Between a rock and a hard place!

Hi all ive been playing the game for just over 4months now and try to get on atleast 3 times a day. I have a problem though i would like some ideas on who to level for wars and challenges! Any thought and help will be greatfully recieved!


Finish Boldtusk, next maxed Wilbur. You should ascend Zimkitha and Ares to 2^60 and chose who you like more(IMHO I will maxed Zim first)
Maxed Caedmon an Melendor, Gadeirus can wait. If you chose Zim, take Kashrek to 4^70 if you chose Ares Kash can wait for shields
Finish Grim next Sonia next Triton and second Grim dont ascend Aegir to 3^01, better keep mats for another 4* or 5* blue hero
Wukong -> Jackal -> Gretel -> Second Jackal
Finish Rigard next Tiburtus(you have Grim that why I chose Rigard to ascend first) and Cyprian next
@Kerridoc can correct my mistakes(Im still learning) :wink:


Succinct and comprehensive. Good job imho.

I don’t like ascending heroes that I’m not going to max, so planning on taking heroes to 2/60 doesn’t fit with my thinking. Otherwise, good calls.

Great advice.

Can I just observe that you can’t have too many healers for AW.

So after you’ve done all of the above, you should consider levelling Kash (if you didn’t already) and at least one more Melendor

And for certain events, Boril is very handy as well.

Thanks for that il try my best to follow it and appreciate taking time out to reply.


I would strongly recommend getting a rainbow 3* 3.50 and a rainbow 4* 3.60 team first. For some relevant links ( linky, linky )

==3* 3.50 Heroes==

For 3* 3.50 heroes, I like Balthazar, Belith, Valen, Hawkmoon from your photos.

What happened to your starter Bane? I have three Banes for use in alliance war.

if you got rid of Bane you can always level another yellow 3* 3.50 hero until you get Bane again.

Leveling 3* 3.50 heroes costs only 1*/ 2* ascension items and less Hero XP than a 4* 3.60 or 5* 2.60.

==4* 3.60 Heroes==

As the above links show, 4* 3.60 heroes are the strongest heroes in the game with 1*/ 2* farmable ascension items. So no regrets from spending 3* ascension items on the wrong hero. They also cost 24% of the Hero XP of a 5* 4.80.

Guardian Jackal and Wilbur are incredible, but Wu Kong is literally worth building a team around ( see Note ).

I still auto play normal Atlantis with my Wu Kong Cascade squad.

For 4* 3.60 heroes, I like Wu Kong, Rigard, Melendor, Grimm, Kelile

Ramming Pulverizer is nice, and Grimm is the most versatile of the Ramming Pulverizer trio ( see notes ).

Rigard used to be the only 3* / 4* healer with cleanse. His very strong 42% immediate heal combined with cleanse is great.

Melendor has a very strong 42% heal and removes enemy buffs. Since he is a different color than Rigard, if you use them together, they charge at different rates. Very important for autoplay but handy for any battle.

Kelile also works at 4* 3.60 for War. So she rounds out a decent Wu Kong team. For more info see links below involving Wu Kong.

For next rainbow 4* 3.60 heroes I like, Guardian Jackal, Tiburtus, Caedmon, Sonya, Wilbur

Guardian Jackal has second highest attack stat of a yellow in the game, including 5* HotM. Even dead, Jackal’s match/ board/ physical damage helps your team. He is the only yellow hero with yellow Elemental defense debuff, which stacks with Ramming Pulverizer ( rainbow defense debuff ) and broke the game so they had to redo attack and defense curve.

Wilbur is just nice. Here is a good topic about Wilbur and Boldtusk:

Tiburtus is useful in war, and versus yellow Bosses/ Titans, at 4* 3.60 due to Ramming Pulverizer.

Caedmon and Sonya also work at 4* 3.60 for War. We fought a reflect red titan with a special skill reflect all damage, so Sonya was handy and Caedmon would work, if not as well. Caedmon is nice since he is the only green 4* fast mana speed hero from legendary training.

For next rainbow 4* 3.60 heroes I like, Gretel, ?, ?, Valeria, Boldtusk.

Boldtusk is great for titans and farming ( see above discussion link for Wilbur and Boldtusk ) that used to be as powerful as a 5* hero, but was nerfed multiple times until he became an actual 4* Hero.

Gretel is one of three 4* heroes that control enemy special skills. She is very much the mirror of purple 4* Merlin.

Valeria doesn’t have as much use versus regular titans since her steal healing is her big draw. But she is very fast mana speed and her Damage Over Time bypasses defense stat and protection from blue ( I don’t think any hero currently has protection from blue ). Her steal healing makes her very useful in war versus Boldtusk, and other healers.



Thats exactly the answer i was looking for and excellent advice as i only just found out about the rainbow teams a few weeks ago but didnt have a clue who to choose or where to level them too. But now with the great advice recieved from all im confident in approaching the 3* and 4* rainbow teams. Thank you again.

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And yes i accidentally fed a fully levelled bane to gretel as i was just a rookie and she was first 4* i recieved and didnt know how adaptable bane was big newbie mistake and also fed my first wukong to her aswell as i pulled gretel and wu in my first ever 5 pull.

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Excellent write-up. Minor note: Guardian Kong casts a resist-ice buff.

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So Valeria’s DOT would be useful against single boss Guardian Kong level in Guardians event and she would do double match/ board/ physical damage.

Yah. This is common with Bane.

Happens with Wu Kong too.

( Shrugs ) it happens.

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I have another similar story regarding a newbie mistake and the wu feed, i pulled wu a while back and was leveling up gretel with all my holy 2star and wu looks very much like 2*hou and at first i didnt realise can lock all heros and so i fed wu to gretel aswell thinking he was hou lol


Took me ages to get another wu!

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Important tip for anyone reading this who hasn’t found it yet: the open padlock icon at the top left of hero (and troop) cards can be clicked on to close it and turn it white. This puts the card into your favourites so you can’t accidentally fed it away to another hero or troop when levelling.

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Took me 8.5 month to get my first Wu. :smile:

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