A little help pls

Hello there,i want to sorry if you don’t understand me well but my english is not very good.
So i have some questions.I play this game for about 3 weeks and i feel i don’t do something right.
From the beggining of the game all the time i am out of food resources and i don’t know why.My farm are
1x10 4x9 and 1x6,my SH is level 11.I think i did wrong because i didn t upgrade my 1st and 2nd TC to level 11 asap.
Now my first TC is currently leveling at lvl11 and my 2nd and 3rd are lvl 2 and 1,could you please help me to guide me what should i do next.
I will let 2 pictures down one with my city and one with my heros and maybe someone could tell me some advice.

And sorry for the long text.

There are a lot of good tips in this thread


I don’t think you doing something wrong. The game asking too many food in all levels. You must only plan for what you will spend that food. You can increase hero capacity fo 50 gems +5heroes. This is something what I can recomend you. Buy it multiple times till they will still cost 50 gems.

I don t really want to consume my gems for that,i wanted to know in my stage i should gocus on extending my base or powering my team

Definitely read the tips in the above thread. Lots if players contributed saying how they would play their game if they had it to do over.

The bottom line though is … it takes a long time and a lot of patience. Food and iron will always be scarse and you will always be faced with difficult choices. We’ve all been there, and still find it challenging to decide what to do next.


Focus on 3* and 4* heroes and stop leveling 2*.

Your first team is cool so far. 2 healers, 3 colors, dispeller Tyrum, mana reducer Ju and buffing Kiril.

Try to max at least 5pc 3* and 5pc 4* of each color. Then try to fill 6 teams with 30 different 3, 4 and 5 star heroes. Healers and heroes having fast mana are the best to prioritize.


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