Athena debuff


Anyone know how many times athenas extra def debuff can proc? Lasts 4 turns, but says “each” time they are hit… What happens with multi hit combos?


I think it’s unlimited. I’ve seen some 135k hits on titans. I’ve hit 7-8*s for 100k.


With the new Athena Nerf, she is completely worthless. She is weak, too easily killed, and now has a special that might, might increase to 49% defense loss, if you’re lucky.
I paid good money in an attempt to obtain her. She is now worthless, just a collectors item to sit on a shelf and gather dust. A special character, only available for one month. And now not worth the paper it’s printed on. Grimm and Magni are way better choices now.
I will no longer spend hard earned money on monthly characters that are promised one thing and stripped away later, After I’ve gone through so much trouble to get one. Had she been released with her current special, I never would have even tried to get one.
I would like a refund on the money I have spent to buy your now worthless “monthly hero” and I strongly encourage other owners of this “garbage Athena” and her useless special, please respond with your thoughts and feelings about this terrible rape of your pocket books.
How many more times are you going to give something good, make a tidy sum of money from it, and then pull it out from under us as punishment for “using a too powerful character” Why in the hell is she even a limited edition character. She at best is a rare or epic character… Nowhere near being worth calling her “legendary”.
Again, I’d like my money back please, you promised something good, and snatched it from our hands like taking candy from a baby. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


Well said Dirty. So far 2 hero of the months. Hel was broken then fixed a month after she went on sale. Athena massively OP, then nerfed after everyone spent money getting the new "must have hero"
Anyone seeing a pattern forming here?
Can’t wait to see the broken, OP August hero that I won’t be spending any money on getting!


I totally agree with you. I’ve spent like 15’000 gems just to get Athena and now she got nerfed and is completely worthless. If I’d knew before that she’ll get nerfed (especially that much), then I wouldn’t have spent to get her. Seems to me that she was there just for making quick buck, nothing else.



I realize that there is a constant battle between making the game challenging, and keeping it fun and interesting. Too easy, and you lose people because it’s too easy. Too hard and you lose people because it’s… too hard. I have no idea as to what the process is or how difficult it is, so I won’t beat up the devs too bad on that, because it must be a delicate balancing act.

Where I do have an issue is with what is essentially a bait and switch of Athena. I had Li when she got nerfed. To me it wasn’t a big deal. She’s essentially “among the pack” that you can expect in the 4* range. I understand that from time to time some changes must be made to keep the balance, but to make a hero so alluring that people spend money (I bought three 10 packs of elemental) to attain her, only to have her stripped of her strength is a scam. It’s like buying a Corvette, taking it in a week later for a recall repair, only to find out the recall was that they put a Prius engine in your pricy sports car.

Why are the consumers/customers being punished because the devs didn’t properly test their product prior to release???

@Coppersky I’m not sure if your role as moderator gives you any kind of insight on issues like these. If so, could you comment on what’s going on? If not, I apologize for the tag.


I am tired of all this nerfing of heros. Every time we find a great hero and spend time and money on them, they get nerfed!!! I would rather they send out a new hero every two months becuase they have tested the hero and will not be nerfing it!
Why did they have to nerf Athena to 2%, why not just 5 or 6 %.
I can see many people not wanting to try for August hero of the month until they find out how badly it will be nerfed.
Developers please stop nerfing heros, instead spend time testing them before releasing them!!!


I knew one was coming for Athena, even agreed it should a little bit. I said I won’t even be mad I get it. Well, you’ve managed to annoy me yet again E&P. This was way too much of a change on a hero your players spents 100s to get.

During my entire time playing this you’ve shown me again and again that you just love to get people spending on things only to turn around and make everything they’ve put money, time, and resources into completely and utterly useless.

I’ve said it before, not another dime from me, and then fell for it again to get Athena and one of the new green 5* heroes (Kadilen… What a joke… Seriously). Fool me once shame on you, twice shame on me. This time you’ve truly been boycott and I hope others will follow suit.


I think everyone was expecting Athena to be nerfed but 10% down to 2% is too huge a nerf. Maybe bring it to 4-5%. The thing is this type of marketing crap happens in all time in mobile games, Puzzle and Dragons was the best at this and they were making hundreds of millions of dollars from it. Clash of Clans and Clash Royale did this regularly. The only way to increase revenue substantially is by using these type of marketing gimmicks.


None of the games I played did this! I’ve played tons of builder strategy war games and nerfing wasn’t a thing. At least not like this. Stats and skills always stayed the same they’d just create new aspects to the game that dulled it down a little bit. We had something new to work for and it kept us hanging on without the bait and switch.


Oh!!! Cool. That explanation makes everything right as rain. You are using the bandwagon fallacy to say that they are valid in taking this action.


I am not saying they are valid in taking this action but that is how they do business. That is the reason why I will not ever spend money on this game.


