you might have the 4* version but not the 5* version ( Tarlak/ Wu Kong, Hel/ Proteus, Ariel/ Rigard, etc. ) or you might want a second.

4*+19 heroes cost roughly 1/3 the emblems of a 5*+19 and you can later use a reset emblem to get emblems back from your 4*+19 - though I plan to reset them to 4*+1 or 4*+7 or 4*+15 depending on the hero.

3*+20 approximately a 4* 3.60 hero so 4* 3.60 better. I highly discourage using emblems on 1* to 3* ( do what I say, not what I do with my 1* Sigrunn, 2* Layla, etc.).

The same as any other 5* Hero, I would use emblems on Alberich when I have 6x good 4*+19 heroes for each class quest -OR- 6x good 5* 4.80 heroes -OR- a combination totaling six for each class quest. Which works out to roughly 3-4 for each class since each class can be used for 2 class quests.

Druid Alberich & Cleric Mother North are the best 5* to use Druid & Cleric emblems when you start using emblems on 5* heroes.

Emblem Exceptions


I agree. Delilah is one of the few 5* heroes I would immediately take to 5*+1 - even waiting on my 4* 4.70 Boldtusk - as soon as she was 5* 4.80. At 5*+1 she only has a 6% chance to revive, but if she does revive- nice. I would wait on taking Delilah to 5*+2 until Boldtusk was at least 4*+15 . Same with Paladin Ares/ Aegis, and Ranger Alasie/ Athena / Evelyn.

Noblessa- Now you tell me

Miikeeyy- That’s what reset tokens are for.
Several Beta testers pointed out that other games allow free talent grid resets. One pointed out that free resets ( maybe on a timer that gems could speed up ) would encourage experimenting, using emblems on 3* heroes, and other things that would make the game much more fun, but the Devs have a different vision.

Tip, Skill roll

New skill roll equation

Chit chat

Enemy Wilbur & Boril chit chat (2019-Jan-02)

Enemy Wilbur in center and enemy Boril on left flank is awesome because I can cleanse my allies of the defense debuff, getting me a free damage share buff, then attack the right flank and right corner to do damage to Wilbur and Boril. Add Hansel ( special skill protection and special skill control ) and Perseus ( -100% healing for 4 turns, non-dispellable ) to take out the enemy healer, and it is an easy victory.

Mana shield chit chat (2019-Feb-26)

Yay! Mana shield on Cleric Rigard defeats Little John’s mana reduction and wins the match!

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Twilights Bastion has a few slots open! We’ve been through a lot of changes lately, but are still the same fun, laidback gamer family. We’re killing 8* titans, winning a lot of wars, and having a lot of fun together. 1400 cup requirement. Wars are optional. Titans are not. Come play with us!! I’m happy to answer questions