Ascend Clarissa or c.Domitia? Need opinion

Hi guys,
I would like to listen your opinion.
In purple heros, I have Ursena 4/80+5 (in defense team), Domitia 3/70, Clarissa 3/70 and Kilhare 3/70. And I have 7 Tabard.
My idea was to give Tabard to Clarissa, but I got c.Domitia yesterday from 10 pulls which is very lucky.
C. Domitia looks good and now I cannot decide who to ascend.
Looking forward to listen your opinion.
Have a nice one!!!

edit) To tellu center, my offense team is Uresena, c.Rigard, JF, Mitsuko and Clarissa.
The result is not too bad so far. If I full ascend c. Domitia, there is another dilemma who to replace…

I would do Killhare if I were you. She is devastating. Between C. Domitia and Clarissa, do Domitia. Clarissa is disappointing.


Tough call…c Dom might be more useful in more situations. Better stats, has the dispel and bigger hit when she does hit, but Clarissa is v. fast. Think I would go c. Dom.

I really like Clarissa. But someone pointed out that if you get a level 5 mana troop to match Domitia’s 5% mana generation costume bonus, she charges her skill in 9 tiles–Much like a fast. That looks awesome and devastating. Since I have that troop (and since I already have Telluria as a paladin, honestly) I would very happily max that Domitia if I got her.

If you don’t have a dark mana troop, maybe the Hero Academy can eventually help you with that when it comes out. But Killhare also looks like a good one, & I wouldn’t leave her under the rug.


Yes, I have lvl 7 mana troop. This makes me more think about to c.Domitia…

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I would do killhare too juste because the combo costume tiburtus/Ursena/ killhare will wipe the entire map.

As for the choice between costume domitia and clarissa i have the exact same dilemma right now and the more I think about it the more I want to go with costume domitia…

The only thing that makes me hesitate is the elemental link which is really good for a purple stack even for a 3/2

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Did you know that if you get the mana troop to level 11, Clarissa can fire after 6 tiles? I’ve started using her recently, and it’s mad fun. I would still take Domitia because I have no snipers yet, but I want to be on the safe side & make sure you’re not missing out on any details

Struggling with how purple GM is disappointing. Is it her class? Or just because dark has so many better heroes?

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As you have a good tank what are you needing most? Not knowing the rest of your bench I would say Dom. You get 2 for the price of 1 due to costume. A reasonable sniper and debuff. Then I would do clarissa with killhare last

If you own JF consider Killhare, nice combo

I think very fast wins, but I agree that Dom costume is one of the better ones

My defense team is Heimdal, Vella, Tellu, JF . Uresena.
So, I do not think to put into defense team either c.domitia, clarissa or killhare.

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She doesn’t hit that hard and while the DOT is fine, it also seems underwhelming in practice. That extra 20% damage that Gravemaker has over her is significant. Much more than I thought it would be. The elemental link is nice for stacks, but she is far down the purple ladder for me. Many, many better purple heroes than her.

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This might not be the most fun answer… But you might want to leave your 5 stars at 3-70 and build 4 star depth.

Based on the number of maxed heroes you list as well as your ascension items, I assume you’re still relatively early in the game? I know it’s hard not to play with the shiny new toys you get, but for example, I think a Proteus, or even a costumed Tibs would serve you better right now.

If you were able to provide your full roster, I’m sure others would weigh in with their thoughts.

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I happened to pull the Steampunk Sniper this costume chamber. I’m almost done bringing Clarissa to 70 and I have Ursena, Panther, 2x Seshat and Kage maxed. Sitting on four tabards currently. My initial thoughts on her were that she’s much better than her regular version (MUCH better looking too, love the art), but ultimately behind Clarissa or a third Seshat in ascension priority.

Comparing the heroes, doing some thinking and math, however, I think she might earn my next tabards. Assuming we can trust the damage formula presented by the community and that my math is correct, Domitia does essentially the same amount of total damage as Clarissa with her special per each tile it takes to charge it (assuming 6 tiles for Clarissa and 9 for Domitia, no emblems on either). Domitia’s DOT is almost 50% higher than Clarissa’s, and her special at least according to my math and understanding of the presented damage formula does similarly around 50% more total damage, just to a single target. I recall seeing some discussion about whether the special percentage is applied before or after the ^1.35 operation among other things, but this was the result I got.

