New hero AMEONNA - what the heck does she do?


Ok, I just got Ameonna, but I don’t understand fully what purpose she would serve in either defence or attack…she does not deal any damage, nor does she protect or increase power or heal allies. She goes into hiding via ghost mode. But when she comes out of hiding, she still can’t deal any damage… huh?

How to use Ameonna
Constructive criticism for these teams, please?

I just pulled her too. It looks like she increases her own attack while in ghost mode, so she’s a sniper of sorts (I think). Other than that I’d be keen to hear from any of the beta testers as to their opinions on her.

I’m also curious as to whether her special attack increase stacks with Wu Kong, Aeron spirit link or any of the other attack buffs.


I also got her, but feel confused as you do. What is her advantage or inconvenience?


She is invincible + high tile damage. Out of the 4* she was the most interesting for me.


I can only think of yellow titans for her. But because you can’t heal her while in ghost mode, it makes it very problematic to use her. You would have to wait with your healers for her. Totally pointless.


I tried really hard to like her in Beta. Really. But I couldn’t figure out why I’d ever put her on a team.

Here’s a situation where she would be helpful: you’re raiding and facing Azlar or Colen plus his friends. You’ve done a good job taking down the foe, but you see that Azlar is about to fire and you don’t have a way to stop him. Ameonna pops into ghost form, Azlar casts and misses her, and you use her boosted tile damage to finish off the board.

The problem with this scenario is I try to plan NOT to be up against a wall like that, and I’m certainly not likely to devote one of my five hero slots for that contingency. She’s grossly underpowered, IMO.


Yeah, she does look a bit gimmicky at first glance. Thanks for the input :smiley:


She looks amazing y’all are silly. She has fast mana so and high attack power, and boosts her attack power further when she goes ghost where she’s now invincible for 4 turns and I’m quite sure her ability stacks with Wu Kong. She would be extremely annoying to raid against and she would be an asset to purple stacked attacking teams. High attack power, invincibility, fast mana.


Her family bonus increases the mana speed too.


Oh nvm she doesn’t stack with Wu. It removes buffs and ailments.


I’m looking forward to using Ameonna against Yellow Titans. I think she’ll be great on a team that also has G. Panther and Tibertus, to debuff the Titans defense. I just got the Mats to push Panther to the 4th tier, so she’s my priority, but Ameonna is on deck,


I agree with Ameonna as a titan specialist. At a minimum it’s a way of ensuring that your team isn’t wiped out too soon, since there’s no way to harm Ameonna as a ghost. Great tile damage in that form, so with enough mana pots, you can keep her ghosted a lot.


I maxed her and she is great for titans, many many times the titan loses hits trying to get her. Double tile damage while she is active is like having an extra purple hero.
I use her here and there on raids but her special is not so useful there, just for fun, she is def fun to play, it is always nice to have a hero immune to anything! You just keep looking for those purple tiles :slight_smile: and she is fast, could make her gain 50% mana though, or super fast then she’d be more versatile for raids


Do you have Wu+BT on your titan team? If yes how does having Ameonna effect your damage?


She does NOT stack with WU or BT
She actually dispells everything, good or bad

She has + 82% attack on ghost mode
Stacking with BT would giver her a beautiful +130% attack
With Wu and astounding 267%
With both we go up to +315% that is insane

I’d suggest ghost mode having mana regeneration of 50% instead of 0%

She is surviving some strong titans only cause of her ghost mode
If she’d stack with others she’d probably be a great event hero creating massive destruction, the little flying ghost


I know she doesn’t that’s why I’m asking how she affects your titan damage.

Edit: Should maybe add as compared to some other purple who will benefit from Wu+BT.


Her fast mana makes her useful against titan otherwise i would not be using her

Last titan for example i used BT + Wu + Panther +Tiburtus + Merlin got a 35k on 11* yellow

Then went with Ammeona, panther, tibs, merlin, gafar - 35k as well


With 11* titans killing Wu with one hit i have been using mono colored teams lately

If SG would have made Tarlak a hero we all could have a chance instead of an event hero once in a lifetime things would be different

But my hardest hits have always been with Wu on the team, and usually when i run all yellow: double jackal joon wu is a lot of damage


They need to give her something during Ghost mode as at the moment she is not worth the material IMO. I mean she either needs to have some mana regen or health regen during ghost mode.

I want to ascend now 3rd purple and it is either Gafar or Ameona. So far I’m leaning towards Gafar all the way. Sure, Ameona has got +82% which is great but Gafar gets +30% from my Kiril (or Dragon Baner) + Crit Chance from Gregorion. On top of that, Gafar is useful all over, when Ameona pretty much only for Yellow Titan.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Not on 11* yet nor do I have hero’s for mono, so will save for later.