Player and province help please!


Hello all!
I am a total newbie at this and instantly became addicted to this game. I am at a point in the game where it is becoming more difficult to beat provinces stages. I am currently at level 14 with a team power of 1578.
My team consist of 3 star Karil, Bane, Azar, and Dawa… And 2 star Julius (maxed) and Brogan.
I believe once I construct barracks to train my troops that would be a big boost in my power and help surpass stages.
Until then, I’m working on finding a successful attack style to work with the team I have. If anyone have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated (ie: hero’s to level, hero placement, even battle items I should use).
I should add, when fighting my players almost always die with a full mana bar (Ughhhh)!

Thank you in advance,

“The Mary Magdalene”


Don’t worry about advancing on the much as the only benefit is increasing watchtower production. Farm lower levels to get resources and recruits. Build up your training camps to 13 asap to try for 4*s. Once you have some step get heroes, the map will be easy enough


@Talisax … Thank you for that info on building my troop training camp… I had no idea. It is tips like that that I needed.


Training camps are for heroes (e.g. Bane, Karil, etc). Troops are different (the things you attach to heroes when you go int edit team). When your stronghold reaches level 10, you can build a barracks to level your troops, but you’ll want to wait until you have your heroes leveled for that.

the wiki here is a good resource


Some pooh pooh this as “for newbies only”, but I still find the attached links helpful. Try here too:

Keep in mind that 1-2* heroes are basically food the moment you get something better, and 3* heroes are a jumping off point for 4*. (You’ll be fine with 3* only so far and then need something stronger.)

There are two Training Camp lvls in-game that give a chance for something better: TC13 = possible 4*, TC20 = possible 4-5*


@Dante2377…I figured there was something to building houses and leveling, I just couldn’t figure it out. Thank you for that. Now it makes more sense to build and upgrade mines/food because the higher you go the more it cost. Thank for the resources link too.


@Rook… This is a great working document that I have been looking for. Thank you.


If you’re not spending or spending very little (fyi i recommend the 4.99 starter deal even if that’s the only thing you ever buy) Id recommend getting your stronghold to 13 as fast as you can (assuming you level your farms enough to have food to level your heroes) so you can get a training camp to 13. then you can get a rare (3 star) or possibly elite (4 star about 5% chance) hero every two days. great way to slowly but surely build your hero roster for free.


Agree with the starter pack, or any epic offer really. Best gem to real world cash ratio plus bonuses. Immediately on your current situation, I’d spend 300 gems on dark hero element pull and 300 on nature pull. You might be close already if you haven’t been spending, but both guarantee a minimum of 3* hero in colors you need.

Tc 13 guarantees 3*, but might take awhile to get there


takes a while, but worth it. Once you get two TC13s going, you’re looking at each one producing 15 heroes a month, or 30 total. At approx 5% 4 star drop rate, you’re getting a 4 star every 20 or so TC13 trainings. So 1.3 4 stars a month for $0.


@Dante2377 and @Aeons… Your help and suggestions has been just what I needed.

I do need help with one more thing… When I get defeated at the boss stage, I notice at least 2 or 3 of my players have full mana (which drives me crazy). I know there must be a way to tell who will be hit, but I just haven’t figured that out yet. Is it the color combo used, lowest health, or is it totally random?


I think it’s random, but positioning is important. If you are fighting someone with Target and nearby enemies special and you need someone alive to hit special, move them to the end. I have alberich on end in offense. 2nd on defense to get Mana going. If I had boldtusk (which I don’t) I’d put him in front on defense and side on offense. There might be a method to the madness of ai targeting, but I haven’t figured it out.

I Keep alberich on the side for map too. Just more comfortable with him there. But I don’t advance too often on the map. Mostly farm and finish missions. On province 23, but don’t want to waste resources on the map. Not much to gain from it.


@Rook… Just letting you know, according to the guide, converting a building to a barrack is “free”. But it actually cost 250,000 silver bars. Just wanted to let you know so someone could update the guide. It has been a big help to me.


Thanks! Calling the Guide creator, @Coppersky: Please See above. :wink:


Apologies! Lost this post!

I have edited the guide. The intention was to say that converting back and forth between your new barracks and the previous building was free.


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