Athena Solution


To my fellow Players and the noble Developers at Small Giant Games,

Many players have developed Athena to 70 by now and the bug of her debuff stacking with other debuffs has become a well known exploit. It seems everyone has been painted into a corner by this, which is perhaps why it has not been fixed already. Namely, fix this bug and many alliances will find it much more difficult to down titans at the power level they’ve become used to. Leave it be and shut out the majority of players who don’t have Athena and therefore have no hope of winning the A+ spot while being relegated to B and C level damage in most titan battles. The later group may not be complaining much right now but I think it’s also an issue of fairness and I personally believe in the Devs commitment to running a fair game that’s enjoyable for almost anyone who chooses to play.

I offer the following proposal. Rather than have most alliances backtrack in their Titan progress why not change Athena’s bug to an intended buff and buff another selected card as well? That is, allow another 5* hero’s debuff to stack with the same debuffs Athena’s debuff currently stacks with? The obvious candidate is Isarnia - allowing her debuff to stack won’t take away from Athena’s relative power level and will maintain game balance since everyone has the same chance to win an Isarnia card.

Implementing this solution or one much like it I think will make the most people happy. However I also understand Athena currently is not working as intended and her insane titan damaging capabilities are from an exploit, not to mention what she and Isarnia could do in PvP if this feature were turned into an intended buff. In this case I ask that you fix the Athena bug asap. We’ll all deal with the temporary pain of adjusting our performance in titan battles but the majority of players will have a fighting chance at top scores on the damage list again. Athena will still have the best defense debuff in the game and Athena teams will still be dominant, but the rest of us won’t be so completely shut out of contention as we are now.

With the Most Kind Regards,


I think it should be fixed so it doesn’t stack. Giving same bug to one other hero isn’t a good solution. There is also a problem with stacking with vivica or magni.

I had heroes buffed by vivica and then debuffed by athena, so they had both effects on. The result was not what to except. My heroes still took more gem damage than normally. While the result should be that they get slightly less damage than a hero without either one. It is a shame i didn’t have time to check the actually defense number on my heroes, because vivicas buff ran out after I noticed it.

And who would use Isarnia on a titan?


I haven’t noticed the stacking. I use Isarnia and Athena. Yes, both debuffs show active, but I don’t see a diff in dmg dealt. If there was, it would be easily noticeable since the dmg would essentially double. Would be awesome if it did stack, but I also understand how that can suck when it comes to standard game mechanics.


They do stack. I have gotten 70k damage on titan fights with Boldtusk, Gormek and Athena activated and 40k-50k hits are common for me.

Gems can hit for almost 1000! That is per gem! And specials for 3000. Just need some combos and the damage goes through the roof. Before Athena was nerfed from 10% to 4% per stack, I could do over 100k per titan fight.

Her is a screenshot from 4 purple diamonds hitting a holy 8* titan. That is double damage from gems because the color.


That’s hella sexy! What level heroes?


Sartana and Lianna are 80 and the rest 70.


Impressive damage, very jelly.


Just take away the glitch. It is truly boring that having one specific hero more than doubles your damage in comparison to any other setup. Since Athena release the only thing that matters in alliances trying to kill titans is “do you have Athena?”. Athena would still be unique in being the only average speed 5* with defence lowering ability and would still have the strongest lowering of defence which would still make her the best hero for titan killing.