Waiting for better heroes?

Waiting for Godot, er, Gravemaker

I agree.

Right now I have both at 5* 3.70 and they are fun. Especially farming.

Luck, roster and emblems

My advice is usually 2x rainbow 3* 3.50 team
3x to 4x rainbow 4* 3.60 team
2x to 3x rainbow 4* 4.70 team
2x rainbow 5* 3.70 teams
using 4* ascension items.

But it depends on your luck, roster, and emblems,

No hoarding, no remorse

I try to practice no hoarding, no remorse.

If I get Ariel tomorrow, I can level Ariel.

But I will not sit on a bunch of good blue 5* heroes after I have 4x blue 4* 3.60 and 2x or 3x blue 4* 4.70 .

4* 4.70 heroes are 48% of a 5* 4.80 Hero XP and 50% of the 3* ascension items.


They are no 5* hero. So I try to save enough ascension items for one of each color 5* hero, but use the rest.

Perfect is the enemy of the Good

Armed forces are taught to fight with the forces they have, not the ones they want.

Gravemaker may be better than Khagan, but Khagan is a perfectly usable hero.

Do not get me started on Prisca.

“Forum itus”

I find an interesting disconnect between the vocal people on the forum, and the non forum users.

I am always surprised with how much the non forum users love Thoth-Amon, Margaret, Khagan, etc.

It seems like the people who love these “lesser” 5* heroes enjoy playing with them because they do get to play with them. It becomes a toy they enjoy.

It seems like the people who most vocally complain want another hero. Every time they see Gravemaker mentioned, or on defense, they realize their Khagan is not as useful as Gravemaker.

While counterproductive for a forum user/ Beta tester, ignorance seems to lead to happiness for more players.

Especially with the scarcity of 4* ascension items, and 5* heroes, for the average account ( that is a totally different rant ).

It seems like the equivalent of pre med students who see diseases everywhere compared to the bar worker who first asks if you are hung over from drinking the night before.


I am holding on to 12 of each 4* ascension item due to costumes.

I needed 16 Trap tools when classes came out ( Rigard, Proteus, Tiburtus, Sabina) and I expect a lopsided need for 4* ascension items when costumes come out.

Knowing my luck, I will need 12 telescopes and 12 Tabards when costumes are introduced.

Hopefully if costumes need 4* ascension items, the Devs will add more ways to get 4* ascension items and 5* heroes.