🧪 Early Information on Updated Costume Event (The Masquerade) [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the updates to Costume event.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Costume Summon

  • Both the Hero and all Costumes are included with One Summon (if two costumes are available for the hero, then you can get both)
  • There is a Bonus Ascension Material Chest, just like Atlantis — when you Summon 10 Costumes, a Chest becomes available; testing indicates this is currently capped at 9 Chests per cycle, just like Atlantis
  • The Appearance Rates
    • Rare: 71%
    • Epic: 26.5%
    • Legendary *non-featured: 1.2%
    • Legendary *featured: 1.3%
  • The Summon Costs have NOT been modified:
    • Keys: 5 Costume Keys
    • Single Gem Summon: 350
    • 10x Gem Summon: 3000

Costume Quest Changes

The Masquerade Costume Quest has been updated with additional Stages from the current 6, but the total Keys rewarded is unchanged (10)

All stages have Nature and Holy enemies.
The new costumes are in the quest for those heroes which has got new costumes.

The Stages are as follows:

Stage WE Recommended TP Wave Reward Bosses
1 3 1300 3 1x Costume key Azar
2 3 3000 3 2x Antidotes Renfeld
3 3 3700 3 1x Costume key Gan Ju
4 4 3850 3 1x Axe Attack Kellie, Kashhrek
5 4 4000 3 1x Costume key Caedmon, Carver
6 4 4100 4 1x :star: Ice Trainer Hero Elkanen, Isarnia
7 5 4700 4 1x Costume key Domitia, Azlar
8 5 4800 4 1x :star: Nature Trainer Hero Azar, Obakan, Kelile
9 5 4900 4 1x Costume key Kashhrek, Elkanen, Renfeld
10 6 5000 4 1x :star: Dark Trainer Hero Gan Ju, Isarnia, Caedmon
11 6 5100 5 1x Costume key Carver, Joon, Obakan
12 6 5200 5 1x :star: Fire Trainer Hero Obakan, Elkanen, Domitia
13 7 5300 5 1x Costume key Azlar, Isarnia, Joon
14 7 5400 5 1x :star: Holy Trainer Hero Joon, Domitia, Azlar
15 7 5500 5 3x Costume keys Elkanen, Obakan, Isarnia


@birksg has create a chart about the rewards, monster and boss stages:

Thanks @birksg

Vore about the reward and difficulty change:

For a full list of items currently in Beta testing, as well as their related threads, please see:


15 stages 10 keys that sucks, why do they have to ruin it?


We do not know, but we Beta Testers will try to make them change it.

2.5x times more effort (more stages), and same reward…

At least 1 key per stage would be good, but a total 20 would be better.


And look at the recommended power levels. It’s now going to be much harder for players without a lot of high-level characters to complete it, and get a good amount of keys.


we should be getting at least 25 keys for it


One key per round would be more sensible. I don’t expect a ton with the new overpowered crop of costumes.

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Yes, at the end I felt like I climb the Towers Impossible Questline when I played the last few floors.

The old Quest almost auto playable for me except the bosses at the last two stages.

Now the last 5-6 floors are similar or harder.
Even the mobs waves are risky on autoplay.
The boss stage auto play is a guaranteed fail at autoplay.

The bosses slash attack is 1k+, and for example Joon’s new costume can deal 2.5k damage.

I had a max HP Director Zuri at +18 emblems and with 3 minions alive, and Joon killed her with a single shot.


This has to be the worst update of existing challenge by far :rage:. One spends more time for extra one star trainer heroes of each color, which one frequently gets for free from frickin’ Mystic Vision. At least 20 keys would be nice, given that delay between quests is now two times longer.

Greedy SGG!


More effort, fewer rewards


“But… but… the game economy!”


The last level suggested TP is 5500. That kind of makes sense that they’d do that when you consider what a team of double costumed, limit broken, fully emblemed S1 heroes might look like (all real numbers from beta):

Hero Costume: (Attack / Defense / HP / Power)
Khagan Chief of Leopards: 994 / 916 / 2029 / 1039
Magni Ancient of the Underworld: 1035 / 872 / 1976 / 1035
Vivica Omnimend: 926 / 1022 / 2036 / 1037
Elkanen Lunar Spear: 920 / 1105 / 1893 / 1038
Quintus Love Doctor: 1035 / 888 / 1982 / 1039
Total team power (all with level 29 mana troops): 5533

By the way, that team is not a very good defense team (no synergy), so no surprise that so far it is losing defenses more than 50% of the time. I think any wins probably correlate with whether or not Quintus fired. When he does, it can be pretty decisive.

As to the new and anti-improved event itself, I was able to beat it with a rainbow team that is just under 5100 TP (my current autoplay farming team): MN, Morel, Elizabeth, Hannah, Prof. Lidenbrock. But definitely not using autoplay!

As of the 13th level, even with Hannah’s attack down fiends on him, Joon was able to hit my heroes with a hit that put out more damage than their max health, so guaranteed one-shots if you don’t overheal. By the 15th (last) level, slash attacks from the mobs got up to over 500 HP each and the bosses were easily double.

I beat the last level by using time stops to ensure the bosses didn’t fire much (one did sneak through after an unlucky endless cascade). I only used one antidote, one tornado and three time stops, so I didn’t need very many items. A well-synergized mono team should be able to beat the level even easier and quicker.

So while it was annoyingly difficult, it was far from impossible. I’d estimate that for many players the Omega (aether) trials are probably harder, but it depends a lot on roster options. Hopefully that info can help folks gauge how hard it is / isn’t.


No one even has a 5500TP :unamused:


Read my post above yours. My beta raid defense team using the new costumes and with the double costume bonus has a TP of 5533. It mirrors how limit breaks are pretty much required to reach the suggested TP levels for the Omega quests. Not exactly comforting, though, is it? I’m equally unamused.


Round 2 huh?

Seems like a smart decision to save your keys and wait until the fourth costume comes out.

Not so far ahead of the curve as I used to be.
But still see the wheel spinning round!

The masquerade quest change
  • I liked the proposed reward/WE changes
  • I disliked the proposed reward/WE changes

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I’m not sure where to start

double costumes (including one that outmodes Alfrike), or

“do fifteen stages instead of six, get the same number of keys, because you really hate having world energy at all or, you know, any time or life outside of this game,” or

TP 5500


New PoV Challenge for myself!

Must… Not… Post… Anything… Negative… In… An… Entire… Day.

Hi, my name is Gwniver. It’s now been two hours since my last negative (yet constructive!) post. It’s nice to meet you all.

And clearly this thread is not where I should be posting because I have nothing positive to say about this at all…

I hope the art work is looking nicer and more sharp than the recent heroes released? :pray:

Yes, that’ll do… For now. :smiling_imp:


The last three stages have a recommended TP that isn’t even currently attainable. I’ll just send a crying emoji to the in-game support chat. I think they’ll understand what I mean.


That’s my challenge too… I’m usually not bothered with nerfs, buffs and other things that SG do to this game. But those costumes… and the quest… I vented in another thread and I’m done. But refraining from criticizing is getting more difficult to me.

In general - yes. I saw them on the internet. 10 costumes are good looking, 2 are meh. The style is fine, but the idea of Khagan costume… He’s… well you’ll see. :sweat_smile:


More costumes, more stages, no change in keys :person_facepalming: