Help with Season 1: Province 17+ and more help please

Hello everyone.
I started this game as a relaxed kind of gameplay, not realizing how much strategy, etc is involved. For a long time, I went with the flow and didn’t really pay attention or much of anything else.

Now I am at Province 17 and kind of struggling. Just wondering what to do next.
I did see that a big problem I had was my Heroes. I will post all my stats in a second but I did see (from reading here) I should have upgraded my Training Camp to a lvl 10 much sooner. I am still building that now and it’s got 10hrs left (from lvl 9 to 10).

I only kept 1 of each colour for a long long time as I was getting rubbish people constantly (obviously the same ones).

Here is my setup: I am Rank 20

Team 1 is my go-to as you can see, and the ones I have focused on - I didn’t have any other Heroes besides those 5 up until a couple of days ago.

Stronghold: Level 12
3x Craft Buildings: Levels - 1, 5 and 9.
3x Mine: Levels - 7, 7 and 8
4x Iron Storage: Levels - 9, 9, 9 and 10 ((Total I can hold: 586k)
2x Training Camps: Levels - 3 and 9 (10hrs left and it will be level 10)
2x Houses: Levels - 5 and 5 (Total I can hold: 58)
3x Food Storage: Levels - 5, 6 and 6 (Total I can hold: 343k)
6x Farm: Levels - 5, 5, 5, 6, 6 and 7.
Outpost: Level 4

I have 3 remaining empty spaces at the moment where I can build either: Training Camp, Farm, House. The rest say I must upgrade the Stronghold to build.

Thanks in advance for advice. I am dying easy at the moment with the Province 17+ and for Season 2.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

My suggestion in this phase is to try making mana and healing potion as much as you can. Remaining items to craft at your stage are axe and arrows.
This will all help you survive battles ahead.

Focus on getting heroes through TC11, try to get epic heroes. With a lot of times repeating stage, good board will come and you will go ahead. It is bit frustrating at this level to pass but as much as you go all will become easier specially if you get 4* healer.

I would leave does 3 places blank for now, I got my filled on rank 35 so you got time to decide whit what to go. Priorities are TC11 and craft as much as you can.

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First of all, you don’t need to rush moving forward in map, as soon as you start struggling, farm in lower levels and make your team better.
Ulmer, kailani, banne and brienne are good 3 stars. Finnish them, and it will be easier, this game is marathon, just sit down and enjoy, or at least try it :smile:
Here in forum is a lot of very usefull information, how to upgrade faster heroes, what lvl to farm better, what 3 star to focus etc.


Hi and thank you for the responses.
I think I am just so eager to get “the best” and everything upgrading, and finish everything so I have better and better but it is a long game, I understand.

I will do as you both suggest and not worry about the provinces/levels and just farm previous levels for resources etc.

A couple of things I am confused about are:

  1. I have seen on here about the position of your Heroes matters a lot. From those on my first team, I am at a loss as to who to put where. I have tried numerous positions and it seems the majority of times no matter where I place Layla, she gets killed first. And not because she is weaker than the rest but because the enemies seem to target her the most. If you could recommend the best positions for them, i’d greatly appreciate (and also for my defense team too?)

  2. Tiles! I don’t understand, do these get influenced by anything at all? Are they influenced by what the AI are? It seems when I am fighting a group of Fire enemies… I only ever get GREEN tiles and only a couple of BLUE ones to cause most damage. The same happens it seems, for all elements.Is it completely random or is it influenced by something (multiple things?).

Thanks again in advance.

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  1. Yes, position does metter, hero with most defense is always centar position or tank, specially healer. Flanks (gambler position) are mostly boosters or debuffers or heroes to give you ability like Brienne in your case. It’s ok to use all effecting attackers as well on flank. On wings people use snipers in your case Layla and Ulmer.
    On wings tiles hits you the least so there is good chance heroes survive and do most damage to opponent.

The new AI introduced in last few months by SG from V20.0 is now focused on key heroes so when fighting against your opponent it will try to attack your flanks and wings more then center position. AI evaluates were it will get most damage per hit.
I would say it behaves in way that healers and hp boosters are not hitters and leaves them for last. I am not sure how it evaluates what hero is a key hero, but it surely doesn’t function as before when it focused on heroes with least HP or with full mana.

  1. Tiles or boards are random. There is nothing controlling tiles that you get on board, there are only good and bad boards. Most of us get frustrated when we don’t get good boards in a row but after some time it all gets back to good and you forget about does bad once. I also thought that there is conspiracy around tiles when I played mono teams and I get 10 boards in a row with almost none necessary tiles for mana boost. This is pure RNG. Combination of the boards is not manipulated.

Hope this helps you. Keep up the good work all will come, this game is very interesting and needs a lot of combining and knowledge to get in big league.


I mean just level up your heroes it took me 3 half leveled 4*s to beat it

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Get a TC13 and a TC12 and than farm 8-7 for recruits is probably the best plan


And than finally (other than what other said) only focus on leveling your heroes in your first line

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What’s the rush? I’ve finished both seasons but I still consistently farm 1-7-4, 1-8-7, 1-6-8 because of the efficiency of drops vs flag costs.

Why struggle, use a lot of pots to try and finish other than face an even tougher stage when your roster isn’t ready yet.

Get your 3* maxed, get a couple 4* too is my advice before wasting flags and pots.


