Help with Season 1: Province 17+ and more help please

200% means 200 damage

For some non logical reason lol

And also the damage changes because of the enemies defense and the heroes attack

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I pulled Rigard this morning, should I concentrate on Tyrum or Rigard first?

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You already have Belith as a healer, and it will take time to level up Rigard (how many Trap Tools do you have? you need 4 to max him).

I would go Tyrum first, faster to level and you really need to replace Layla soon. It would be good to have at least two 3s maxed per color before you start on your 4s at this stage.

But if you have like 3 or 4 Trap Tools already, you can do Rigard… as long as you also prioritize Belith (or Mnesseus) so you have a dispeller ready. Rigard is also useful for his cleansing.

Same logic applies to Li Xiu, if you have 3-4 Magic Orbs you could work on her some more now, I guess.

But remember it takes much more food and feeder heroes to level 4s up than to do 3s.

How do I look for Trap Tools for Rigard? If I click on Ascend, there is no “Trap Tool” mentioned to level him. Everything else i have about 200+ of to ascend him (Wooden shield + dagger + sharpening stone). Or do I need to look somewhere else?

I will do Tyrum, then Belith then. I think I am just wanting to do 4s as soon as I can so I can stop getting my ■■■ handed to me. I keep dying by those Heroes with Counter Attack stuff, and then healers. Those 2 combination on teams are killing me so much in Wars and Raids. I see Boril (??) and Rigard a lot as the 2 culprits, so I think my mind is just jumping to them, plus I was thinking (liking) Brienne being kept on my team as Green/Nature, and switching out Layla for Rigard.

But this is why I come here to seek advice from you all that know a lot better than me.

I found the answer to my Atlantis Rises question… It’s on the 4th thursday of each month, so August 22nd, which is great, only a week away.

I noticed that I had “Dark” elemental summoning (which I got rigard), that one expired and I expected another Elemental to be shown, but it has put Dark on again for another 2 days. Is that normal? Seems weird, i would have thought it would rotate and change to another one when the timer expired.

you need dispellers to deal with riposte / counter attack heroes. that means Tyrum and Belith among the ones you have. Rigard doesn’t dispel.

Trap tools are required for the last ascension of Rigard, same with Magic Orbs for Li Xiu. you won’t see that intil you’ve brought them to the second to last ascension

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Hi thanks.
I have got Tyrum now on the last Ascension, I just need to level him to 50 and he is done. Got him on 7/8 for the Special too which is great. Would he be worth putting a couple of points into for the Talent Grid, or should I save those for 4* and above?

Oh I looked in my inventory and i only have 1 trap tool, so yeah you guys are obviously right in who to do first. Thanks a lot, I do appreciate it.
Not sure about Orbs for Li Xiu though but i am sure probably 0 lol.

it will take you a while to max 4s, and it is cheap to give emblems to 3s. go ahead and give a few to Tyrum. i don’t think you have any others in his hero class either.

@notyou87 Trap tools are the kind of ascension materials that only come from random drops. When filling your chests, should an elemental one roll around fill it asap because those have very high chances of dropping those 3 star and four star ascension materials.

But yeah to echo the advice of everyone else, concentrate on your three stars for now. I have Tyrum emblemed up to node 12 and he is really good as a fast dispeller. As soon as your Friar Tuck is done, level up Mnesseus as you can never have too many dispellers. :grin: As soon as your Tyrum is done and you have the three more trap tools, then start Rigard as he is a very good high end gameplay healer. What is your compass and fine glove count while we are talking three star ascension mats?

I have 2 compasses and 1 Fine Glove (if that’s the glove you mean?).
I also got an Azar today, so she is my second good red (Nashgar + Azar - Nashgar is fully levelled and ascended).

I haven’t had any elemental wanted chest missions for a very long time, since I was about rank 14 or so, I am now rank 25. I just get the “kill 100 monsters” and regular kill 40 heroes. Frustrating cos I have always had really good rewards from the elemental chests, like you said.

I only have 5 adventure kits left, i have clearly been doing too many heroes for common/uncommon haha.
Will start farming 8-7 and not create any more in my TC for now.

