Help me, please - how to continue from this point?

Hey, guys.
Basically I’m trying to play the game with patience, without spending much money. Only bought the pet dragon.
I saved around 600 gems and used them for 2 elemental summons. Got extremely lucky to get 2 4 star heroes.
Just finished researching the ELITE training and I’m doing my first one - hopefully in 2 days I’ll get lucky again. :smiley:

This is what I have right now. Not keeping any 1 or 2 stars, feeding them right away. I don’t have all the items required to get my 4 stars to tier 4. So what should I do? Keep leveling Berden, or drop it and get both 4 stars to lvl 60? And is my team 1 the strongest possible team out of what I have? What should I do to move on? I’m close to province 23, but right now levels are extremely difficult that’s what I paused the progressing a little.

This is where the grind begins. All of us have been there. If you can’t get thru one of the province levels without lots of battle items, then you will need to go back to farming. I would suggest 8.7 to farm and then start saving up hams and iron and troops. You will need to focus on your stronghold and the other buildings. You want to get to a point where you have multiple TC running full time spitting out new heroes as either keepers or feeders. You will want to work up to getting TC 20 running ( this will take time btw) with a chance to get more 4* and a slight chance for 5*.


Thank you!

One more thing - I was unfortunate to only get 5/8 skill while leveling Balthazar 7/8 hawkmoon and 6/8 bane…
Is it worth it to try leveling the skills with max lvl characters?

Yeah especially with those 3. They will be helpful in events and in Wars. You increase the chance by feeding the same hero color at 10 at a time.

For now, I would say level your 4* as far as you can, then work on 3* heroes. Keep all your 3* for now, until you have at least 30 heroes for wars.

Level the following 3* heroes as you get them:

Green: Berden, Brienne, Belith
Blue: Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar
Red: Nashgar, Azar, Hawkmoon
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Balthazar again
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani

If you pull duplicates of any of those, keep them for now.

Also keep and level any Event or Atlantis 3* you get.

Don’t stress over finishing the map. Keep farming 8-7 or 12-9 for feeders and recruits. Focus on getting your stronghold built and your training camps leveled. Since you have 1 at level 13, keep dumping food and recruits into it to train 3* and the occasional 4* heroes. Work on getting your other camps to level 11 for extra low cost training, and keep them running for a steady stream of feeders

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You said you were feeding your 1/2s as soon as you got them. This should change to feeding on-color in groups of at least six to your sams color heroes.


I would finish Berden and Azar. They’re two of the best 3*'s and you’re going to use them for a long time.

Use your green and red feeders on them, respectively.

First, though, take Skittle as far as you can (3/60), before going back to Berden. If you happen to get enough shields by then AND don’t have a better 4* green, then keep going with Skittle.

Tc11 keep stacking recruits here

Tc20 (another tc than that 11)

In the mean time just farm 8-7 and special quests

Once at tc20, wait for you first 4 star or 5 stars to appear. Than empty out tc11 into tc19 and power level those nice 4/5 stars.

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The timing of your post is so interesting! I just started back on Season 1 levels now that Return to Morlovia is over. And I’m stuck too, on 21-7, just two levels ahead of you.

Having just beat Advanced Morlovia (I took a victory lap here) I was shocked to get defeated so easily! Then I loaded up with Battle Items and tried again. Another loss!

Part of the problem is the fact that I don’t have a lot of strong yellow heroes and the Elite Enemies are purple.

But based on @Rude’s comment I guess the difficulty really ramps up in this province! So it’s back to grinding and trying to get to TC 20.

Good luck and thanks to the other posters.

Update: A strong healer + Spirit Link really help to progress in Province 21. Gunnar + Rigard are working really well together! I just passed 21-7 and 21-8 without having to use a lot of Battle Items.


Update from me aswell.
Didn’t try to progress any further, focused on building my team. Got a few tokens from war/chests. This is how it looks at the moment - working towards having 3 strong teams for wars.
Any ideas how to team up what I currently have? :slight_smile:

If you are building teams for AW, I suggest you stop. I will retract that if you are in a small newish alliance with members whose rosters look like yours.

Your roster, given AW only, is a clean-up squad. In many alliances there are stronger teams that often open holes in opposing teams without finishing that team off. A second team with snipers and AOE hitters (splash only where two opposing heroes left together) is ideal for closing that opponent out. And a 3* team is quite good even when facing two 5s left in corners that often are healers.

This is a place to start as you grow

Thank you for answering!
There are 4-5 guys in my Alliance that have around 3500 team power! Last war I managed to score 3 perfect attacks and the reward was pretty awesome - including the epic token that gave me Little john!
Also I took part in the challenge event and I saw that I need to have strong 3*s.

I really like Azar and Berden, fast mana and strong damage. Not sure about Ulmer and Graymane, one seems too vulnerable, other seems weak overall. Dawa doesn’t seem to be able to even compare to Bane. Father Tuck looks like weak healer, but it’s nice to have a green healer option.

My lack of dark heroes basically gives me options to double any of the other elements in my teams. On titans and events I change the attack team to counter enemies, but I’m still trying to figure out my overall strongest team.

My fav hero so far is Boril - he bailed me out of so many situations and is great tank. Lil John might take Skittle’s place tho.

Again - if anyone has suggestions what are the best 3 possible teams to put together from what I have, I’m ready to listen and consider. :smiley:

PS: Just got epic token from wanted chest. Another Balthazar. I guess I’ll level him up aswell. :smiley:

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