I have started Hero Academy-10, Have you?

Since they have improved it somewhat since it’s introduction recently I started levelling it fully and may feed it some dupes of fives I’ll never use unless they suddenly nerf them to a useable state. I’m not actually thinking I’ll be doing more than feeding s1 heroes in and getting the same back but I’ll at least have hope.

I have HA all the way up to 10, and am now working on upgrading food storage so I can do the research for Level 10. Since I am a C2P player, even after two years I don’t have a huge amount of S1 or HotM 5* heroes, so I think it will be good for me.

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Good point you shared !

Many players criticise HA10, especially P2P chaps… completely, conveniently & impatiently forgetting that all summons pulls are EQUALLY painfully low % CHANCE, when it comes to getting desired heroes & SUMMONS are mainly a Paid source… :wink: :slight_smile:

Hence, HA-10 is a FREE source that provides a chance to get heroes.

I am a P2P player, who has gone C2P & now have activated HA-10 for the fun & also a chance at FREE heroes !

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While I understand frustration of not getting desired heroes quickly… reading your comment, questions popped up:

  • All summons pulls are EQUALLY painfully low % CHANCE, when it comes to getting desired heroes & SUMMONS are mainly a Paid source… where you have many times on the forum expressed your frustration of money being wasted due to not getting good pulls !!
  • Despite HA-10 being a FREE source that provides a chance to get heroes… is equally bad source according to you …

So, what is better… paid disappointment or FREE chance… possibility !!

My OP is aimed at players BECOMING AWARE - considering the difference of the above two points / questions which gets lost in emotional outbursts…
using the in-Game resources instead of ONLY criticising it / things !

The current bouquet of heroes available in HA-10 makes it worth while to permanently run it after a certain level… which is my experience … NOW… till I discover or learn anything new !

Cheers :slight_smile:

That’s because it’s not exactly free. It costs an enormous amount of food and recruits. And it has the opportunity cost of being run over a level that trains troops, which is guaranteed advantage over a gamble on getting something useful. There are plenty of reasons a paying player and even some f2p players may not want to run HA10.

Dude i never said HA10 is bad source… I just said “frustration” idk what something else u read in my text🤔

Read your :innocent: initial comment & then, read mine… :smiling_imp:

It’s not a paid option & everything comes from in-game source = 100% free.

Opportunity cost is player choice dependent & not game thing…

8th HA-10 result : Vivica to Vela


I started it today morning. I don’t have every season 1 5* heroes, so I’ll be glad to get anyone but Richard or Quintus. We’ll see in 7 days.

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In three years of playing I have 16 non season one heroes and 2 costumes for season one heroes (five stars only). That’s about six “special” heroes a year. With 10% chance hero academy will essentially double my chance at getting special heroes.

I’ve also gotten a few season one heroes I didn’t already have.

As soon as it was released I devoted all base building to getting it up and running. It took about a year from when I made that decision.

I highly recommend hero academy 10 for fellow f2p players. I can see why p2p players would not get as much value from it.


Exactly, a P2P player will already have these heroes, and unless they are looking for S1 costumes, HA10 can be seen as useless and running troop/hero feeders is probably better. But as a F2P, it costs minimal resources (relatively speaking) after the initial start up costs for essentially the best chance of any portal for non-S1 5* heroes. They may be old, but still valuable. It may take some time (I finally got a non-S1 hero, Onatel, after 41 trainings). But, I have plenty of mats to ascend due to the fact I don’t have many heroes and have been stockpiling AMs.


I am looking for S1-Costumes for : Leo, Vivica, Kadilen & have decided to not spend in the costume chamber at all.

Few more event heroes that can come at their own pace from HA10 as am full with 3/70s… just gotta keep it running…

Academy Lv10

I built Academy Lv10 for access to HA10 retraining

I have little use for HA01 to HA09 ( rumor says a lot of Beta testers expressed this opinion )

3x, including duplicate, 5* 1.1 heroes each color

If your roster does not have, 3x, including duplicate, 5* 1.1 heroes of each color ( total of 15 heroes ) then running 2x to 3x RT20 is better than running HA10

3x unique, decent 5* heroes

Once you have, 3x, including duplicate, 5* 1.1 heroes of each color ( total of 15 heroes ) then

If your roster does not have, 3x unique, decent 5* heroes of each color ( total of 15 heroes ) then running HA10 is better than running 3x RT20

Food ( see notes )

HA10 costs

6.44 m food, and 1,500 recruits, per 40 days

If you do not need HA10, especially Classic base 5* heroes without costumes, that is a lot of food, and recruits, you could be using elsewhere just for a chance at a new hero

Click for math, and advice, discussion


I plan to continuously run both HA10 retraining Legendary heroes, and RT12 Guaranteed rare recruit training ( see notes ), since they are a better deal than running 3x Legendary recruit training for my roster

RT20 is an extremely low bar to clear when trying to compliment a game mechanic

RT12 ( see notes )

RT12 for near unlimited food hoarding ( thanks Atlantis Rising, and Advanced House Lv10, for recruits )


consuming 1x 1* ascension item, 22.5 recruits, and 82 k food per day

bonus Hero XP from duplicate 3* heroes

HA10 ( see notes )

HA10 for being cheaper than 1x RT20 when just getting duplicates ( see notes )

See also

([Play style, Guide] No regrets Lab v2.0 and Academy)


Click for notes


Academy Lv01

([Implemented - V35] Alternate Raid and War defense formations - Please add your ideas and comments here!)

I built Academy Lv01 for access to Raid formations

HA10 versus RT20

HA10 & RT12 versus RT20

Beta opinions


You might not, but I certainly do, it’s been great in helping me get my troops to lvl 30.

Fin (lol)

I have started and I have already stopped it…

Not worth it… They are giving everyone 99% S1 5* heroes… And I am out of it!

As f2p I deduced that with the summoning odds for HA10 compared to what I had averaged in 3 years of playing running HA10 would in the long run double my annual non-S1 5* results from 2 to 4. So far it has actually been better than that, with 3 non-S1 5* and 2 non-dupe costumes in 32 retrains.

But it is definitely not a solution for dupe heroes. I have pulled more dupes from other sources than I have consumed in HA10 while running it.



I am glad

Personally, it costs too much and takes too long


Click for notes

Leveling troops


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@Mr_Smile im sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you need one food storage at max lvl 20 and then need to convert three others to advance food storage and max them to lvl 10.

It’s a long long grind but you’ll get there.

I’d start working on it soon because I think there will be more upgrades to advance your SH and many other buildings as SG bring about some significant changes.


Sorry, just noticed that I don’t have advanced storage buildings :joy::rofl::scream: Thank you for quick response thought! :ok_hand::hugs:

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