🧪 Early Information on Costumes Post-Hiatus Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v26]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the updates to Costumes after the hiatus.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Related Build Notes

  • Costume summon now includes the original hero, a chance for Hero of the Month and a Bonus Ascension Material Chest.
  • New stages added to The Masquerade quests.
  • Fixed how costume bonus and talents are calculated together.
  • When entering a battle that has rarity/class/element requirements, eligible heroes are shown at the top of Hero Roster.
  • Improved the usability of Class Quest team editing. You can change a heroes costume if the hero has a costume of the allowed class.

Costume Summon Changes

There have been several changes to the Costume Summons:

  • Both the Hero and Costume are now included with One Summon
  • There is now a Bonus Ascension Material Chest, just like Atlantis — when you Summon 10 Costumes, a Chest becomes available; testing indicates this is currently capped at 9 Chests per cycle, just like Atlantis
  • A 1.3% chance for the Hero of the Month (HOTM) has been added, just like other Summon Portals
  • The Appearance Rates have been modified:
    • Rare: 70% 71%
    • Epic: 26% 26.5%
    • Legendary *non-featured: 2.5% 1.2%
    • Legendary *featured: 1.5% 1.3%
  • The Summon Costs have been modified:
    • Keys: Unchanged, still 5 Costume Keys
    • Single Gem Summon: 300 350
    • 10x Gem Summon: 2600 3000

Costume Quest Changes

The Masquerade Costume Quest has been updated with additional Stages, and new intro dialogue screens/content.

The Stages are as follows:

Stage WE Description Recommended TP Costume Keys Bosses
1 4 Easy 2000 1 Bane
2 5 Medium 2500 1 Boldtusk, Skittleskull
3 6 Challenging 3000 1 Isarnia, Elena
4 7 Hard 3500 2 Boldtusk, Bane, Skittleskull
5 8 Very Hard 4000 2 Bane, Vivica, Skittleskull
6 10 Ultimate 4500 3 Isarnia, Elena, Vivica

Release Timing

The Small Giant Staff have indicated that they are very close to release of this update to Costumes, and are primarily focusing on identifying bugs before release.

As such, it’s likely that these updates are close to the final version that will be released to the live game.

For a full list of items currently in Beta testing, as well as their related threads, please see:


Costumes: Now you get the costume and the corresponding hero(!), an ascension chest similar to Atlantis, and a chance for HOTM. A great change BUT the odds may have decreased (2.5% chance total of legendary)

JF and Telluria have nerfs but not bad (JF reduce DOT and Telluria reduce damage)

POV eliminates ascend heroes, a good thing. Apparently it will come “soon”. My guess is just after Teltoc


thanks for the info. I wonder what happens if I already have a costume but no hero? looks at his empty rigard costume collecting dust


Is this only if you do not have the hero already? Or always?

For example, I have a maxed out Lianna. If I get lucky and pull her costume, will I get a second (unleveled) Lianna?

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  • A 1.3% chance for the Hero of the month has been added, just like other Summon Portals

Love that :+1:


Cool changes! Now I’m just sad to have spent resources on the first iteration of costumes :laughing:


Yes you get a second hero. I did 30 pulls and got 30 duplicate heroes



Now get costume AND hero from costume summons portal

Slight change to summon odds weighted more towards the lower stars. Also added HotM chance of summoning.

Summons gem cost more. Now the same as Atlantis summons.

Added a mat chest like in Atlantis.

Costume event has more stages. Now has 6 stages not 3

Costume event offers more keys. Now a total of 10 keys not 6.


Like the changes outside of lowering the chance for 5s and increasing the price… looks like they will get whale money from this now with mats being available.

Seems there is now officially no reason for anyone to ever pull in a non event structure.


This sounds like a big improvement.

Only downside are the lowered summoning odds for a 5 star costume but that is the cost for potential summoning the hero of the month.
I liked the higher chance more as the HotM is available elsewhere. Costumes not.


interesting question… i have a costume for Isarnia but not the hero…


I like the changes. Including the hero with the costume is a logical move, based on the feedback - I think this was universally frustrating. Given that and the bonus AM chest and HOTM chance, I think the cost increase is fair.

Even the legendary drop rate decrease seems very fair to me. It’s partially (or fully, depending on your perspective) offset by the added HOTM chance and the fact that you get hero + costume.

I (think I) was one of the more vocally critical posters last month, but I laud them for these changes. They listened and these are all positive changes. The bonus AM is a nice touch - I don’t remember that being asked for / suggested. Well done, SGG. I hope you see this post!

I’ll voice what I think are the two most germane quesitons:

  1. Will any actions be taken to address the first month of costume related summons? That is, many drew costumes without the hero, we all missed out on a shot at the HOTM (HAND OUT MORE NEITHS - PEOPLE WILL LOVE THAT). I would assume no (because of gem costs differences and such) and I’m okay with that, but I think this questions needs to be asked and answered.

  2. I see the Ultimate stage now has a 4,500 team power recommendation. Many players (including myself) cannot field a team even near that. However, it’s also true that SGG over-estimates this (likely intentionally to mitigate player frustration). That is, the emblem quests can easily be done with sub-4,000 teams. Is the same thing true here? Will 4,000 - 4,200 teams be viable in the hands of an experienced player?


Yeah, I agree. I think it’s fair for the gems spent, but keys cost the same either way, so would be nice if we all got 5 keys back in the mail with the return of costumes :smiley:

Maybe they’ll give us some more free keys?


Hmmm… I speculated that SG didn’t provide a good value and too few players summoned costumes as the “problem” that had the costume quest removed last month.

Looks like that is the biggest thing they changed.

Unfortunately from my perspective (a late game player who does a fair bit of summoning heroes), it looks like they made things worse, not better.

I don’t need to summon a classic hero. I already have nearly all of them. (Missing Elena and Khagan, I think from the classic set, besides some 3* heroes I always eat like renfeld) And the 5* costumes just aren’t good enough that I would spend gems to get them.

I was hoping the cost to summon a costume would decrease and then I might have been interested.

For players who aren’t a couple years into the game, getting a 5* hero with the costume has to be a big help, or even a 4*; that does solve a problem, at least.

I would suggest a better choice would be the OPTION of buying the hero if you don’t already have it for a nominal gem cost. (Similar to a summon 300 gems, maybe 200 for 3*, 300 for 4*, 400 for 5*) … perhaps only if you do not have the hero in question.


I think that if the hero academy comes sooner rather than later that getting dupe heroes when doing costume summons will be very welcome. Im not holding my breath but I would bet we see the academy before the Springvale seasonal event.

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Am I missing the info how many keys are needed to make a summon for the f2p players?

You get 10 keys if you complete all stages so FTP can do 2 pulls per month with keys.


Yes…assuming they can beat all of the Costume Quest.


Time to get my glasses cleaned.

heads back to the glasses store

Thnx @D_DI