Infinite Food Storage

I’m sure most of you know this trick already, but let’s make the others aware :wink:


  • Most of the time you can’t collect produced food due to lack of space in your storage (TOO MUCH FOOD I DON’T NEED IT !!! :face_vomiting: )
  • Suddenly 5* hero pops out in your roster and you struggle lack of food :angry:


  • About 600k of original food storage
  • 101 recruits storage (ideally 201)
  • 1 x Training Camp 4, Ideally 1 x TC 11 - let’s call this “recruits bank”
  • 1 x Training Camp 13 (Ideally 2x or 3x TC 20) - called “food bank”


  • Load ALL of your recruits to the recruits bank
  • (Do NOT withdraw produced heroes if you don’t need them)

  • When you’re starting to face lack of food storage, withdraw 100 recruits from the bank
  • Use them to train epic / legendary hero in your TC 13 / 20 (food bank)

  • [ continue on this trick, train more epic / legendary heroes ]

  • [… wild 5* hero appears …]
  • Simply reverse these steps! Move your recruits from food bank to recruits bank.
  • As a side effect, your food storage will be filled


  • If you have a second TC 20 available, start your legendary training in 1 day interval
  • Make sure 1 of them trains 1 hero at time, and the other is loaded X days ahead.
  • When legendary training is complete:
    • Got trash hero => move all of recruits from the latter TC 20 to the empty one
    • Got your dream hero => withdraw food and TC 11 heroes, use the empty TC to produce quick heroes.

All of that is very simple although my tutorial may be a bit chaotic, I’m not a native English writer :stuck_out_tongue: I’m open for your questions / discussion. Enjoy your infinite food storage!


I do know this trick. But this is an excellent tutorial (Native english or ESL, it was very well written).

Thanks for taking the time to do this, saved to share with newer players.


I have discovered that one can indeed load more heroes even if some are already produced (and your tutorial helpfully shoes this).

But at the risk of sounding game-uneducated, how does one flip recruits (and/or food) from one TC to another if those recruits have already been turned into heroes? :wink:

Well yeah, this trick demands opening the game once a day. If you can’t then I can’t help, sorrie :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unloading TC20 queue and loading TC1 or TC2 is extremely helpful (high recruits and low meat required) when players have the need to use great amount of meat like for troops’ training or powerleveling a hero.

Trained heroes can’t be converted anymore but as a uruk hai once said…
looks like meat’s back on the menu boys


Whrl to simple that tutorial. Run 3x tc11 at same time. 1 tc20 as much as you can. Feeed that TCS until you find a heoi to level. In 1 month you haave resources to level 1 5* in only 6 days.

I play daily, but i have never shuffled my heroes from one TC to another. Forgive my misunderstanding of how it works. :wink:

Why hasn’t this got more replies and more recognition?

Well done, OP! Up you go!

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