Purple 5* Ascension Advice

Hello all!
I would be glad if you can give me some advice on who to ascend next. None of them can get emblems. I attack mono. Have all the significant 4* purple heroes maxed and emblemed already.
My purple mono attack team is C.Rigard+20, Kage+18, Lepiota+7, Bera+19 and Freya+19.
Best mana troop is on level 12 at the moment.
Many thanks in advance.

Clarissa. Since you go mono, she’ll help you survive with that elemental link! Stacks with Freyas defense buff too.


Thank you @Rduke77!

I am actually between Malicna Clarissa and C. Domitia.

Malicna has great stats and good special and elemental link. Her being average speed is a bummer.

Clarissa is very fast and also has a good elemental link.

Domitia hits hard with the new buff and can charge in 9 tiles with lvl5 troop, plus dispell 3. Cleanses with costume and poisons…

Poison dot of clarissa and Costume Domitia is overwritten by Bera though…

Clarissa seems the best option to me too, but tabbards being scarce, it’s always good to hear some advice

Oh, I didn’t realize that the Domitia was costumed. Tougher choice. I love my C Domitia and she has BOTH dispel and cleanse (your choice). She also doubles as Rogue / Ranger, which overlays perfectly on the attack/defense emblem path, so no sacrifices there! Her attack breaks 900 when emblemed and is fast with a level 5 mana troop. I change my vote as I use my c Domitia WAY more than my Clarissa.

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