My ascension mats =

1x Farsight Telesescope
2x Mysterious Tonic
1x Royal Tabbard
17x Battle Manual
24x Chanmail Shirt
2x Compass
1x Fine Gloves
3x Hidden Blade
27x Scabbard
3x Sturdy Shield
19x Tall Boots
1x Trap Tools
1x Warm Cape
210x Arcane Scripts
216x Dagger
217x Leather Armor
151x Sharpening Stone
251x Strong Rope
307x Wooden Shield
5x Adventure Kit
599x Practice Sword
903x Rugged Clothes
905x Training Manual.

I read that you can keep your feeder heroes in your TC, but I don’t understand how.
If I trained lets say, 10… They all finish, I now want to go back and train 10 more, even if I don’t click “claim”, it adds them in my roster. Is there a way to keep them in the TC? I saw someone say he has 1000 in his TC waiting to feed. Or is this someone with an advanced building or something?

Also, does anyone know the best Team Power to have before trying to farm a few level on S2? I saw in that Barry’s spreadsheet that S2-8 is good for adventure kits which I am in need of, so I was wondering, if with my team I could easliy beat it by using the autoplay feature, or do you think it would lose? I remember when I first did these levels for S2, I struggled and used a lot of healing potions.

This can be done using the extra-long duration training, aka TC4, TC11, TC13 or TC20 as a bank.
These levels require a long duration so you can queue a lot of recruits at a same time in them
At first, using TC4 is a good idea to bank food and recruits. Once you get to TC11, it becomes your permanent bank. You just have to keep adding new trainings.
Here are some threads explaining probably better this concept


For your second question, if my understanding of Barry’s spreadsheets is correct, any level in season 2, province 1 is actually the best place to get some backpacks.
As far as your question about autoplay, it might be hard, but you could try it once and see how it goes😉
For autoplay i often add 1-2 more healer to my team, for a safety net. So depending on the level, i go 2 or 3 healers and 2 hitters.

If you have any more questions, feel free to @ me :relieved:

Have fun!

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@J1mau I tend to do Season 2 1-1 for backpack farming. Has been the most useful l have done for backpack farming. Most I got in one round was 4.


Well yes, you can go to S2 for backpacks, but then you are paying higher energy costs (except during Atlantis Rises).

Otherwise you might want to try the old standby S1:5-8. That should still be listed on Barry’s spreadsheet too. :wink:

That’s what I was thinking, August 22nd to try and do it.
I have tested autoplay on S2-1 and S2-8, S2-1 works fine and no deaths for my team and S2-8 I die at the boss it seems.

The other reason I am wanting to do this for Atlantis Rising is due to the fact you get random coins don’t you, sometimes I was getting 10. So if I can kind of kill 2 birds with one stone, it’d be great.

Hi. Look. You just need to get training camp level 11. And repeat the level 12-9 as your brain pop out. Don’t worry. Just put all your recruits on 3x tc11, and you l see your heroes grow way much faster. As son as you get 4* start to level them up at maximum using that way. Good luck

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Thanks for al the advice everyone. Now I am just going to do as you all said and concentrate on leveling my stuff and farming.
As it is, I am slowly [but surely] getting there. I am at SH 15 now.

For future reference, does anyone know if a guide exists which shows what enemies you have on each Season, Province and Stage? Like, I just did S1: 20-2, and it had mostly Fire and Holy enemies, I think. I have tried looking for a list or guide on what stages have what types of enemies but i can’t find anything. I am not rushing to do them but i am curious for when I am ready, as I don’t want to end up wasting 6 or 7 WE.

Ok so quick update cos I have a few new heroes and not sure who to prioritize now:


Friar Tuck (Ascension 3: Level 9)
Rigard (Ascension 1: Level 36)
Li Xiu (Ascension 3: Level 1)
Karil (Ascension 3: Level 9)
Kailani (Ascension 2: Level 21)
Mnesseus (ascension 2 lvl 1)
Graymane (Ascension 1: Level 18)
Azar (Ascension 1: Level 19)

Brienne (a second one)

If you could say the next 3 or 5 or exact order of all you think i should concentrate on, i’d greatly appreciate it.
The reason I put some on each was for when there is a Titan event, i could use multiple colours and not die too easily.

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