Buffed sargasso clarissa or domitia?

I have sargasso sit on 3.70 around 5 months.
He got buff atack from 355 to 385%, and i think is fine.
In other hand, i have clarissa and domitia 3.70, and only 6 tabards.
I hear clarissa is a little weak what do you think?

I have max and full emblemed, ursena, kage seshat.

It would seem your snipers in purple are well covered.

I like Clarissa a lot, a grape flavored GM.

Dom w/ costume would be my first choice, but Clarissa if you don’t have it.


i have at 4.80 both clarissa and domititia. if you have talents to spend to clarissa she is a beast. I have sargasso too at 3.70 and i am between him or mokk-ar. Can’t figure out yet who is worth tabards.

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Just a thought.
Sargasso does block over 80% of healing and with telly tanks, c. Rigard, raffaele. And other heal over time defenders out there, he can effectively shut down most of 3 targets and now does a nice pop of damage.
Hes in the running for my next set of tabs.

Unless you have costume for domitia I’d leave her out of the running and look at clarissa or sargasso.
Clarissa is great when paired with other Damage over time heroes (I use mine with Victor and Vela, her elemental link stacks with Victor’s defense buff as well :slight_smile:) and Sargasso I feel is actually usable now and his heal block is handy for telly tanks, and any other healers present on a defense, or and this is big for Sargasso, hes a beast for field aid wars.

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I have Clarissa and Costume Domitia both on max.
C.Domitia at +9
In my honest opinion Clarissa is better than Costume Domitia.
However, I also have Telluria so have given all of Clarissas emblems to her. Once I get Telluria to +18 I will start building Clarissa up with emblems and then put her in my defence team to replace C. Domitia

Another vote for Clarissa

I run mono purple to great success in wars, and her element link is sneaky good playing mono. Also very fast and extra damage to yellow, with my second mana troop at 11 she is a great contributor

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