Tiburtus, Cyprian, or neither? hmmm

Please help me decide which 4* purple to ascend. Tib and Cyp are both 3/60 and I finally have another set of trap tools. Rigard is my only maxed purple hero so far. I’ve been searching past topics in an effort to spare you all this one but thoughts on Cyprian around here seem quite varied and a lot of the discussion is pretty old.

I have a Gormek +3 and a 3/60 Grimm about to get some capes (I like my pulverizers). I don’t have a Boril or any other counterattack hero. In raids I currently hover between 2000 and 2250ish cups so I wonder if I’m already close to passing the point of Cyprian being particularly useful, although it’s worth noting my alliance has been running purple tanks in war for awhile and I’ve put Rigard there for lack of any better options.

Alternatively I could start leveling a Merlin or a Sartana and save the tools for one of them. Ameonna is collecting dust too but she’s not high on my list. I don’t have Proteus but I’ll probably end up doing at least one 10 pull during next week’s Atlantis Rises.

Other heroes of note include a maxed Caedmon, Wilbur and Jackal on final tier, Poseidon and Miki at 3/70, and a bunch of non purples at 3/60 like Melendor Kashhrek Scarlett Danzaburo and Agwe.

Thank you in advance for any insight.

I’d say, wait for the Atlantis pulls if you get Proteus.

I got Tibs a bit late and maxed Cyp before. I like Cyp a lot, he can be really helpful for harder bosses in events, but I don’t really use him often nowadays (okay, he’s my tank in defense).

Tibs is on my “hit them hard” team and I use him daily along with Grimm.

My recommendation would be: if no Proteus, then Tibs. As you have Boril, too, you can chose then…

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No Proteus… I would go with Merlin ASAP. Tiburtus is nice too, but you have Wilbur for missions and lowering the bosses defenses.

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Merlin is probably your priority. Having a good mana controller is important.

Cyprian is a little under-rated, but is most useful in boss levels of the map and events. Not that he hasn’t been valuable in PvP as well.

Tiburtus is very similar to Grimm, but doesn’t hit as hard, so doesn’t make nearly the impression. I currently use him quite a bit in my raiding. He didn’t get any emblems from me, though.

Tiburtus, or start leveling up Merlin. Both are good choices. By the time Merlin gets to 3.60 you may have enough trap tools for both (give or take depending on your luck with titan loot).

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Appreciate the responses. Some good comments here. I’ve decided to start leveling Merlin for now and maybe switch if I land a Proteus. I should probably be saving the gems for next month though. It’d be nice to max Tiburtus for war depth at the very least (I’d use him for yellow titans Wilbur or no Wilbur) but I suppose there’s no rush for that and Merlin would do more for me in terms of utility on offense and doing map levels etc.

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@Terra If you do get lucky and pull our Lord and savior Proteus next Thursday, power level his bacon. He will be one of your most powerful 4 star dark heroes in your roster.


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