[Math] Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) versus Uncommon camp ( RT02 ) and Extra Fast camp ( RT19 )

[Math] Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) versus Uncommon camp ( RT02 ) and Extra Fast camp ( RT19 )

Play style

Uncommon Academy versus Uncommon Camps versus Extra Fast camp

Training Abbr. mfood Recruits Ascension items FIN
Uncommon camp RT02 17.8 6,296 1,259 x 1*
Uncommon Academy HA03 18.3 6,976 2,616 x 2*
Extra Fast camp RT19 34.6 4,533 2,266 x 1*

Training = name
Abbr.= Abbreviation
mfood = million x food
Recruits= Recruits
Ascension items = Ascension items
FIN= marks last column for smartphone users

Table is for leveling 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.80 .

All values are for comparison purposes only.

Many factors influence final values.

Ascension items

The biggest drawback to Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) is ~2,616+ x 2* ascension items.

1 x 2* ascension item takes significantly more World Energy to farm than 1 x 1* ascension item.

But if you have extra 2* rope, and recruits, it is a useful way to boost daily Hero XP unless you need Hero Academy for troops or retraining.


Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) takes 1.1080 x recruits as Uncommon camp ( RT02 ) and 1.5389 x recruits as Extra fast ( RT19 )


Uncommon academy ( HA03 ) takes 1.0270 x food as Uncommon camp ( RT02 ) and 0.5289 x food as Extra fast ( RT19 )



Uncommon Academy ( HA03 )

8x recruited
11 kfood
3x 2* rope
1x minutes

~872+ x HA03 ( 5* 4.80 )=
~6,976 x recruits
~9.6 mfood for Hero XP
~ 2,616 x2* rope

Food to level= ~8.6 mfood
Food for XP= ~9.6 mfood
Total food= ~18.3 mfood

Uncommon Camp (RT02)

5x recruits
2 kfood
1x 1* kits / backpack
30x minutes

Extra Fast (RT19)

2x recruits
5.5 kfood
1x 1* rugged clothes
1x minutes

Uncommon academy ( HA03 )

40% 2* other color= 0.8 x390 XP= 312 XP
10% 2* same color= 0.2 x468 XP= 93.6 XP
= 405.6 XP per finished hero in Uncommon academy ( HA03 )

~872+ x HA03



Wow. Ta. I’m gonna use hero training after each uncommon troop training just cos that takes 21 hours and I like a little boost of which ever type of hero’s I got most of (1*or2). Cheers for efforts gryphonknight

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I actually just put together a comparison of Training Camps and Hero Academy levels to find the most efficient for Recruits/Time/Ham (if rainbow feeding, same color feeding is more efficient, but takes longer)

The math is based, first on the Hero Leveling requirements here:

Then on the average XP you can expect from the different training levels here:

Here’s the complete comparison:

No, this does not take into consideration the mats required, this is simply looking at the items we have some control over.


Thanks for sharing, wonderful job!

Thanks for the very useful tables, but may I ask why TC1 is missing from the third table?

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TC1 is not on any of the tables as it is generally regarded as extremely inefficient. Same reason that TC13-18 are also not listed for feeders.

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Extremely inefficient in terms of what? I believe it’s more efficient than TC2 and TC11 in terms of exp per time.

There comes a time when I run out of backpacks and I certainly won’t be running 4 TC11s if I have practice swords available.

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TC19 and HA1 are good alternatives to TC1… but only if you have them available.

If your buildings aren’t leveled up to that point yet, then yeah, you are probably stuck with TC1 as being the “fastest” route to leveling.

TC2 is a better alternative to TC1, even for beginners. HA1 is better than TC19, if you have it…

TC2 is better than TC1 overall, yes, but if you’re out of backpacks and don’t have access to TC19 or HA1 and don’t feel like waiting 2 hours for TC11, TC1 is probably your last hope for “somewhat fast” leveling.


I haven’t used HA1 much b/c it seemed expensive but is it any better than TC1? HA1 uses twice the amount of swords and also 3400 more food. Usually recruits isn’t a limiting factor.

I’m currently in a situation where I have already pretty much exhausted all my backpacks from the previous AR and most rugged clothes (saving ~150 rugged clothes for leveling seasonal 3*'s later). I feel like in this situation, TC1 is a better option than HA1.

Also, I’m not sure how to compare HA1 with HA3 in terms of food cost. Because I need to also consider feeding 5* heroes with 1* feeders vs 2* feeders. Feeding 5*'s with 1* feeders costs significantly more but I don’t know if that is offset by the food difference between HA1 and HA3.

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The biggest constraint I feel in this game is time, and subsequently ham (since I won’t use money to buy either).

TC1 seems to fit a sweet spot to give me a lot of XP/minute but still allows me to accumulate a modest amount of ham that I can then splurge on HA1 or TC19 or HA3 when I have the rope.

TC2 is not a better alternative for me when I have a good hero to level. It’s only good when I’m hoping I’ll get one.


I like HA1 and TC19 because of how fast they are, mainly. But yeah, if you’re having food and mat constraints, TC1 might be cheaper…

All of my farms are maxed, so I don’t usually have food issues unless I’m doing research, and most of my research is already done.

EDIT: according to @Cecyl916 's chart, TC1 is going to be cheaper than HA1 or TC19 in terms of hams. So if you’re having ham problems, go with TC1. I’ve got 99 problems, but food ain’t one. :sunglasses:

Thanks Cecyl for the charts!

Opinions Noted.


TC1 is not great, but if you don’t have backpacks or aren’t willing to wait 2 hours for TC11 or have your HA 2x already occupied, then it’s a very viable alternative. Of course, I can’t force you to add it to the tables, but it would be really helpful if we could do the comparisons with the somewhat popular TC1 added. Thanks for the tables, regardless. Have a good day.

Heh, looks like I missed the post by a few minutes. Thanks. :smiley:

TC1 isn’t highly inefficient for food. It probably is for recruits. But recruits aren’t something I really care about.

I have TC19 available, but I have far better things to do with my food. TC1 is a better trade off of time for food compared with 19.

As for HA- I need troops. Nuff said.

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I think every player in this game has their own unique bottlenecks. I need sturdy shields, compasses and mana pots… someone else in my alliance needs fine gloves, trap tools and antidotes… I need more red heroes, someone else needs more green heroes… etc.

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Sorry to be dense, @Cecyl916 , but in the table, for TC1, why is the time(min) 15 and not 10? Likewise, for HA1, how is .17 calculated?

The other entries in that column seem to be the time for that level to spit out one of whatever it spits out…

Good catch… for TC1 I entered the research time, not the production time. The .17 under HA1 was also an error, I had entered the time in hours, not minutes for that one. Here is an update with those to sections corrected:


Thanks for the update. Could u change the troop time into days instead of hours and put the avg same-color xp given (5th column?) for these TC and HA levels as well, just to let us eye everything together. :grin:

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