Athena or Raffaele next

Ok my wife pulled Athena… she has isarnia costume, magni, misandra maxed.
Her Raffaele is 3/70…
Should she max Raffaele or Athena(she also has a +8 kiril)

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I pulled an Athena today.

I am going to ascend her over Raffaele and Alasie.

Reason: Athena is the perfect def down hero to boost Titan scores.

More titan loots = more ascension mats in the long run.

That’s my rationale.

Cheers!! :beers:


Athena is god on red titans.
She’s great pretty much everywhere.

Raffaeles reputation has improved significantly from the sneering “pfft slow = feeder” response he got at launch… But he’s still no Ariel.

I’d do Athena again in a heartbeat… It just depends on what your priorities are.

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Isn’t she redundant with isarnia?

You need to time them well. Obviously, both should not be fired together.

Also, Isarnia brings in great tile damage. So, she has her own use there.

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The drop becomes much higher… No reason you can’t run them in tandem (I do, because my cIsarnia has 880ish attack) - fire Athena alongside Miki and fire Isarnia when Miki’s buff isn’t up.

Much higher scores than with Isarnia alone.


Thanks much appreciated.
She will use tarlak unfortunately while I was lucky and got miki today.
Best of luck guys


Both of you should bump your phones together to exchange those heroes. :wink:

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Lol and i got a second alberich which I’ll probably never level since i already have one maxed and a Heimdall to level.
Thanks for the feedback guys

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Another vote for Athena. Her D down is dramatically stronger than any other comparable hero, and that is much more important than having another strong color hero in your titan team, I have found. The extra defense reduction is so significant I get better scores on green titans with Athena than Wilbur.

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Go with Raffaele. Your wife already have Isarnia with costume maxed which is a titan hero mainly, yea Athena maybe reduce a bit more % of def but isarnia is good enough tbh you don’t need to waste mats on another hero that does the same thing you need only 1 def down for titan. Out of titan both isarnia and athena are not the best of it’s color, athena maybe a little faster but there is a lot better choice and with costume bouns maybe isarnia will do even better in raids etc. Also you have no 5* healer maxed for blue, raffaele once he fired it turns the tide, slow but sturdy, rated A for offense. Kiril is good but a 4* after all, his power is limited compare 5*s

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@AnRui I have both Raffaele and Athena, and I was at the same crossroads as your wife. I chose Raffaele because I only had one 5* healer on my roster (Puss in Boots) and I couldn’t always bring him to the party. I felt it was more important to level a 2nd 5* healer than it was to level another sniper. I had a ton of those both 4* and 5*.

Since leveling Raffaele, I have no regrets! He has been a super star. Yes, he is slow, but it only means you need to charge him early so you have him ready. Once done, the battle is technically over. He keeps my heros healed and my snipers do the rest. The only time I have issues is when the opponent brings multiple mana controllers which prevent Raffaele from ever charging. At that point, the battle is a toss up.

Athena is now current being level and should be ready to add to the mix soon. All in all, I feel like I made the right choice! By the way since leveling Raffaele, I pulled Kunchen from the last Tavern and Vivica from my TC20. I leveled Kunchen and have Vivica with her costume ready to get leveled once I finish with Poseidon. So now, I have more than enough 5* healers, so I can work on the next best hero for every element without a concern.

I hope that helps. Good luck! :wink:


Athena is great def worth mats I’d say you will use more in the long run. Have her +5
I do like raff but Athena I’d choose as she awesome

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Athena, and you should know how to use her. Look at this sample… so do not cast Athena until Titan def down is gone, because the advantage is gone if it is replaced.

Play at that time 8:06 or click Play (it is autmatic at that time).

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