Consumable hero training

Good evening!
I’m curious if there is a general agreement on the most efficient way to train consumable heroes.

I’ve been using backpacks as I get them to train common/uncommon heroes in 30 mins.
The remaining recruits that I have go to the first option - common heroes in 10 min time (practice sword needed)

I’ve never run into this problem until now, but I’ve been looting a lot (including using gems to fill world energy) and I’m out of practice swords.

So it looks like my best option is to just spam all 4 training camps with cheap but slow common and uncommon heroes? (2 hours each). Option 19 of 1 minute heroes for 5500 food is just too much food.

Any advice is appreciated :slight_smile: I was lucky last month and am trying to level a few 5 stars :slight_smile:

I would put all your recruits into TC 11. So basically, I use TC 11 if I’m out of swords and “backpacks” since it doesn’t need those items, only some food (the ham).

Here’s a link to another post with valuable details

I hope this helps

Thank you, so much.
I’m glad that I made this post!

TC 11 it is!!
I’ve been running out of food, anyway.
So, a little slower production is fine! My troops are starving for ham to upgrade as well and this may do the trick!

Thanks, again.

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