🐼 [Master] -- War of 3 Kingdoms GLOBAL BETA -- Discussion & Information Thread

:panda_face: Purpose :panda_face:

Purpose of this thread is to provide {fairly} comprehensive information regarding the new feature titled the “War of Three Kingdoms”, specifically the Global Beta planned for the start of February.

Please use this thread to ask questions and share your thoughts and feedback. I will have 2 comments for polls relating to this feature in comments 1 & 2. The first will be for “before event” thoughts, the second will be opened after the event concludes.

:spider: Bugs and Known Issues:

:mantelpiece_clock: Schedule

General Timeline:

  • Sign-up Phase – 1 day
  • Preparation Phase – 1 day
  • Battle Phase – 2 days
  • Rewards – 2hrs after end of Battle Phase

Global Beta

The following is the timeline for the Global Beta:

  • Sign-up Phase – 2022-02-07T12:00:00Z2022-02-08T12:00:00Z
  • Preparation Phase – 2022-02-08T12:00:00Z2022-02-09T12:00:00Z
  • Battle Phase – 2022-02-09T12:00:00Z2022-02-11T12:00:00Z
  • Rewards – 2022-02-11T12:00:00Z

Times retrieved from: Version 45 Release Notes & Status

:information_source: General Information

  • War of Three Kingdoms is in essence a MEGA alliance war type event!

  • Players must be >Lvl 20 in order to participate.

  • If you choose to sign-up to the event, you are sorted into randomly match-made “Warbands” consisting of 100 total players, each warband is attached to one of 3 Kingdoms (Shu, Wei or Wu)

  • In the Preparation Phase, you set your “skirmish defence”

  • During the battle phase, two opposing warbands will “skirmish” with each other in a 100v100 “alliance war”.

  • Pretty much all of the Battle Phase works the same as in Alliance Wars. Each hero can be used 1x time; you get 6 energy total (3 at start & 3 after half-time) which you use to attack opposing teams.

  • At the conclusion of the “Battle Phase”, alllll the points are tallied up and players are given four sets of loot:

    • Individual performance (vs. other members of your warband)
    • Outcome of the Skirmish (win or lose)
    • The performance of your warband vs. other warbands in the kingdom
    • Overall Kingdom performance

:crown: Kingdoms

As above, each warband belongs to one of 3 kingdoms: Shu, Wei or Wu. The kingdom has no major part in the event beyond assigning your colours/crest. At the end of the event, you will recieve some extra loot based on the total points of each kingdom (1st, 2nd and 3rd). A kingdom is awarded +1 point for each winning warband.

:crossed_swords: Warbands

Alrighty, so warbands are what SGG call the two “alliances”. Every player who signs up is sorted into a warband with 99 other players (100 total). Each warband belongs to a Kingdom; either Shu, Wei or Wu.

Players are randomly allocated to a warband. It’s unclear if players will be sorted according to their roster strength/depth or if that will only be accounted for when matching two warbands together for skrimishing.
But SGG have stated that:

:hourglass: :crossed_swords: Skrimishing

As above, skirmishing is the battle phase of the Event. And really? It’s just like in Alliance wars haha…

  • Can preview the battlefield, both yours and enemies.
  • Have 12 flags total to use during the War of Three Kingdoms, 3 at the start of Battle Phase & other 3 extra every 12 hours .
  • Tap on a specific enemy to get more information or attack them
  • Hitting “attack” takes you to the “Team Building” screen
  • As with alliance wars, each hero can be used 1x time only.
  • A killed team will revive after 6 hours. Then 8, then 10 etc… for each successive time they are killed.
  • Killing every team on the battlefield will automatically respawn all the teams (same as in Alliance Wars).

:1234: Points & Scoring!

There are two sets of points awarded for your flags:

  • War Points – determine your personal performance & the outcome of the skirmish
  • Warband Points – determines the performance of your warband w.r.t other warbands of your kingdom.

Then there are Kingdom Points which determine the victorious kingdom in the war of 3 kingdoms.

War Points.

War Points for killing an opponent are, like in wars, split into base points and bonus points for killing the team. What is different is that the Base Points and Bonus Points are equal.
In AW the bonus points are worth half the base points.

You can view a teams “war points” by tapping on them and hitting the “info” button; as is the case in Alliance Wars.

Scoring is the same in AW’s. When you complete a fight, you get:

  • Full Points for a clean One Shot kill
  • Partial Points (from the “base points”) for a failed kill
  • Remaining base-points and the “bonus points” for a clean-up flag.

War Points are used to determine the outcome of the skirmish. The War Points a defence team is worth is, like in AWs, is based on the net HP of that defence team compared to the net HP of the Warband as a whole.

Warband Points

Warband Points are what is used to rank the warbands of a kingdom {for the 3rd set of loots}

Warband points are calculated as:
Warband Points = War Points * Team Power

So a defence worth 50 War Points and having a Team Power of 5,000 will give 250,000 warband points. Comparatively an opponent worth 50 War Points and a Team Power of 4,000 will be worth 200,000 warband points.

Skirmish Outcome & Kingdom Points

As above, the outcome (win/ draw/ loss) of a skirmish between two warbands is determined by the sum of the “war points” over the 600 flags.

Each skirmish victory gives +1 kingdom points.