Clarissa is obviously more likely to go off multiple times per match and much more likely to go off at least once before dying, so speed does matter. Domitia on the other hand pairs better with defense debuffs like Panther in eliminating high priority threats quickly, while still having the versatility of eliminating adjacent enemies who are near death with her DOT.

Clarissa’s extra damage against holy is nice, but typically only applies to a single hero and at least in the Telluria meta yellows have typically been pushed to the wings, making them a low priority towards the beginning of the match. The elemental link, again, is nice, but in the current DOT meta mitigates very little of the total incoming damage. The poison immunity is great against Jabberwock, but unless you’re raiding in high diamond, he is a very expensive and rare hero.

Domitia’s cleanse on the other hand has become one of the most valued abilities in the game, even if it’s just self and nearby. If your Rigard goes down, being able to cleanse all but one person on your team is still very valuable. With two costume Domitias and Dapper Rigard you’ve got cleanses for days without sacrificing on your team’s offensive output.

Ever since Seshat was unveiled, she’s been compared to regular Domitia, which is where Domitia has lost on every front. With her costume Domitia finally catches up in speed, tile damage and direct damage. Seshat retains the potential to “self-heal” endlessly and bring home victories by herself, but costume Domitia is slightly more likely to live to see her first special with her increased sturdiness over Seshat. Seshat’s dispel is valuable, but so is Domitia’s cleanse. I would ascend Seshat over Domitia, but with more than one Seshat maxed, the versatility offered by costume Domitia starts to feel enticing.

Costume Sartana was one of the new costumes that interested me the most. Comparing her regular version with the costume bonus to costume Domitia, I think Domitia is strictly better in my book. She is certainly less sturdy and that single tile’s difference in speed can matter in some matches, but while Domitia’s direct damage is certainly slightly lower (something like 10% as I recall according to my math), her DOT is slightly higher, faster, and hits three instead of one. On top of that she cleanses while Sartana does nothing. Domitia’s tile damage is also way better.

Costume Sartana is an interesting case though. For a sniper, she is a hell of a tank! Absolutely massive durability, and fighter class on top of that. Tile damage is abysmal for a costumed, offensive legendary, but her special still hits like a truck and together with Panther she makes for one of the best one–two combos in the game comparable to the classic Evelyn+Lianna (still not quite as good, but just ahead of Kage at least).

According to my math, Seshat (with mana troop) needs to summon two minions to match costume Sartana’s durability (against direct damage anyway). While Sartana lacks a support ability of any kind, that’s still highly impressive.

Long analysis, and while this is all just on paper, on paper costume Domitia actually looks quite appealing to me now. After bringing Clarissa to 70, she’ll definitely be my next purple 5* project. Once they are both at 70, I’ll need to experiment with them in practice.

To this day I really regret ascending Kage. On the other hand ascending my second Seshat very recently was very satisfying. Even just for the sake of variety I’d rather do Domitia next, though, instead of a third one. Clarissa is tempting too, but the more I think about it, the more I start to wonder how she’d fit in my purple team.

I really don’t like Kage and on top of that he’s about to lose his emblems to Gravemaker, so I think his days on my mono purple team are numbered. On the other hand my rogue emblems are currently on Alice, whom I again don’t like and only ascended for my defense (and to have someone to give my rogue emblems to), just to pull Finley right after I finished embleming her. I could totally see myself giving those emblems to Domitia instead (who else is there even besides Marjana). I’m used to raiding with minimal emblems, but having one beast in the mix would certainly help spice things up.

My wizard emblems are also looking for a new home after first being allocated to Guin, now JF, but with the addition of GM to my ranks they would certainly serve me better elsewhere. Really hoping to score Sartana’s costume when it’s featured, as she’d make and amazing candidate for them. Fingers crossed.


I really appreciate for your input and your opinions are very much helpful for me.
Now I decided to postpone ascending several days. During that time, I will level up c.Domitia to 3/70, and use 3/70 Clarissa and c.domitia more often. Then, will make decision.
Again, thank you so much and hope enjoy the game.