Is Gobbler just feeder?

So I just pulled my first Lianna today (WOOT WOOT)!!! I’ve literally been accidentally saving these green trainer heroes from Springvale so now I actually have a good little list of things to feed her. Should Gobbler be on the menu as well? I really don’t see much use for them and they aren’t amazingly strong either. I don’t see enough minions to really be excited to have Gobbler. Any advice?

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You have at least 2 of Melendor, Caedmon, LJ, Peters, Hansel? Feed away. I fed all 4 of mine and haven’t looked back.

I have fully ascended Kash, 2 Caed (1 waiting for more shields) LJ, and Melendor. No luck with Hansel or Jack or Peters. This is my first green 5* so I mean anything that isn’t nailed down will probably be fed to her lol. Green, Yellow and Purple were the only ones I didn’t have green for. I’ve gotten 5* in every other color SO MANY TIMES!!! (including a random batch last month where I ended up with 4 Frida’s over 3 weeks).


Storage space is cheap. The amount of exp you get from feeding him won’t be a lot. I would hold on to any extra heros since the devs mentioned that dupes will be useful with the new buildings coming out


If you have Captain of diamonds, you’re good to feed. If not, the current raid war mode (blood bath) benefits minions - they are the only real proxy for healing there is - so I suspect we’ll see a lot more minion tanks (Santa) leveled soon to take advantage. A minion eater would be good to have then.


Good point! I hadn’t considered how it would affect this tournament. What is the word with the upcoming buildings? I try to keep in the know, but I am still more of a mid-tier player.

No word yet as to when exactly they are coming out, but people are speculating some sort of trade in value for them. Devs confirmed but gave no specifics. No idea for what and what quantity, so your guess is as good as mine…


I wouldn’t feed in, in fact, he’s going to get my emblems when he hits max. Fat attack and health stat? Those are my favs for my play style (though he is a bit extreme)

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Yeah he’s not very good. I would only keep 1 of him myself… in my experience he’s only useful in class quests; he’s a druid, so his ability is actually useful in all quests he participates in.

Only 1 is enough.

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I took him to 60 hoping for a buff. I am still waiting for that buff…


I would only keep him at most at 3/60 for collections.

I have mine on 3.60. I use him for wars, and that’s it. At some point, I might take him to max, but I’m short on shields, and Gobbler is not my priority right now.
I fed my second Gobbler to someone (I don’t remember who it was).

one point Gob has over C. of Diamonds is participating in druid class quests. So I think keeping one of each is a good idea.

More than one of each though, seems excessive to me. If the new buildings are actually going to make a difference though, then I’m keeping all duplicates of 4 stars for now.

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I have two Gobblers and I just don’t see any value in him. It’s a bummer that there’s 4 star Hero’s out there that are basically only good for the feeder.

I had two Gobblers once. Fed one away; and the other I leveled to 3/60. I use him in war; class quest; and farming. He’s very good at farming because his special kills off low-level enemies with one shot. Very efficient.

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His value is worth :poop: lol.

Okay seriously, he was a bit useful when I trained him, since I only had Little John when I got him. But only a little bit useful, because he still had mediocre durability thanks to his bad defense. He has no value once you get better heroes, even for Druid quests you can get by them without his skill. Even against 5*s who use minions he’s too frail for me to consider fielding and I have better green heroes with higher tile damage than him.

I won’t feed the one I have maxed, mainly because I gotta-catch-em-all. But I doubt he’s going to get emblems anytime, unless he gets buffed.

Let’s hope that supposed hero academy actually makes duplicates useful too, so that I can make good use of the unleveled duplicate I have.

My review on Gobbler:

He’s :poop: by himself.

“If you keep him alive” He can be … uuhh… good with Evelyn?
For the most part he’s just good with fries.

With emblems, the theory is to strengthen strengths, rather than trying to fix weaknesses. So he’s got all the strength of a keyboard warrior. He can hit hard and cause damage, but is too weak to hold up to any assault against him. The minions help a little, but only when the talent is maxed out and… my god… why 4/70+20 gobbler?

Captain of Diamonds? If you have him, or pull him for wonderland in July… now THAT is a minion cruncher worth keeping.

EDIT Okay… here is a proposed solution to make Gobbler useful for… uhh War, I guess, let’s go with that.

Evelyn -> Greg -> Gobbler -> Kiril -> RedHood
(lots of premium heroes, I know, but if you’re on a mission to make him useful…)

Evelyn + Greg elemental link, plus evelyn’s -DEF. Kiril’s Heal +Def, Redhood’s foxes +Heal
Drop a Level 30 mana troop on Gobbler and crunch away.

Haha. Glad I’m not only one that sees Gobbler as useless. Agwe is about the same. I have Two of him as well. Total bummer.

Gobbler > Agwe



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My general rule for 4* heroes is to keep at least one of each unique hero and raise them to 3/60.

I got 2 Gobbler and raised 1 of them to 3/60. In war, he is part of green stack and is sandwiched between Boril-Cyprian in my lesser 4* team.

The other Gobbler is waiting for Hero Academy, maybe one day he can graduate into Wilbur… :fishing_pole_and_fish:


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