🐼 [Master] -- War of 3 Kingdoms GLOBAL BETA -- Discussion & Information Thread

I’ve not looked in depth, but I think by flag 12 I may be really at the dregs and with the difficulty in coordination plus midweek not being a time I can sit to wait and hunt for targets I don’t think I’ll enjoy it. I hope if going to 12 flags they also change the matchmaking to top 60 heroes instead of 30


We will see. This is Beta 2 of course so they are still churning the data.

I don’t mind getting to the dregs tbh. Just like Tavern of Legends really. Break out some funky 3* teams :laughing:

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Forgive me if this has been discussed already. A quick look didn’t show me a discussion thread on this yet.

The update 46 notes say that the second iteration of the War of Three Kingdoms is going to have a total of 12 attacks for each person.

Um, what?


This is still with the restriction of using each hero only once total in the war? That makes absolutely zero sense if so. In a global event encompassing thousands of players you’re catering to the highest percentage of top players who are going to have enough 5* heroes to field 12 teams? And what? The the rest of the players floundering to throw maybe 4* and 3* teams against opponents strongest 5* defense teams for the second half of their attacks?

There are already several players in my alliance saying they’re not going to bother opting in. Fielding 6 teams? Sure. But what fun is it going to be to just throw weak heroes against overly strong defenses that outmatch them?

We can’t be the only ones seeing the ridiculousness of this decision. Right?

And that’s not even taking into account the need to do 12 attacks. That alone is something I’m not really interested in doing, even if I had the maxed 5* heroes to put together 12 competitive teams. I never use all my attacks against mythic titans because that’s ridiculous too. (Those attacks are too long and tedious and I’m bored out of my mind after running 2 of them. Regular titans at 1:30 are the correct length. Mythic titans rounds do not need to be 2:30.)

But here’s a solution for you if you really want to give everyone in W3K 12 attacks. Have everyone put together 3 defensive teams. A 5* team, a 4* team, and a 3* team. As the attacker you decide which team you’re attacking (either going into the individual defender, or a screen view that shows all the appropriate teams at once). Depending on which team you attack determines which heroes you can use. Fighting 3* teams you can only use 3* and lower heroes. Fighting 4* teams you can use 4* and lower heroes. And, you guessed it, if you’re picking a 5* team to fight you can use any heroes to fight it.

And, no, points earned should not be weighted for more points against a 5* team as opposed to a 3* team. If you’re attacking with an equally powered team you should earn the same as normal.

Another solution option is to have heroes reset to be able to be used a second time after your first 6 attacks are used. Or just twice in general, and then can’t be used again.

Thank you for your time and reading all this.

Very curious to see if it’s 12 unique attacks or can use the same heroes twice. Anybody from beta have any insight on this??

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Yes, 12 flags will be available in the next Global Beta.

Some discussion is done on this here:



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I personally think it’s awesome…will have to dig deeper in the roster than anywhere else and be smarter with team formation. Will separate the tops scores a bit too I think and cause more people to fail the first attack. I’m looking forward to it!!


Maybe not a horrible idea in that it enables folks to do clean ups with less powered teams and gives opportunity to use stronger teams for one-shots.


This is another part of the game where you can showcase your roster, i mean more for veteran players, if you dont like that event just opt out, this isnt for everyone…. Or maybe just opt in, there are still some valuable loot


So, i belive the 12 flags, is a set of 3 every 12 hours, like with Mythic Titan

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That’s the problem is that it’s geared toward veteran players. And sure, “just opt out” is a viable option. But then you’re missing out in potential loot that will help you grow and become a veteran player with more options to play things like this. But opting in with obstacles geared toward allowing the veteran, highest players to continue to grow while limiting the lesser players doesn’t help.

This isn’t the first game that does this. Not even the first part of this game that does this. And it will continue. But it would be good if the designers realized this and tried to make some accommodation to help players grow rather than just throw everything at the players that already have it all.

And no, I’m not asking for handouts. But some design with a reward system that truly rewards someone for playing within their means in the game and being able to grow because of it would be appreciated.

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It is (from what the description says). But that doesn’t make it any more appealing or playable. I have lumps of time when I play-play as opposed to just check in to collect and maybe auto-run something so storage and WE doesn’t max out. I don’t want to spend large amounts of my limited play-play time attacking a mythic titan, nor spend it attacking in a war. Six attacks is plenty.

It’s worth pointing out that scoring is heavily geared towards cleans vs. failed One-Shots… with 2/3 of the points being awarded to whomever finishes the enemy vs. at most only 1/3 of the points available for maiming them…

And a team of4* heroes can finish most clean-ups… hell a set of levelled 3* heroes can easily take a clean-flag where there’s only 2-3 heroes left standing :slight_smile:


There are certain advantages and reasons for doing it this way. I can certainly see those advantages. I just personally think the negatives of 12 attacks outweighs any positives. And also offered some suggestions for ways to possibly work with it for better okay. How viable or realistic those ideas are, I have no idea.

But even if clean up is worth more than first attack maiming (in most cases) that still doesn’t address the majority of the players who will have to do that - and will be rewarded subsequently poorly.

Would like to see a system set up to allow people to play a game they enjoy instead of being frustrated by being limited in how they can participate and how they get rewarded for trying to participate.

Have to agree to disagree then.

I personally think it’s a pretty good balance between the old and new players…

  • Old players with deep rosters get the opportunity to push their roster & challenge themselves.
  • New players with less deep rosters still have a massive opportunity to score well by taking cleans with their later flags.

Then everyone gets more loot!

Win-Win-Win in my opinion


Fair enough. I enjoy playing the game and want to like the stuff in it. Unfortunately, some of the aspects I don’t like and play less of by choice seem to be coming together here.

Let’s hope I’m wrong and it turns out to be something I enjoy.

Will there be new heroes included in march event? :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can pull for the heroes which are mentioned in the Release notes, but only with Gems or bought coins as you will not get any enough coins for a free pull.


Hi guys,

someone knows which is the criterion of players matching in the 3K war? Number and power of heroes, troops, personal war ranking, alliance ranking?


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Only @Petri and other staff members can answer this question.

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