Suprisingly low titan damage with Panther

Has anyone else found Panther to be underwhelming on holy titans? I fully expected my tile damage to soar with a lineup of Kiril - Athena - Panther - Seshat - Ranvir. On several holy titans, though, tile damage seems to be staying under 2K, which is lower than the average damage I’m used to with other titans.

As a side note, I’ve also been meaning to ask whether people feel that Kiril - Athena is a better combo for off colour titans than BT - Wilbur.

Thanks in advance!

She only drops defense for purple tiles so your only getting a bonus on Seshat and her damage. Add another purple instead of one of the blues and you’ll see the difference.


I would go

athena panther seshat 3rd dark ranvir

Use bear banners or dragon banners in place of kiril


Good suggestions. I tried that with a bit of improvement. Probably just the underwhelming boards I got (ok and my mediocre skill).


I believe panther’s skills is more about her dark allies and cumulative tile damage rather than just her sole, cleave damage on a single target.

After lowering defense against dark, I find the resulting tile damage from 4 more dark allies to break holy titan legs


Replace Athena with Tiburtus. And unless you’re using Kiril for defensive survival, use Boldtusk instead. I never use fewer than 4 strong color heroes, even if I’m missing a key element.