Looking around

I am actively looking for a new alliance. I’m currently getting pissed off during every war because some people don’t use their dadgum flags.
Please give me the opportunity to show your alliance exactly how much I really play on this game. I would even venture to say that I play this game more than I do ANYTHING else. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


What are you looking for? Titan size etc?

I’m looking for a NEW ALLIANCE whose members are using all titan and war flags.

What level are you? How long have you been playing?

Im 70% through level 37.
My husband is also looking for another one. He’s at level 62

I can help both of you, look at Quantum Family link in here, I think Quantum Nightfuries would suit you and I would really like your husband to join me in Quantum Valkyries?

Ive been playing for about 1.5 yrs. Hubby has been playing for 4 + yrs

I’ve been playing about 3.5 years

Or you can both join Nightfuries

We won’t split up. We work together during war. He’s also got an alternative account with a different device so we have the best chance to stay together and coordinate our war attacks. We are picky, we don’t just go after just any ole team. We go after points.

Then Quantum Nightfuries sounds like a good place to start?

We have a husband and wife already in that alliance who work together during war

Sorry Hubby has been playing for almost 6yrs (He thinks) We can only see how long we’ve been a member of our current alliance. He says that I’ve been playing since a yr after him. I didn’t play as much in the beginning. I play ALLLLLL the time now. That’s cool.

Will you give us a chance?

Yes, I will get someone to let you in


Which one do I use? You have a few listed.

Look for Quantum Nightfuries, see how you go there and then we can move you if you need more

I’ve informed leadership to let you in

Ok which one is it. The one that you are a member of?

Quantum Nightfuries is the one

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