Which one is the best? Cyprian, Tiburtus, Proteus, Rigard or Sabina

Looking for the best to level up. Got them all, but I seem weak at raids. A decent striker is what I need. But my line up is like this right now : chao/grimm/kashhrek/proteus/boldtusk

Any advices for changing to a better attacking team?
My stack is in the photos

If, and only if we speak alone about a hard hitter, between the ones you mention, as I noticed Tiburtus is costumed, he would be your man.
However, Proteus is great for events, and very good for raid attaks (he is average mana, thus being harder to charge, but so is Tib).
If this is all your roster, beterans advice to first get three 3* of each colour maxed, for staking, and then doing three 4* each colour for the same reason. I did so, even having some 5* to work on, and worked fine for me.
Staking colour could be a great way to improve your raids attaks, and if you can’t decide you could bring the contestands to 3/60 (your staking would improve by a lot) and then choose the one that suits you the most.
For me, the order will be Proteus, Tib, Ridgard, Sabina (because completing events gives you challenge coins, and I like that). But that is my prefference.


I love my Proteus. He’s on my every raid team, no matter the color. Even maxed a second one for trials / some challanges. If you can take him to +20 talent then wait no more. He’ll save you on some events.


Here I was expecting to be the minority Proteus advocate in a sea of Rigards. Proteus, yes. He’s a bargain at 4 stars. Only 1 round of trap tools, you can load him with emblems for far less than the 5s, and he absolutely ties them in knots.


It looks like you started playing not so long ago. You have decent heroes, but they can’t work effectively before they are maxed.
You definitely need a good healer in your team. But if you are short of ascension materials (trap tools, warm capes and alike) you can use a healer at 3.60 level. Just make sure that special skill is at max level 8.

I noticed half leveled 5* heroes in your roster. It is not practical wasting resources on them at this point in time. Focus on 4* and bring them to 3.60 at least. They’ll serve you better than maxed 3* heroes and they’ll be ready for further ascension when mats appear.

For a final ascension of a purple I’d suggest Proteus or Tiburtus. Both are very useful.


proteus proteus proteus.

Then some rigard.


Thanks. I will skip the 5 stars for a while and focus on the better 4 stars. Proteus is almost maxed out. So i will continue like this and then tiburtus.

Thanks to all replies

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When I deal a really difficult battle, I keep him always active (on bosses) by using mana potions. This way no hero will fire a special against me. You’ll find him very useful soon enough. :smiley:

+1 Proteus. Boldtusk and Kashhrek can cover the healing for now… but none of your other heroes can mana block. In Raids, he’s great for buying time when the boards are not in your favor!

They are all useful but from a list of priorities id Focus on proteus or Rigard ( with costume is a 5* in a 4* body)

Proteus is the key for some bosses, quest etc

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great thing about 4* heroes is over time you can max all of them. I dont recommend cyprian but the others are all absolutely worth maxing.

I suggest proteus, costume tibs, sabine and then rigard. However if you get costumed Rigard, I suggest maxing him before the others. No costume, no urgency.

Costume Rigard is a staple on almost all the game modes in my game. I love my emblemed Proteus, but he doesn’t get as much playtime as costume Rigard.

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Proteus is nice but looking at your roster I dont see healer and i see too many 4*'s unleveled. the meat and potatoes of this game are the 4*s and and the healer until you get real far. It looks like you are putting the cart before the horse.
Regard then Proteus. Protect you house first
Sabrina with her wide debut is great again the reposite hero’s


why are 4* the meat and potatoes?

Only developers of the game can answer this question. :slight_smile: But as a matter of fact, 4* heroes are not as rare as 5*, are powerful enough to be used in most of the game modes. They require less ascension materials to get maxed. Plus their stats’ dynamics are so that at 3.60 4* heroes are more powerful than maxed 3*, and when they are maxed they are stronger than 5* at 3.70.

All in all, it makes 4* heroes the most versatile characters in the game. Especially for beginners and medium level players.


Level your 3* first.


Just received a costumed rigard and I already had 1 at 3 60 very excited I must say also received a proteus last week and was giddy about that too. My only maxed purple is tiburtus wow I use him everywhere mostly because it’s my only levelled pulveriser and I have cyprian sat at 3 60 can be useful on bosses. Only got 4 trap tools though so I dont know whether to go for rigard now and hope I receive a couple more soon or keep levelling proteus dont think my OCD will cope if I leave at sat on 2 38. I haven’t used him yet but I imagine he will work somewhat like hansel who I’ve just done the final ascension with I dont feel the need to always use hansel though it maybe because I avoid attacking teams he would be best against. And costume rigard seems like boldtusk but better? I have costumed BT maxed and hes my strongest and favourite hero I dont think I would need them both in my defence team? Hansel doesnt work on defence but what about proteus.


go for costumed rigard- he makes a big difference in every area of the gameplay.

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Cyprian and Boril is actually quite useful on offense. I am using both in AW against 45xx tp team and usually come out top if I can charged the riposte before the opponents’ AOE.
Riposte also works wonder on event bosses.

Off the list, I will go for Rigard, Proteus then Tiburtus. Other than Sonya costume, Rigard is the only 4 * healer + cleanser and the sturdiest of the lot. If you need a passive dispeller, Sabina is fine but too squishy. Caedmon is much stronger. Tiburtus works wonder against yellow titan. Proteus is a 4 * version of Hel but the likes of Rigard and Viv can cleanse his DOT anytime.
Starting from higher gold arena, you wil need Rigard more than the rest.
Rigard costume is fine. He kept me in diamond overnight but on offense, you’re going to miss Rigard’s full 42% healing.

Work on maxing a 3 * rainbow team before proceed to 4 *. Pretty useful on 3 * raid tourney.

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I got a maxed BT, with costume and emblems. Still using costume Ridgard too. Reasons?
1 I got a powerful dark stak.
2 He can cleanse, and that has a lot of value.
3 Sometimes, combining heal over time with regular healing is good, and on attak you may decide to extend your 48% attak bonus by alternating the two of them.
But I was in your boots (Tib my only maxed dark, costume Ridgard and Proteus) and although I’m not sure if I had gave Proteus his tool traps by the time I got Ridgard, I ascended him first and then Ridgard.

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