Question about HoT and health steal

Considering we have the vampires coming up in a couple weeks I just have a quick question about HoT and the health steal they have. Would it be good to use in prolonged boss fights? I ask because A. knowing my luck on my alt I will pull one, and B I am nearing my way to the final fight with Ursena. I am considering all my options at this point. I kinda want to get normal done on my main before October’s AR.

I honestly didn’t understand exactly the question, but if you worry about vampires specials, just take 10 little antidotes with you and use one every time they fire, that’s all :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. It is the easiest seasonal event. Even on advanced mode. You get a lot of mana from combining those pumpkins.

Btw, I will upload a video by then, with last stage on advanced mode using only 4* classic heroes. I’m thinking to bring this team: 2 greens, Melendor and LJ (for Valeria) and 3 yellows, Li and 2 Chao. With these heroes the bosses (maybe) will fire once. With time stop, never.

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I think the question is whether the vampires’ health stealing will be useful against Ursena? and other bosses too of course

I mean, it can be, I once won a war battle (last flag) by using Vlad against an enemy Sabina with field aid (only 3* Purples left at that point)

I don’t have Valeria or Victor though, so can’t tell. I did lost horribly against a Victor tank once, but my Yellows were weak then.


@Scarecrow Yeah @sleepyhead nailed it. Sorry if the phrasing was confusing. Had too many ideas going in my head when trying to properly phrase the question.

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Well, Ursena don’t heal herself, besides 2 vampires are purple. What to do with them? Do you have any hero which lower elemental defenses? Like Jackal, Falcon, Panther, Frida or Eve?


Ursena as boss does have that 200HP heal every… 5 turns? but yeah, I don’t know if the vampires will steal that (though they do steal Field Aid healing, so perhaps?)… and I don’t know if it’s significant enough a heal to be worth using the vampires.

As usual, depends on the rest of the team.


Victor is a good choice against any high HP target since you can easily stack his DoT. since Ursena doesn’t have any self healing, there is nothing for Victor to steal. Furthermore, purple vs purple isn’t the best choice for a boss fight imo. Definitely one of my favorite heroes, but not necessarily for that use.


@Scarecrow Nope sadly. Those still elude me. I only have general defense down heroes. Been wanting G. Jackal but rng kicks me in the rear.

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I’ve asked you because it would be so easy, even on hard. Do you have Wilbur and Wu? This is a hell of synergy :slightly_smiling_face: 3 reds and 2 yellows would be great.

Btw, I posted last month for a member here, a video defeating Ursena on hard mode, with a 3606 TP. But that team is mono red, with Falcon… Yeah, this is why I’ve asked you. Was a pretty easy fight, though was hard mode:

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@Scarecrow Nope, Wu and Wilbur elude me as well. Same with all the 4 star healers on my main. Belith and Hawkmoon are my only healers and my only spirit link heroes are Gunnar and Kailani.

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Well, if you don’t have even a 4* healer, I advise you to wait. Grow first, is no rush :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Scarecrow Yeah I am gonna be doing some of the beginning provinces on hard mode to build up 200 coins before next Thursday. Hopefully I can grab either some healers or even Wilbur next Thursday.

@Aunty_Krauser, I had the same issue but with both Proteus and Wilbur. I had mostly given up on ever having them in my roster.
Then, about 2 months ago, maybe…wo DER of wonders I received Wilbur and Proteus back to back. RNG also threw in an extra Proteus and just last Atlantis an extra Wilbur!!!

So don’t despair. My spidey sense, or it could be gas?, tells me that Wilbur is going to show up this coming AR…as your 3rd summons.

Good Luck!!! I really hope it wasn’t gas!!! :wink:

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I beat Ursena on hard mode with mostly 4*s, though I did have 2 great healers then -

Aegir (3/70)

The defense buff + attack debuff + healing was the key to victory (I always had both defense buff AND attack debuff in effect at the same time). Otherwise, Ursena just hits way too hard.

So if you do pull Victor, he could be useful for the continuous defense buff. Again, depends on whether you have better options.

Valeria, not as much.

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