🐼 [Master] -- War of 3 Kingdoms GLOBAL BETA -- Discussion & Information Thread

For the upcoming W3K beta starting on monday, i know there is a portal planned to obtain the new heroes, but is there any deals planned over those 5 days or no?

It would be very strange for SGG if they didn’t have offers like those for other summon portals.

I expect at least 3 offers: 1 affordable, 1 medium and 1 big.

There will be offers I am 100% sure about it.

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I’m excited, not ready for it but excited to see the new heroes in the portal…maybe try to get one of them …plus I can try to kick azz in the battlefield and see what happens next. :grin:


I have created the hero topic in case you want to update the OP with the links to them.

Legedary heroes:

Epic heroes:

Rare heroes:

Also the information about the portal:

(3 Legendary heroes will not be released in the first occurence. So I have not added topics for those.)


Many thanks for your efforts @PlayForFun creating those topics for us to discuss, inform and share.
Without you this Forum would be a less fun place for sure.
Let them :ninja:t3::ninja:t6::ninja:t4::ninja:t2::ninja:t3: bow to you


the event was ok, It was lacking in some was and the summon portals would have been nice.

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Will this be a panda invasion? I know two people who will choke on the bamboo for joy. :wink: @Pandita @BlueHair


Pandassssssss where :panda_face::green_salad::tanabata_tree::tanabata_tree::tanabata_tree::tanabata_tree::tanabata_tree:

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Omggggggggg yay :tanabata_tree::tanabata_tree::panda_face::panda_face::panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:


So I have 1500 gems I had been keeping for CoK in the hope of a lucky Ferant or Franz.

I’d like all the 4s from this though. Need to decide what to do.

isn’t it time already? why no summon portal??

I think the portal will open with the event, which is set to start at midday GMT, so about 4 and a half hours from now


according to what’s posted 7am GMT is 3pm my time here don’t seem accurate though… sigh.

i checked against online calendar & it’s 12pm UTC time which converted is 6pm my local time. it’s definitely inaccurate timing.


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no, 3 Kingdoms war will start 5 hours after the normal events time… so it should be up 4 hours from my post

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Sooo…No adjustment to how points are awarded over the first global beta round? A single failed attempt is still going to result in such a low score that you’re better off using your best teams for large clean up attempts?

I had hoped this would be the ONE thing that obviously needed tweaked.

No cost, bad rewards? Fine. I don’t like it, but I understand that you can’t expect much for free.

But wars, from my understanding, are supposed to be a team effort. And I do not see what the incentive is to go for the one shot if the result of a single bad board (which can and does happen to anyone at any time) is a score so low that you actually do more harm than good.

Of course, there needs to be a “penalty” or a “cost” for failure. But I feel it’s grossly disproportionate, as it stood in the first round.

If there’s really been no change, I see no point in participating. There’s better odds in virtual slots.

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Sorry, I have just adjusted the date and forgot to update the time.

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Many thanks for your hard work.
Is there another way to get 3k coins except for buying them?


The final rewards will give some but in Beta we have received just 8, which is much much less than 100 what is needed for a pull.

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Wow…seems like another family of heros I will not see a member of! :slight_smile: