Ameonna or Cyprian or neither?

Hi Guys,

I have just maxed out my Tiburtus, so I need to figure out where to put my purple food from now on.

Unfortunately, I did not pull neither Victor nor Panther (got Owl though, zzz) - so my roster gives me currently following options:

  • Ameonna
  • Cyprian
  • Another Tib
  • 3stars like Baltazar, Chochin, Gill-Ra, Vlad, Tyrum

The other heroes that I currently have at decent levels or work on and use regularly are: Magni, Kelile, Kashrek, Marjana, Wu Kong, Caedmon, Chao. I usually struggle with: no all team heal, no dispeller/buff remover (hard to deal with counterattacks, buffs - yea I have Caedmon, but leaving Kashrek in base I am left with no heal at all).

Which of my purple should I focus on, or really choose neither and keep pulling? I read both Cyprian and Ameonna are so-so and not rated to well.

Gill-Ra is a cleanser and Tyrum is a dispeller, so they might be fast, cheap options to add some depth and flexibility, although they probably aren’t durable enough for your defense team.

I use Cyprian pretty regularly on my alt, and he is helpful in platinum raids, particularly against AoE hitters. He’stoo weak and easily countered for diamond tier. I haven’t gotten around to leveling Ameonna yet, so I can’t speak to her utility.

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I’d max Ameonna. She has high attack stats, which is rare among purple 4* heroes. Should be good against titans and in raids.

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Thought I read ameonna is an option for raids and titans because she is so hard to kill as a ghost which lets you continue tapping tiles.

Makes sense. Not sure what level it works best against.

Ameonna is good as like a 4th or 5th purple, for the tile damage but if I were you I think a second tiburtus would benefit you more at this point.

I like variety so my vote would be for Ghost Girl. Even though she’s very strange, I think she could be useful for stacking vs yellow titans and tanks with her higher attack stat.

Plus, I think she might be decent for raiding too. She seems very situational, but could end up being a lot of fun. She can get rid of anything by going into ghost mode, and then she’s invincible for the duration. Idk, to me that sounds fun to play with.

I have her and haven’t leveled her much yet, but once I finish all of my purple projects, she’s first in my ‘idk about you but I’m gonna try it’ [purple] list. Followed by Cyprian, Boomer, and Boss Wolf (it’s the completionist in me that makes me want to level Boomer, I know it’s not rational :sweat_smile:)

I have too many purples to work on currently to make her my main priority, but if you do decide to level her, I’d love to know how it all works out :smiley:


Dont to another Tibs until you have more of other heroes. 1 is enough.

Cyprian - if you are looking to complete event challenge quests.

Ameonna - titans or raids.

See what you require and also how many more trap tools that you have.


Thanks for all your responses - I am going with Ameonna then, at least for now. Cyprian is quite challenging whenever I face him in raids but I guess that’s just my lack of dispell.

I still feel that what would really fit me well is Rigard - I could then leave my Kashrek for def only and start taking Caedmon to offensive squad. The only problem with Rigard is I don’t have him, and I focused nearly all my gems on the Guardians. My TC is 13 only and for now just produces starters.

Take your time and no rush. Up what you have first. Trap tools are not the most difficult items to come by. Tabards are. :blush:

Not necessarily. Even though I used him for Legendary Guardians this time I can’t recommend him as an ultimate hero for events. He might not work for other events and even for Guardians Ameonna could be a better option because of her much higher tile damage and invulnerability in a ghost form.

The only undoubted application of Cyprian is a raid tank up to mid Platinum arena.


True. But he eases up on completion of events if you have a limited roster.

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