[Math] Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) versus Uncommon camp ( RT02 ) and Extra Fast camp ( RT19 )

[Math] Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) versus Uncommon camp ( RT02 ) and Extra Fast camp ( RT19 )

Play style

Uncommon Academy versus Uncommon Camps versus Extra Fast camp

Training Abbr. mfood Recruits Ascension items FIN
Uncommon camp RT02 17.8 6,296 1,259 x 1*
Uncommon Academy HA03 18.3 6,976 2,616 x 2*
Extra Fast camp RT19 34.6 4,533 2,266 x 1*

Training = name
Abbr.= Abbreviation
mfood = million x food
Recruits= Recruits
Ascension items = Ascension items
FIN= marks last column for smartphone users

Table is for leveling 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.80 .

All values are for comparison purposes only.

Many factors influence final values.

Ascension items

The biggest drawback to Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) is ~2,616+ x 2* ascension items.

1 x 2* ascension item takes significantly more World Energy to farm than 1 x 1* ascension item.

But if you have extra 2* rope, and recruits, it is a useful way to boost daily Hero XP unless you need Hero Academy for troops or retraining.


Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) takes 1.1080 x recruits as Uncommon camp ( RT02 ) and 1.5389 x recruits as Extra fast ( RT19 )


Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) takes 1.0270 x food as Uncommon camp ( RT02 ) and 0.5289 x food as Extra fast ( RT19 )



Uncommon Academy ( HA03 )

8x recruited
11 kfood
3x 2* rope
1x minutes

~872+ x HA03 ( 5* 4.80 )=
~6,976 x recruits
~9.6 mfood for Hero XP
~ 2,616 x2* rope

Food to level= ~8.6 mfood
Food for XP= ~9.6 mfood
Total food= ~18.3 mfood

Uncommon Camp (RT02)

5x recruits
2 kfood
1x 1* kits / backpack
30x minutes

Extra Fast (RT19)

2x recruits
5.5 kfood
1x 1* rugged clothes
1x minutes

Uncommon academy ( HA03 )

40% 2* other color= 0.8 x390 XP= 312 XP
10% 2* same color= 0.2 x468 XP= 93.6 XP
= 405.6 XP per finished hero in Uncommon academy ( HA03 )

~872+ x HA03



Wow. Ta. I’m gonna use hero training after each uncommon troop training just cos that takes 21 hours and I like a little boost of which ever type of hero’s I got most of (1*or2). Cheers for efforts gryphonknight

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I actually just put together a comparison of Training Camps and Hero Academy levels to find the most efficient for Recruits/Time/Ham (if rainbow feeding, same color feeding is more efficient, but takes longer)

The math is based, first on the Hero Leveling requirements here:

Then on the average XP you can expect from the different training levels here:

Here’s the complete comparison:

No, this does not take into consideration the mats required, this is simply looking at the items we have some control over.

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