The kingdom in the end with the most Kingdom Points is declared the winner of the War of 3 Kingdoms.

:left_speech_bubble: War Band Chat

One point of difference between AW and the W3K is that the War of Three Kingdoms has it’s own unique chat within your Warband. This chat however can ONLY be accessed from the “battlefield” screen. It appears as a chat box, same as in normal wars, and can be expanded to view the history and such…

Again, your Warband chat can ONLY be accessed via the War of Three Kingdoms battlefield.

:man_superhero: Heroes

*In the second global beta, heroes were added to a “Kingdom Portal”.

For Portal Information: 🧪 Early Information on War of the Three Kingoms Summon Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V46]

Legedary heroes:

Epic heroes:

Rare heroes:

:money_with_wings: LOOT!

A player participating in the War of Three Kingdoms will receive four sets of loot:

  • Individual performance (vs. other members of your warband)
  • Outcome of the Skirmish (win or lose)
  • The performance of your warband vs. other warbands in the kingdom
  • Overall Kingdom performance

Staff have said that, for Global Beta, the loot is not final and is just a placeholder at this stage:

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Feedback Polls – War of Three Kingdoms (W3K)

Please see this thread: 🐼 War of Three Kingdoms (W3K) Feedback Polls

Note I have moved the polls to a unique thread to make it more visible & easier to find :slight_smile:.


Placehodler #2


Is there the following poll?

Do you believe this will be a total car crash?



I’ll vote yes as many times as it will let me…I may be Captain Fanboi but even I can smell a stinker when it floats past you


Can’t see the “before” poll, I’ll drop my2c here:
I need HUGE rewards to make me partecipate in this war.
100 players are impossible to coordinate, the effort of trying to do something good it’s too big, and the odds of getting upset if some warband mate misses flag/Lost vs aife defense it’s too high.
I’ll give It a shot, but can’t see how things can go well withouth a huge incentive.


Outside of massive cooperation among a bunch of randos which I don’t see being likely to happen, it seems that I should just go for best individual score as that’s the only one I control?

So I expect to make some team suboptimal decisions to maximize my own performance. Not much reason to attack the stronger teams and risk not getting 100% one shots.

It seems like I’m better off attacking slightly weaker teams (say 4300 tp) for all one shots. If scores are similar to regular war, this won’t get me first place, but I’ll rank decently well. And this is better than doing clears.

This means I gotta jump on as soon as this opens up so I can pick my targets and get to them before someone else does.




Am I missing something here? I know it would be hard to coordinate strategy with 100, but, wouldn’t this formula lead to the best option being 1* defenses for everyone?

5 unleveled 1 stars with 1 star troops is about 750 team power. Points split across all defenses based on health/team, so if all use 1☆, enemy gets one flag kills on every attack, but the 50 point team value used in the example times 750tp = 37500/flag, instead of up to 200,000 or 250,000 per flag. Even unsuccessful attacks on a strong defense give more than 37500 pts - 10 point attack × tp5000 = 50000 pts.

Did I misunderstand something?

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Yeah, I will sign up, waste all my attacks for 0 points and get better rewards than 99% of players.


I like it. All you have to do is to get out there and do your best. For yourself and the team. After that you relax and enjoy the finish. :blush:


I’m gonna keep the war chat for it muted. I definitely don’t want people blasting me with alliance ads and some may use this feature for recruiting


For the OCD this may be insanely frustrating.

I assume I have 1/3 chance of getting the better Kingdom loot, 50% chance of getting the winning skirmish team loot so that all seems fine and beyond any single player’s control. Where the warband places vs. other warbands in the Kingdom…who knows what the odds are but these categories all boil down to:

  • Extra Loot

Individual performance will have some RNG involved but this is where our efforts lead to our rewards with a high correlation.

Personally I like raid/war battles a lot and getting some extra loot is also good so I am massively in favor.

How much loot? Expectations are low based on long experience, anything decent will lead to a lot of smiles and some giggles.

Not winning the things that are out of my control may be frustrating but I will try hard to focus on “free loot” even if there was better loot available.

I hope that we can all enjoy it and avoid the emotional void that comes from focusing on the obvious “challenges” a 100x100 battle entails.


If all team members put 1 star heroes with about 1000 TP, then itmeans your will enemy get 20 points per each enemy and 2000 warband points / your teams.
This means that they will most likely not No1 in the Warband championship in their Kingdom, but other that you will

  1. Lose the war as the War outcome is determined by the 20 points / team and not by Warband points.
  2. Your Kingdom will lose this 1 point what you might win otherwise.

So you will lose a lot, while you win nothing in return.


So is it not like alliance wars where the total points on the board are always the same, just split across the members by health/team?

Maybe I just need to see it in action to understand this …

Also -



Sorry @Guvnor
I have maybe missed these when I have checked the OP earlier.

Your regular War score wil determine who will win.
Warband score will only determine your Warband ranking in your Kingdom.

And the winner Warband based on regular War point will give 1 points to your Kingdom.

Please adjust the OP.


In normal war the whole team worth 1500 points.
In Beta the whole Warband worth 2000 points.


Thanks PFF. I’ll update it shortly :slight_smile:


what timezone issit in & when starting? new heros also same time? only see Atlantis season 2 now

It will start in 3 hours from now.
There will not be any heroes this time.