War of the Three Kingdoms Global Beta Approaching! ⚔️

Global Beta: War of the Three Kingdoms

Over the years, many players have told us that the Alliance War is the most exciting and interactive experience in Empires & Puzzles. We’ve long been exploring new ways to push the game’s massively multiplayer element one step further, and today we’re unveiling a new PvP format: War of the Three Kingdoms!

Due to the sheer scale of this new feature, we plan to run a global beta on live servers to check for technical stability and gather additional user feedback before releasing the final product. Here’s a quick breakdown of the key details:


  • Player must be Level 20 or above to participate
  • Participants are randomly matchmade into 100-player Warbands
    • Roster strength is accounted for in matchmaking
    • Warband Chat can be accessed on the battlefield
  • Each Warband belongs to one of three Kingdoms (Shu, Wei, Wu)
  • Warbands from different Kingdoms face off in a 100v100 Skirmish
  • Skirmishes are similar to Alliance Wars:
    • Points are earned by defeating enemy Heroes
    • All Heroes can only be used once on Attack
    • Players start with 3 War Energy, and get 3 more at the halfway point
    • Warband with more points at the end of the Skirmish wins


  • Loot based on individual, Skirmish, Warband, and Kingdom performance
  • Placeholder rewards have been set for global beta purposes; this reward configuration is NOT final and will be adjusted before the official release


  • Signup phase: 2022-02-07T12:00:00Z2022-02-08T12:00:00Z
  • Preparation phase: 2022-02-08T12:00:00Z2022-02-09T12:00:00Z
  • Battle phase: 2022-02-09T12:00:00Z2022-02-11T12:00:00Z
  • Rewards: 2022-02-11T12:00:00Z

Please kindly keep in mind that this version is not the final product!

Our more seasoned players may remember how Alliance Wars used to be at first, and how much they have improved since then. We are looking to take the War of the Three Kingdoms through a similarly iterative process — even if it takes a while — by continuing to make adjustments based on our learnings and your feedback.

Please feel free to share any of your thoughts on the new War here! We look forward to your responses.

Best of luck on the new massive battlefield!