Clarissa or Costume Dominitia

Got my 6th tabard today and trying to work out my next ascension. I have costume Dominitia and clarissa on 3/70 (also sartana and victor). My current maxed 5 star purples are Kunchen and jabberwock.

I am looking for something for yellow titans and war attack mostly. C Dominitia seems better but I have 1600 paladin emblems that could go on clarissa and only about 100 rogue emblems for dom.

Any thoughts/experience would be appreciated.


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I really like Clarissa, she is a staple in my purple raid squad. Neither are great on Titans unfortunately

I don’t have Doms costume but it looks pretty good to me, and functionality fast with a level 5 mana troop (9 tiles) is good. Just not sure she is worth the tabards?

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I have both though my cDomitia is at 3-70 with 2 tabards short. Clarissa does extra damage against Holy so might be a bit better for titans.

In attack, Clarissa doesn’t do as much direct damage but she’s very fast and does equal damage to all 3. As a Paladin she’s also sturdier and will last longer in a fight. And her element link makes her better in a Dark stack

I think it comes down to whether you need a sniper or a hit 3 for attack


I chose Clarissa from the two and I do not regret it. Besides her being very fast her poison damage per turn is higher than the one caused by Domitia. Even if Domis poison damage takes longer, you charge up Clarissa more often. Plus Clarissa increases survivability of your purple stack with a def bonus.

For me Clarissa is the obvious and better choice here.


Thanks for the input, I think I will go with clarissa.



Don’t think you’ll regret it. You have enough emblems to get her to node 20

Mine is only at 11 and here’s what the stats looks like

Basically 405% damage but spread across 3 opponents and another 120 damage to each per turn

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