Convince me that Inari should be ascended

I like Inari, and I have a general idea of her power and ability to control a board. Though I can’t help but think she could be so much better with a few tweaks and at the moment, I don’t think I want to waste resources on her. I know a lot of people out there really like her.

Sell me on her, I want to hear why you like her and think she should be given the mats to ascend. Or maybe you don’t, convince me why I should keep my current thought process and not ascend her.

I think with one tweak, I would be instantly interested in her. I wish her minions were laid out immediately. The best part of her ability is that every hero has the chance to gain mana each turn, but that is ONLY if they manage a dodge, which is hard to do in the first place considering her dodge is not that big of a percentage. If you use her before someone like Azlar hits, maybe only 2 or 3 allies will get to take advantage of a minion. That sucks.

Her ability should act as an automatic attack and mana boost. I WANT to think of Inari as a 5* variant of someone like Kiril. Does 3 significant different skills but at lower quantitiies. I would love an automatic attack boost, small mana boost each turn, and a chance to dodge attacks.

But since her minions don’t get laid out first, I feel like it is kind of a waste of a hero slot on a team because it’s completely up to luck of her dodge works and then you can use the minion (which honestly ends up dying super quickly anyways).

I just don’t see enough potential without the ability to lay out her foxes right away.

Hopefully someone can prove me wrong and convince me that she is a key hero to utilize and use mats on

Well for titans she has an extremely high attack power and keeps a lot of the team alive if your fighting high level titans. The family bonus is pretty tight in AW if you have a few of them. I won’t convince you of anything cause I don’t know your roster but generally Inari shouldn’t be your first yellow but definately your third .

.02 - First off due to the timing of the special, there is no real spot for her on any defense unless she is your only option. So…offense only. Having said that, on offense I love her ability and she is a staple for my yellow stacks as well as against any team where there is an AOE effect. She has literally turned raids around.

However, putting utility aside, I think she is one of the most fun characters to play BECAUSE of the random nature of her special.

I don’t have her, but wish I did.
What you have to keep in mind is that her dodge has a percentage that works against every type of special, including dispels. So, ensure some of your other heroes put up buffs that really need to be dispelled, and all of a sudden, fox minions everywhere.

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I will say the one area of the game I never focus on is Titans because having to do things under a timer makes my anxiety go crazy and I get stressed doing Titan attacks - it’s an area that doesn’t really matter for me.

Though I didn’t know her ability has the chance to dodge dispels, that is pretty cool!

I like that aspect of her but I still think she may be a bit too niche to help on a frequent basis.

As for the other person who said they don’t know my other heroes… I have Guin maxed out, Vivica at 3-70, Leonidas at 3-70, and Inari at 3-1 (just ascended her to 3rd tier now)

I would love if this was Inari’s build instead…

Switch attack and defense stat.

Average mana

  • All allies get +35% chance to dodge all special skills for 3 turns. Each dodge summons a. Sakura fox minion.
  • All allies receive a Sakura fox minion. A Sakura fox minion has 8% hp, 30% attack, and a 7% mana increase at the end of everyturn.

I think this would be more balanced (giving everyone a minion but reducing the dodge percentage) and would make me instantly want to use her instead of just being meh about her on my team.

I have her maxed, she’s okay, mostly contributes on titans. Here’s my yellows ranking not considering other color heroes. I’m missing 2 of the top 3, my weakest color. :frowning_face:

Ranvir is conditional, pretty high if missing Miki and or Tarlak, much lower and imho not worth darts otherwise. This is based on hitting 14 titans*

Ranvir (if you don’t have Miki or Tarlak
Ranvir (if you have either Miki or Tarlak)


I think it is posts like these that really point out how some players can’t relate to new or f2p players. I have Rana, Leo and Justice. That is it.

Where would you place Ranvir?

@Quinn3 my ranking is just one person’s opinion, not right or wrong.
It’s just looking at yellows based on who I maxed and used, alliance members’ inputs and my experience facing heroes in pvp.

Posted because Inari was my first maxed yellow and I have months of experience using her.

Use the heroes you have. If you have excess mats, not a big deal who you lvl first but if it takes 6 months to get darts and you only have 6, then other people’s reflections can help make your decision. It does for me.

Good luck, Rana is pretty nice, really carried me in this trials!


But you left Poor old Ranvir out hahaha pretty curious where you all would place him in that list

It wasn’t the ranking opinion that bothered me. It was more of the attitude that I’ve seen on the forums towards new players, i.e. why are you having problems, just use the team of (insert names of top end heros, that are pretty hard to get).

I shouldn’t have posted it like that, and it may have seemed a bit harsh, or that I was complaining. It was more of the fact that you stated that it was your weakest color and you had all but 2 of the 5* heroes. Or I may have misinterpreted your list. I read it as that you had all but the asterisked heroes.

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@Quinn3 I’m pretty active on forums because I’ve learned so much about the game and heroes from others and still do.
Yes I do have the heroes on the list cept drake and Delilah but having many of the heroes seems all the more reason to share my list.

The OP was asking regarding Inari. In a vacuum of just holy 5*, she’s bottom third for me. OP can consider vs any other heroes s(he) has.

Why would my ranking give you this impression?
I’ll just leave it at a misunderstanding.


Well it’s posts like that original one from @l2ider that convince me that people here are very helpful and analytical. His analysis of the order of yellow five stars in terms of their relative worth is very informative.

Not sure we need to find anything negative in it?


I would also agree with @l2ider personal analysis and personal ranking of the yellow 5*; imo it was not directed at undermining any player or group of players , but rather to show relative position of Inari versus other yellow 5 in his personal list.

We are all entitled to our personal opinions, it is either we agree or disagree and then move on.

Meanwhile, I am fortunate to have some of the listed yellow 5*, including Inari. I got Inari before getting Joon and Vivica., but right now Joon is at 4/71 going to full max in a day or so. While Vivica is yet at 2/60, Leo at 3/70 Inari at 3/45.

Personally, I would ascend both Leo and Vivica before Inari as I planned to keep Inari at 3/70 for a long time, for just one reason, her niche and timing dependent utility doesn’t suit my style of play.

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Inari + Drake on offence means you’re nullifying 40-70 percent of specials fired back at you. If they fire once, you’re pretty set.

Not only that, Inari’s foxes add to yournmana recovery

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Inari’s worth and ranking increases dramatically if paired w Drake.

Inari Kunchen Justice/Drake/Joon

Perfect center…

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