🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v44]

Perfect. It’s him and Gretel I’m really wanting :upside_down_face:


is this intended to have no S2 4s and 3s in HA?

Believe so. When it was initially mentioned by Petri it was after questions about where players can get 3/4s from ending events. The s2/s3 will still have a regular portal to summon from


@PlayForFun, please add a missing “d” in Academy in the title.

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Have added it.

Like always, thanks for the detailed information @PlayForFun

Would be nice if Sg would add the percentage like HA10. So it’s a little bit dubious if it’s worth it.


Preloading HA08 4* heroes

New 4* heroes

Beta says HA08 Epic heroes is getting old Challenge event v2.0 heroes added to the possible results pool ( see notes )


I am preloading HA08 with 30x days of training

This is 13.67 % of my food hoard and 12.67 % of my farmable 3* ascension item hoard ( see notes )

Collect after update

We know Academy heroes are not rolled until collected ( see notes )

So stop collecting HA08 results until after the update adds the new 4* heroes

Spend Depth 4* heroes

Click for Spend Depth 4* heroes

3* heroes

You can do the same for HA05 Rare Heroes but I am chasing Falcon a 4*, Pseudo 5*, hero

Spend depth 3* heroes

Click for Spend depth 3* heroes


Click for notes

Beta Beat

4* heroes

3* heroes

Hero Academy collect

Math, Hoard

30 days

HA08 for 30 days / 2.5 days = 12 HA08 training

Food Hoard

17.546 m food

( 17.546 / 0.2 m food ) * 2.5 days

219.325 days of HA08

30 days / 219.325 days

Total 13.67 %

3* ingredients Hoard

I have the least number of scabbards

( 284 scabbards / 3 ) * 2.5 days

236.6666666666667 days of HA08

30 days / 236.6666666666667 days

Total 12.67 %



My original excitement for the Challenge Festival portal might not hold. If these heroes have the same odd as any hero, then I might as well just try to grab them from HA rather than summoning. If they have the “normal” 5-10% chance as a special pull, then it’s slightly different.


Beta rumors

Rumor from Beta, all possible heroes have equal chance so 1 in 32 for 4* heroes and 1 in 28 for 3* heroes

Will help balance 4* heroes ( see notes )

Falcon is a very nice Paladin for Class quests

Jackal is nice for Rogue Class quest

Hansel has a bad Class quest Boss since it resists his special

Peters is weak regardless of Class


Click for notes

Balancing 4* heroes



Yes, those summons are still active. This is only a response to the retiring of the old events.

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Boomer is one of only 4 4* in the whole game I’m missing. I’ll pull Xmas until I get the Carol I need, Amenona will show up from S2 eventually and next circus I just need Marcel.

So it seems like just leaving the HA8 going long enough will bet me Boomer. I’ll take it.

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Ah, so we can still do “training” but still hope for the odds of getting the old Challenge Event heroes. That’s interesting… interestingly similar to the proposal of just doing that in TC13/TC20. Was thinking we’d just adjust it to be “retrain” 3* and 4* heroes, but I’m not against it.

Now, they just need to add, at least, S2 into that pool and I’d be happy. I’m not not gonna be happy even if they don’t, but it’d mean I can drain my resources for Gadeirus and then not have to worry about it.

Black Friday Summons gave me G.Bat, so for now, I don’t think I need to wait for him anymore.

Was about to do this myself, but I just realized I never researched those two levels because they were previously useless! :crazy_face: Better rectify that before v44 goes live!


cmon sg dont be greedy, add the atlantis 3 and 4* also


Wouldn’t be suprised it were the same kind of odds, 5% as with the 5* heroes at HA10. Although it would be a welcome suprise from SG to make those odds a bit higher. I don’t have any 4* event heroes so it would definitely be interesting to retrain some vanilla 4* Can you actually queue at HA5 and HA8? I have not even researched them yet :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:

Well looks like that might not be the case

I don’t have them researched either, but looks like you can queue

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The only way S2 would be added is if they retire the Atlantis summon portal, perhaps when S5 comes out in a few months.


It’s not a retrain it’s just cooking new ones from scratch like the way it works now, they’re just adding these heros to the possible result.


thanks a lot, Sir :slight_smile:

It’s not greed, the S2 heros will be available every month. These heros weren’t going to be available outside the challenge fest possibly 2x a year at most so this is why they’ve done this. If Atlantis summon is ever retired then they may add those heros.

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