Obakan or Domitia or Second Clarissa

I have got Obakan in the Atlantis Portal (bye bye Seshat snif…) and I am wondering which purple heroe to level up.
Obakan or Domitia or my second Clarissa ( I have 4 O_O)
My other 5 maxed: Quintus, Clarissa, Víctor.

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Personally I would go with Domitia as you’re missing that purple sniper piece. Plus, if you get lucky and perchance get her costume later then all the better.

Obakan is a trash (hopefully his costume will lift him up from trashy hero status).

Ur option is domi or 2nd clarissa (personally i prefer variation over dupe).

But i might hold the tabards in hope for something better, meanwhile bring domi to 3.70

Go with domitia, she wont compete with Clarissa for emblems…

Obakan?.. use him to train domitia!..

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In my honest opinion, go with Domitia and Clarissa. But focus on Domitia first (a) because I much prefer variety and (b) less competition for emblems.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Thanks everybody.
I think I’ll go with Domitia.

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Good call. I leveled because she was there and I had a ton of mats. Didn’t expect much, but she has been awesome. The debuff and yellow shield is great too.

Good luck!

No keep Obakan for hero academy lvl 10 and don’t know when obakan constume comes so keep him now without leveling


I would go with Domitia. I got her awhile back and had been using her on my main defense team for awhile. I still use her a lot in wars, some raids and against yellow titans. Plus, she will not compete for emblems with Clarissa.

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