I agree Vivenna. i have played many strategic war games where the developers have added new elements to make it harder but never where they actually nerfed fundamental elements like heros.
I thought the new 5 star hero of the month was a step in the right direction for this game but then they played the nerfing game again.
Why would anyone want to spend gems to get hero of the month if they are just going to do this to them. Athena is not much better than the 4 star hero Grimm.
They have made almost impossible to ascend a 5 star hero to 4th level( only a handful of players have achieved this with one or two 5 stars). So it was refreshing to have a decent 5 star hero that was powerful in 3rd ascension. Athena is so weak on defence that with the nerf, I likely will toss her to the side or maybe feed her to another 5 star .
I too am done on spending money on heros as they always get nerfed!


When a new hero (in E&P terms, apply liberally to any other game and their implementation) fundamentally changes the game such that it is an automatic use in EVERY situation of a given type (in this case Titan damage, though apparently she was plenty scary on raid defense too), it’s game breaking for a game that revolves around strategic choices and tradeoffs. I know all of one player as of 2 days ago that was still questioning whether to spend the effort leveling Athena (though this morning he looks smarter than the rest of us but I digress) and that’s not brilliant from a game design perspective.

The problem is this particular nerf probably goes well too far in the other direction and doesn’t seem worthy of the rarity of a monthly hero. That’s poor game design too. The whole scenario just makes the product design staff look sloppy and then they took a quick and heavy handed fix. I think I’d add lazy to the list of adjectives there too.

I’m neither surprised by the nerf nor the reaction to it; personally, I’m still going to keep playing the game and nobody is going to hear me wailing or gnashing my teeth, but I’m probably going to shelve her in favor for Grimm as in my early testing she doesn’t really seem worthwhile anymore given her current state and the time and expense of leveling her. Poor investment in multiple dimensions which suggests there’s still a problem with Athena, just a different one.


I totally agree with Dirty, I sure won’t be spending another dime on this game. I forked out money just to get Athena and bam 3 days later nerfed… I’m extremely irritated. If you’re gonna make a Hero of the month you should not change it. All you’re doing is making a lot of unsatisfied customers. I most definitely want a refund, this is not the product I paid for.


Not a lot I can say that hasn’t already been said.
But I want to add my voice.

I feel like you create “magical” heroes to entice people to spend. But as a friend has said it becomes a typical bait-&-switch tactic to screw over every person who has invested in gems & used them to obtain these incredible heroes.

You need to invest more in testing before releasing these heroes. It is not fair nor reasonable to release them only to say “whoops, we messed up” and nerfing them after basically conning lots of people out of their hard earned money trying to obtain them.

This tactic of yours is getting old & it’s changing how people feel about the game.

Although I wonder if you care… You’ve lost so many of your historic players already because of MANY repeated situations like this.

But with lots of people still joining to try the game you probably don’t care about those of us who have been around for a while as you have a regular influx if innocent potential victims joining all the time.

As a business - I get it a you want $. But a real (non-digital) business would have a really hard time keeping afloat if they treated their clientelle like this.

(Leader: Thirsty Beavers)
(Player since early March 2017)
(Was a paying player but don’t see the point in paying any more)


Hello JonSnow,

I’m afraid I don’t have any insight on this one. Usually game changes are made in smaller increments - my guess is they do it that way so that they can nose up to the sweet spot. I’m hoping that they dropped it down and will keep looking at player feedback for what results they are getting from the modified Athena, then adjust back up to a balanced point. That’s nothing official btw, just personal opinion/musing.

Personally, I do think that the monthly heroes should be something a little special, and have just a bit more oomph. But, in my opinion the 10% was way off balance. Members in my alliance had their titan scores that were way off the charts.


Thanks @Coppersky. I wasn’t sure that this issue was in your wheelhouse or not, but thank you for addressing it none the less.


I think it’s exceedingly important to not just brush this off and justify it as “needed to be done.” I don’t think anyone with an interest in keeping the game we all love fair and balanced would argue that point.

The issue at hand is the bait and switch. The fact that she was that overpowered in the first place that you literally had to have her if you wanted to compete. The incompetence of inadequire testing and a careless release. The two week delay in which people spent money and dedicated months of work in the form of ascension items collected to leveling her. The thoughtlessness on the effects of the indelicate actions taken to lazily “fix” her, essentially rendering her worthless in the process with a massive overcorrection of 80% less effective.

The bottom line is this. In no uncertain terms, the trust of the majority of this community has been utterly eviscerated as a result of this. I for one see no way to justify spending another cent when the probability is strong that an overpowered hero will be released and aggressively marketed, and then a few weeks later made into something completely useless.

I sincerely hope we get some answers and a resolution here. I’ve always respected the difficulty of the job associated with developers, finding a balance between playability and profitability is no simple thing. Nerfs are a necessary part of all games, but they require a great deal more thought, care, and tactful execution than was afforded in this instance.