[Opinion] advice to new players on gems [ YMMV, chat]

Posted in alliance chat.

One players advice to new alliance fellows about spending gems. Some elders & co-leaders dissagreed.

Feel free to post your version in the comments ( like I could stop you or would want to stop you ).

==begin chat log==

Personally I [#FF0000] never [#FFFFFF] do epic hero summons x1 or x10 ( free Epic hero token drop as loot, while elite training at training camp 13, and legendary at training camp 20 gives you lots of 3* with chance at 4* ) and I [#FF0000] never [#FFFFFF] do gems for daily summons x1 or x10 ( free summons token drop as loot, while low cost training at training camp 4 gives 1* & 2* for 4 recruits then extra low cost at camp 11 for 50% of that { 2 recruits } )

Depending on your gem budget ( free, small, medium, large, gigantic)= [#00FF00] One, and only one, continue battle [#FFFFFF] when you have almost killed a rare quest, boss with a 4* ascension item ( they don’t come around that often but a waste of gems if you cannot defeat after 1 continue ),
[#00FF00] +5 hero roster space [#FFFFFF] Keep at least two of all 4* and 5* heroes you get until you have a Stronghold level 20 and three of each color 4* heroes

( 50% off before level X. The forum is unclear when price doubles. Free hero space limit is 70 ),

[#FFA500] Battle items [#FFFFFF] to help kill a rare quest boss with a 4* ascension item ( free in forge, see continue above ),

[#FFFF00] Epic troop summons x1 [#FFFFFF] free epic troop tokens drop as loot, but they are rare and you can used any summoned troops you don’t need to level other troops with almost no problem. Personally I have not paid gems for an Epic troop summons and I have 4* troops of each color. I don’t like the purple, yellow and red, but that is RNG

( don’t do x10, the discount sucks and you can stop a series of x1 summons whenever you get a good troop, saving your gems )

[#FFFF00] Elemental heroes summons x1 [#FFFFFF] RNG gave me a lot of purple heroes, but I have few blue since 4* Grimm, the one I wanted, I got on my first blue elemental summons. Free Epic hero token drop as loot, while elite training at training camp 13, and legendary at training camp 20 gives you lots of 3* with chance at 4* so you don’t have to do any elemental hero summons. But nothing lets you fill in a missing color ( I am waiting on red elemental summons ) as fast. ( Don’t do x10 )

[#FF00FF] Event summons x1 [#FFFFFF] This a limited time version of Epic hero summons. For this, no token drops as loot. You spend gems or you don’t get a chance at the event’s 4* heroes. Personally I want Guardian Jackal and Guardian Falcon, but RNG has not been kind. If you already have enough 4* heroes, this will give you lots of 3* heroes you don’t need and your chance of getting even a 4* even hero is only 20%. But if you do get a 4* Hero, it probably will be a normal one and not an event one.

( Don’t do x10 )

==end chat log==

I dont think that a x10 pull ist that bad. Its one pull for free + 100 gems. Sure, you could get very lucky with 2-3 pulls, but thats really rare. Its more a decision on your self.

Not sure to understand the argument.
Can you recapitulate it in a nutshell?

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I generally agree with the OP. To summarize my thinking, high value uses are:

  • continue a nearly complete Rare Questor Level 10of a Challenege Event
  • rare or epic troops, one per color
  • accelerate Wanted chests [not in OP]
  • elemental summons to fill a weak color (1x, stop when you’ve got a decent card)

I disagree about buying battle items; these are horribly overpriced.

Accelerating the Wanted chests is a low-cost way of getting rare mats. It doesn’t pay for itself, though, so truly F2P shouldn’t use gems this way, I think.

Getting some decent troops is a good investment that can be used throughout your time in game, shifting as your heroes shift.

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Still gathering data, but after Stronghold 15, accelerating the the Wanted Monster mission chest appears to be the best gems for food after raid energy refills ( but raid energy refills don’t offer a chance at ingredients or ascension items ).

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Here’s some other practical advice. Don’t expect anything…Don’t assume that because you’re spending some dough ($$$) you’re entitled to something of value. The game has never made such claim or promises. AND be happy when do you DO get what you want. Everyone has different experiences in regards to their return on investment. The sooner you learn this and come to terms sooner you can begin a more sound game strategy…

PS. I learned this the hard way, as others have. I’ve learned to stretch my gems for as long as possible and on the right places and at the right times…People here provide some valuable insights…


I’ve been saving up for 2.600 diamonds for the 10x summons because when I started this game I was looking at other player’s 5 x 5* hero rosters and I wanted some 5* as well.

Meanwhile I’ve build my TC20’s and I’ve received a good gathering of 4*'s and Leonidas and Justice. And now I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t even have the ascension mats to level Justice up fully. I’m close, but still missing 1 orb and 1 darts.

So I’m changing course. My diamonds will go towards ascension items. Whatever heroes I need will come from the TC20’s, in due time. That means monster chests.

I did consider event heroes. But if I get lucky and get one of those, I’ll run into the same snag: no ascension mats for them. So what’s the point?

I’d go as far as claiming even for F2P players speeding up monster chests when sufficient energy is available is the way to go if you seek the most efficient spending of diamonds. @Kerridoc why would you advise against this?


I think your strategy is sound. Using gems to accelerate Wanted chests is a sound investment. With TC20 rolling, you’ll get a new 5* about once a month from it, which is perhaps a bit faster than you’ll accumulate the needed mats. Of course, they may not be the heroes you want or match the mats you have.

If you are basically F2P then buying Ascension Packs is a horrible gamble. The odds of getting a rare mat seem very poor.

I’ve only gotten 4 since October running 2 to 3 at a time 2 doms and 2 horghall. My luck is terrible

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Ouch, yes. You should be getting 1/16, or 1 every 32 days on average.

@coppersky stole all the 5*

She musta slole em from my TC20s too. In about 175 tries I only got Groot and kadilen. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Seriously? We’re back to this? :laughing:
I’ve been recording my pulls with screenshots and haven’t summarized them lately. I’ll try to do that soon. I’m pretty sure I’ve leveled out…
And as a note, 2 of the 5*s were Kaidlen, and 2 were Thorne…

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Advice : try to push for 2 training camps level 20 and you will get twice the chances for a 5* hero.
You will still have 2 training houses , 2 for fast training and 1 for slower 2 hours training running