[Hoarde, Iron] Less than optimal iron storage or Zero, er, Hero Academy level 6 Rare troop training ( HA6 )

[Hoarde, Iron] Less than optimal iron storage or Zero, er, Hero Academy level 6 Rare troop training ( HA6 )


I like to hoard food and recruits.

I would love to hoard iron.

I will not be using Hero Academy to hoard iron, but others might want to hoard iron in Rare troop training ( HA6 ).

Iron storage

Hero Academy iron hoarding is not optimal.

3.4418 hours of iron storage per hour of production for Rare troop training ( HA6 )

Compared to

9.2475 hours of food storage per hour of production for Legendary training ( RT20)


16.7470 hours of food storage per hour of production for Guaranteed rare training ( RT12 ).

So you can take 2 days of mine production and store for 7 days, but with emblems, harpoons, Forge ( class quests, challenge event completion, etc. ) and base builder, it will be hard to build up a useful hoard.

It would be more useful to hoard 1* to 4* Battle items and use Alchemy Lab v2.0 ( which is terribly inefficient, but does not evaporate like Rare troop training ( HA6 )).

Good iron hoarding

For good iron hoarding I would like to see

14 hours of iron storage per hour of production with okay byproduct ( see food hoard - Guaranteed rare training ( RT12 ))

This would let you store 1 day’s mine production for 2 weeks.


9 hours of iron storage per hour of production with decent byproduct ( see food hoard - Legendary training ( RT20 ))

This would let you store 1 day’s mine production for 1 weeks and 2 days.

Recruit storage


1.9166 hours of recruit storage per hour of production for Rare troops ( HA6 )

Compared to

2.3000 hours of recruit storage per hour of production for Legendary training ( RT20)


4.79166 hours of recruit storage per hour of production for Extra low cost training ( RT11 )

These numbers seem bad compared to iron storage above, but due to Atlantis Rising combined with VIP pass loot tickets combined with Challenge event world energy flasks combined with Advanced house level 9+, you will have a hard time effectively using recruits ( there are a lot of ways to waste recruits).


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Thanks Zephyr


50,800 iron / 9 hours
5,644.44 / hour


103,000 iron/ 21 hours

Rare troop training ( HA6 )

151,000 iron/ 60 hours ( 2d 12h )

150 recruits/ 60 hours
2.5 recruits/ hour

Advanced House level 9+
115 recruits/ 24
4.79166 recruits/ hour

( 5045x 2 )+ ( 3617x 2 )
8662 / hour

3.4418 / hour iron storage

Legendary ( RT20 )

297,000 / 48 hours ( 2d )
6,187.5 / hour

( 8473x 3 )+ ( 5300x 6 )
57,219 / hour

9.2475 / hour food storage

2.0833 recruits/ hour
2.3000 / hour recruit storage

Guaranteed rare ( RT12 )

164,000 / 48 hours ( 2d )
3,416.66 / hour

16.7470 / hour food storage

Extra low cost ( RT11 )

2 recruits/ 2 hours
1 / recruit per hour

4.79166 / hour recruit storage

Lab 2.0



Yes the recruit to iron ratio is huge, but assuming you have enough recruits we now finally have a mechanism to store iron (2.5 day cost) the way TC20/TC13 has always been used to store food. Again recruit cost is huge though at about 1 recruit / 1k iron, vs about 1 recruit / 3k food in the TCs.


Recruit level is huge but that can actually be a plus when you’re shuffling between there and TC 20. I “discovered” by accident when I depleted ham with an expensive research and then needed to withdraw for ascension and emblems. Would have been impossible without the HA iron deposit taking all those recruits off my hands.

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Usually most people just have a tc11 that can take as much recruits as possible but if you’re completely out of ham that’s a different scenario

Yeah, of course most people do what was previously the only option. You liberate some ham going 20 to 11, but not as much as going to an iron deposit where you get to keep all the withdrawn ham.

Can anyone confirm this? My HA still has a day to reach Lvl6, so I cant check atm :confused:

What do you need confirmed?

That it can be done?
I have twin TC11’s each at 445days out.
I would love to pull recruits out of there to be able to store iron

You guys have a surplus of iron? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes when two buildings are set for 8 days each and I can fill up the full 2.7M in less than 2 days. Right now I’ve been crafting random items like Time Stops that I never use anyway. Would rather store it and use it all at once for resetting emblems, or when I get nuggets and titan skulls. Of course no more buildings but storing for building upgrade is also huge. Plus in the long run I anticipate only the 2* and 3* troop levels will be useful anyway for feeders, so not a bad place to store something where every few days something useful is also getting generated every once in awhile.

Well, lucky you i guess.

Between buildings, axe/bombs/nados, emblems, harpoons and HA troops training, having spare iron for me is a distant hope.

Ham all you want, but iron…

In my opinion, a poor option.


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Mine production is a bad way to judge iron refills. It’s mostly in the (descending order): twice daily raid chests, raids themselves, titans especially when mercing, monster chest, war/titan chest. 1.5-2day is the average to go from 0 to 2.7M iron.

With the current buildtime on HA, I have no choice but to “burn” my iron building battle items, which I do use on occasion. Being able to store iron is huge to me. I could upgrade HL some more, but I see no merit in doing that, but then thats just me

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Well I’m planning to use the two of the troop building HA modes extensively when I finish with it, and research them.

If it lets me hoard a little iron, that’s a bonus, even tho I’ll seldom need hoarded iron now unless I need to reset for a completely different defense should my alliance switch from Tell tanks someday.

Good to know that hoarding iron with the HA will be a disappointment, if not as bad as HA10 is.


Meet @Guvnor

Destroying recruits, food, and iron

(Guvs Guide! - Destroying Recruits to Retrieve Food! Updated with Destroy Food, Iron and 1* / 2* heroes - #14 by Gryphonknight)

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Sorry ive tried finding it but cant.
Im just wondering which stage in the Hero Acadamy do you load up on to store Iron like Ham in Training Camps?
Thanks :grin:

Level 6 stores 150 iron per 3* troop. You also can store iron on level 4 of HA, making 2* troops.


HA6 is the best for iron bank…
I never overload irons before as I was still in progress for many buildings (using 2nd builder).

And now currently still progress my last building only one builder active Hunter Lodge… so if there are no HA6, I can not imagine the overload of irons.

My 2nd builder is still used for converting my last forge to barrack and vice versa as needed.


Hey guys, what do you think is the best way to hoard iron?
Please advise.