@notyou87 TC13 will give you 3*, with a chance at 4*. TC20 will give you 3*, but with a chance of both 4* or 5* heroes. You will eventually want to level a Training Camp to 20 to take advantage of this.

Agree on resting at the moment; when the map gets too hard, farm what has come before…This helps you stockpile ingredients for later times when you will make battle items in bulk. What level are your Forge(s)?

Lastly, this may help:

Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

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Thanks everyone. So it’s a case of build, wait, rinse and repeat.

So far my highest Forge is at Level 9. It’s been doing me nicely so far. I have not researched everything in there. For example the ones I have not researched are: Antidotes; Turtle Banner; Potent Healing Potion (500 HP).

I need to upgrade 2 of my Iron Storage (doesn’t matter which one/s as they are all lvl 9 or 10) to get it to over 619k, so I can upgrade my SH from 12 to 13.

There are a lot of things in my TC that I have yet to research. I am saving those for after I get to TC13, is that the bet idea - I assume so?
The only ones I have researched are: Common. Uncommon. Fast. Fire. Holy. That’s it, the rest I have not.

Does anyone know what my food storage will need to be at, in order to research the Epic ones at Level 13? Currently my Food storage is 379k. ITo research the Rare ones (Level 12 TC) I need 339k, so it will exceed my 379k, but how much by?

@notyou87 regarding TC research I can definitely say only research TC 1, 2, 11, 13, 20, (19 if you do a lot of pulls)

The color specific is inefficient and you probably won’t use.


Definitely research level 11, and start hitting stage 8-7 as much as you can. You get the most recruits per World Energy flag.

Put as many recruits in level 11 training, that’ll help with keeping a steady supply of heroes to feed. And if you need to pull more recruits and food for more expensive training, you can do so from level 11 training.

I recommend keeping two training camps up to level 13. Personally I think level 12 is nice too for the guaranteed chance at 3*s, considering your current roster I think you could use it while you wait for your base to upgrade. IIRC it takes 2 days to upgrade to the castle to level 13 (then there’s the training camp upgrade and research time for level 13), so you’ll get use out of level 12 for just a bit until you get level 13.

Hi and thanks.

My SH is still upgrading with about 8 hours to go, then I can finally upgrade my TC to 13 too.
I had a few other questions since last coming here but I can’t remember them.
1 thing: I joined a random alliance and we are against a titan at the moment (I have thought many, I understand to try stun it with 3 tiles)… but what I find is that some of the titans seem to “waste time” but having an animation take 5 seconds or more. Like the one we’re currently fighting has 528k health, and its special skill is “frenzy plant” where the animation takes forever, so then you have so much time wasted on that. I assume there is nothing I can do to speed the animation up, is there?

Should I upgrade any of the Talent Grids for my roster? Since last posting I have also managed to acquire Mnesseus (3*). I tried to take advantage of the Atlanta Rises and reduced energy. I have managed to do ok for it and unlocked/summoned that new 3* and I am at 91 Coins again. I want to try get to the 100 again, and then farm Season 1 like you guys have suggested.

Only thing you can do is not let him use his special with time stop for example, or with special heroes like merlin, hansel, gretel, etc. but it’s not your concern at the moment, just try your best
Mnesius is great 3 star heroe definetly level him
About talents, it’s actually hard to answer, I wouldn’t recommend to use them on 3 stars, but I also have some of them, so it’s up to you.
I have with talents melia cause I try to take her against purple titan, because if her special goes of with wu Kong and some other buffer, for me it’s boldtusk its serious damage
And jahangir and carver, I used them in raid tournament with fast mana and just wanted to increase my chases for top1.
But you always will have opportunity to reset those talents with reset button, but resources you spent will be waste, so you have to be sure before you use them

@notyou87 Have you been using your daily summons? If so, then use the one and two stars to feed your 3 stars and color match your heroes your infusing into the one that you want to level.

Example, for Bane infuse holy heroes to get the maximum amount of xp. There is an xp bonus if you match the colors. Holy one stars will give you 180 per hero instead of 150. If you have to use off color heroes to level up Bane, use them to top off the xp bar.

Also to add to what you said do 10 heroes (the max) at a time instead of just 1 hero at a time it takes less food and is just better in general

I have been using my daily summons, and I think I have been wasting stuff because of being too impatient. By this I mean I level up heroes when only have a few others I don’t need. I will definitely save them now so not to waste.

My SH has upgraded to 13, so now my TC is doing the same, it’s currently got about 18hrs left, so I can’t wait.

I also managed to get to 100 Atlantis Coins again, and got a yellow woman called Li Xiu, or something like that? A 4* and she is my first. Now, I am just farming as you all suggested.

What do you think I should upgrade after this TC is at 13? Should I focus on getting my SH higher and then my TC?
I have upgraded Barracks to Lvl 2 as well, which I forgot to mention. Is this worth focusing on yet? I would assume no, and focus on my heroes first?

Also, I saw some images of people that have a capacity of about 00 Heroes in their roster… mine is at 55. I see you can buy for gems, an increase of 5, so from 55 to 60. Is there no “free” way to do this, or is it always a must buy with gems ?

Yes if you level up sometimes there is a hero cap increase

Probably focus on upgrading your stronghold to 20 and than your training camp to 20 (Also as a note all iron storages being level 18 is what you need for stronghold 20)

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