🐼 [Master] -- War of 3 Kingdoms GLOBAL BETA -- Discussion & Information Thread

No panda in the current Kingdom Family!? :confounded: Sorry @Pandita @BlueHair, I fell for the panda emojis. :worried: @PlayForFun will there be any pandas in the future?


The despair is crushing. Everything so bleak… going to need at least 1 5* hero to make up for this with any hope of recovering. Maybe 2 to be safe…


One day maybe… and a avatar … :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face::panda_face: well least there’s a wang…. :joy::green_salad::love_you_gesture::two_hearts:


I do not aware of any.

I am using :panda_face: emojis for the hero topics because @Guvnor used that for the Global Beta topic.


It’s possible. These characters are based on real, historic figures, although some are less historically accurate than others. As video games often take creative liberties (making minor female chars into mighty warriors is common with 3 kingdoms games), and with China’s association with pandas, it could happen, but I wouldn’t bet on it :sadpandaemoji:


Cheer up my friend! We are all by your side! I wish you luck. :bamboo: :panda_face:


I’ve gotten the 3* heroes so far, so there is hope!

Good luck to you as well! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day!


I’m glad you haven’t lost your sense of humor. :rofl:


So…they’ve finally released an entire family of massively powered heros that you cannot get by any means except purchase. Or is there some way to earn these stupid coins that I’m not seeing?

You don’t need to spend money. You can simply wait until you accumulate 350 gems or 100 tokens. If you don’t spend a dime, it’ll take a month or two. Then, for your one chance, you’ll pull a s1 hero. :man_shrugging:


As our alliance leader pointed out at portal opening, and I have to agree….

Art design:

Female heroes dressed and posed mostly like exotic dancers (“look at my body!”)

Male heroes dressed and posed mostly like warriors (power stances, ready to attack or give orders)



In the Valhalla portal, of the three featured heroes, Thor is showing the most skin…and?

I would argue that the females in question look more like they are cosplaying than look like they are exotic dancers. I mean exotic dancers? The Victorian Era was more risque!


How do I accumulate 100 tokens? There is nowhere to earn the tokens from.

We don’t know yet what the coin-drop structure will be when the W3K comes out of Beta. While it is in beta, we’ve been told to expect a handful of coins at most (less than ten) but I don’t think there’s any reason to assume that this will be the post-Beta drop structure.

Exotic dancers? LOL. Have to disagree. They are drawn to be beautiful assassins. All the females shouldn’t look like Skadi!!! These are all A’s as far as artwork goes IMO. Wang Yuanji being A+!


Yeah, more and more of the female heroes are lauching in the pose to show both T&A. Gaming companies find this an effective tactic.

Makes me think there will be 4 more legendary Chinese heroes that have yet to be in a supposed round 2 beta. Sigh, new heroes. It’s never ending, which is why I am c2p now

It appears there are 3 heros missing from the portal this time. I’m saving my pulls for next time as the Fire and green 5* missing are the big stars in my book besides the purple healer.

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Yes, these 3 heroes will arrive later.


There are many many more Heores from the Three Kingdoms lore they could use… Seriously, so many more